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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today will mark the start of my chibi diaries depicting my vacation with Angel! Angel gave me the idea to do it since manga-ka’s will sometimes put silly, short illustrations of their lives in the backs on their mangas so I thought it would be fun! These will span over the next few days until…well, I have nothing left to draw about. Lol! These illustrations are meant to be sketchy and quick so don’t expect any hard-core things that I usually do.:-P
And since I know some people view Otaku at school and images are blocked, at the end of the post will be a quick summary of what I talked about in the illustrations. So yeah, you don’t have to read those if you can see the pictures below:

Summary of diaries:
Picked Angel up at the bus station…she came to visit me from NYC! Since she’s a city girl, she wasn’t used to the country and flipped out over all the “country” things like animals and hills and stuff.
Since Angel likes cemeteries, I took her to a really spiffy local cemetery where an Indian princess is buried at the tippy top of a hill.
I introduced Angel to some of my pals: Tyler, Cara, Phil, and Gavin and that night we had a bonfire and roasted hot dogs and made s’mores. We enjoyed a little rum and coke that night too.^_^

Come back next time when I do the illustrations at our day at the Renaissance Festival! Yeah, that will be fun to view indeedith!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Thanks for the welcome backs as well as those who checked out my new drawing! It got a very good first day amount of favorites on my Deviant Art account (for all those who ask, my DA username is the same as here: ElvesAteMyRamen) which was over 120 faves! That made me happy…maybe everyone secretly enjoys seeing Inuyasha being the target of torment.XD For those who are the weekday updaters and haven’t seen it yet, I’d appreciate you viewing it and leaving a comment:

I’m so incredibly excited!! Want to know why? I was asked by Adam to be a guest artist at the upcoming Anime Convention in New York City!!!! AH!!! Adam had originally called me to ask about it and then he asked for me to send him my resume so he could give it to the “head honchos” of the convention and Adam just e-mailed me back letting me know that I was accepted and I’m officially a guest artist representing The Otaku! I’m very happy since this will be a great opportunity and this year, I shall be prepared with a portfolio at hand to show to publishers and such. I don’t know how much Adam wants me to reveal at this point with what I’ll be doing as a guest artist so I’ll keep it at that.^_^

Oh yeah and my next post, will be my chibi manga illustrating what me and Angel did during my vacation. I was going to post it starting today but I didn’t get it completed. Oh, and these manga pages will be shown right in my daily post, I don’t plan on uploading them into my fan manga gallery since these are just super-quick, silly chibi illustrations summing up what I did during my vacation.^^
Oh yeah, and for the contestants of the Ducan Contest, I'm still waiting for the final judge to give me their choices. So, 2 of the 3 judges have chosen and we pretty much know who the 1st place winner will be but I'm waiting till we get all the winners chosen which hopefully, wont be much longer.
Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I’m sorry for being gone so long! Wow, a whole week off Otaku, I think that’s a record for me. Since I was on vacation and Angel (Suyari) was up here visiting me, I just didn’t have the time to come on and update and visit. I’m working on visiting everyone right now though to catch up. I’m going to be telling you guys what I was doing on my days off but I’m going to be doing them in a chibi-manga form. This was Angel’s idea since you know at the back of some mangas, the manga-ka’s do cute little sketches of their lives? Well, that’s what I’m going to do just for the hay of it. Those will probably start on Monday and last for a week…or however long it takes to sum up what we did this past week.XD

And speaking of drawings, I finally finished my 50,000 hits piece and have uploaded it! Angel got to see me work on it too and she said she was honored she got to see me physically do a piece of art.^_^ But yeah, if you guys could take a look at it and comment, I’d be very appreciative:

I concluded that I thoroughly enjoy mixing the Animaniacs with anime characters.^_^

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Yep, I officially love my Wii. It’s so much fun!! I love playing Legend of Zelda and swinging the Wii remote and nunchuk (yes, it’s supposed to be spelled like that) around and having Link’s sword do those moves! Many said that it’s hard to get used to the remote and nunchuk but I had no difficulty at all. I want to get a PS3 someday but definitely not until they drop the price of it a few hundred dollars and get some decent games.

So at work the other day, I and a coworker of mine named, Madison went to our lunch together. She decided that she was going to go to the vending machine and buy something and I go, “You should get the ramen!” since our vending machines sell the cups-o-ramen. And Madison replies, “Oh, that sounds good but how do you make it?” O_O…WHAT?! I couldn’t believe it! She’s currently going to college too and I can’t believe that a college student doesn’t know how to make ramen! I mean, when I was in college, I lived off of ramen and cereal! So I say to her, “You don’t know how to make ramen?! You add hot water!” And Madison goes, “Really? That’s it? Well, just show me how to do it.” *smacks forehead* So, we get to the break room and I start grabbing spoons and napkins and stuff and she had already screwed up her cup-o-ramen by completely peeling the lid off and as everyone knows, you’re only supposed to peel the lid half-way off so then you can pour the water in then replace the lid so the noodles can seep and get soft. Well, she finally got her ramen but she wasn’t even a ramen virgin! She’s had it before! How do you forgot how to make ramen? Adding water…wow, now that’s a brain strain if I ever heard one.

I’m so excited! Tomorrow, I start my vacation! I’m taking a week P.T.O. (Paid.Time.Off) and my super duper huggable pal of mine Angel, (also known on Otaku as Suyari) from NYC is visiting me! I’m going to show her what the “country life” is like since she’s really never been outside the city. I have a feeling she’s going to freak when she sees her first deer.XD But I’m excited and it’ll be great to be getting paid for work…but without having to work! lol!
Picture of the Day comes from Shining Tears, my theme!^_^

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Monday, August 13, 2007

I think I confused some people with my last post, with my cell phone, I could get mp3’s on it but the problem was that I couldn’t set any of my mp3’s as ringtones and that’s why Verizon is a dick because Verizon blocks their phones so you can’t. They want you to spend MORE money and buy THEIR ringtones rather then use your own. And that’s why I love the Myxertones.com site because it works around Verizon’s dickness and allows you to set your mp3’s as ringtones. So yeah, I now have the Animaniacs theme as my ringtone and whenever I get a text message, you hear Yakko call, “Hellooooo Nurse!” Hee! My phone is Animaniacs pimped.

My boys and I went and saw the movie, Stardust Saturday night. Tyler and I wanted to see it most since us two had read the book (great book by Neil Gaiman) but Gavin, Rick, Phil, and Taylor hadn’t. The movie was overall good. Not great but good. It was entertaining and a fun-fantasy tale. They totally altered the ending though but Neil Gaiman did say in his book that he had another ending planned so I think the movie did that ending since it was more exciting and it made it last longer.
And then….the best part of the evening…I got a Wii!!!!! YAY!!! After the movie, my boys and I went to Denny’s and then went to Wal-Mart since at 1am, those are the only places open and just as we were walking to the electronics section they were pulling out a flatbed of about 8 Wii’s! I was so excited since Wii’s are still impossible to find in our area and I just happened to be one lucky elf to arrive when the shipment did. They could only lock up so many Wii’s in the display case so they actually had someone to guard the Wii’s that were behind the register. Lol! Kinda shows how in demand they are here. So yeah, finally bought my Wii and of course, I bought Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Yosh!

Other then that, I’ve completed the sketch for my next drawing! It’ll still be a few days till it’s complete but it’s that thank you drawing I wanted to do for Deviant Art since I reached 50,000 hits on my page. But now I’m over 52,000 so I’m a bit late. Lol!
Picture of the Day comes from Inuyasha…I have this poster!

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Thanks to LordSesshomaru for actually taking the time to Wikipedia the fact that wild turkeys can fly. *hands him some Combos* And doubly thanks for his comment after which was: “To everyone who doubted Elves, there's your glass of Shut Up Juice. Drink it.”
lol! He voiced what I was thinking when I saw people were trying to argue with me about whether wild turkeys could fly or not. Some people just get the need to argue about everything…whether they’re sure if they’re right or not. *smacks forehead*

Oh, do you guys remember when I mentioned I had bought this super spiffy Motorola Krazer cell phone (actually it was free since you get a $100 credit when you re-subscribe to Verizon cell plans) in which one of the key features was that it could double as an mp3 player but the stupid thing wouldn’t work for my computer? I don’t expect people to actually remember that but yeah, once I asked my pal, Tyler for help and we managed to get songs onto my phone but you know what’s total crap? Verizon blocks it so you can’t set any of your songs as ringtones?! WTF?! Tyler said that was a common issue with Verizon customers because Verizon blocks that because why? They want you to spend MORE money and buy THEIR ringtones. *grumbles and pouts* I hate money grubbing companies.
However, last night by accident, my supervisor, Tonya and I stumbled upon this site called, myxertones.com and I am in love with this site! This site allows you to upload music and pictures onto their site for FREE and then they will send you your songs or picture via text message to your phone for FREE and then, once you get the text message you can open it up, play the song or view the image and save it as your wallpaper or ringtone…for FREE! Ha! Eat it, Verizon! Us, cheap people find loopholes! HA! The first song I uploaded and sent to myself, no shocker here, the Animaniacs theme song! Hee!

Nothing else new to report…oh! Well, I was asked to put some of my artwork in a gallery again. So, I drove to the place and set it up. I forgot my business cards though. D’oh!
The Picture of the Day comes from Tsubasa Chronicles:

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Some of you people keep arguing with me about whether wild turkeys can fly or not. They can! I’ve physically, seen them do it! Like I said, they can’t fly very far and not too incredibly high but they can fly! Domestic turkeys are another story…I think they tend to be too fat and bottom heavy while wild turkeys are VERY large but they are a little more proportionally fit. If you still don’t believe me, then fine, look it up! Just go to ask.com and ask if wild turkeys can fly and you’ll see that every site states that they can. Fight with me all you want but you can’t change facts.XP

Something funny happened at work yesterday, at the end of the night my supervisor, Tonya was counting down my bank and we found a $10 bill with a drawing on it which isn’t uncommon to find but…we couldn’t tell if this drawing was supposed to be a candy cane or a penis! Lol! We studied this thing pretty close and deduced that originally, a penis was drawn on it but then someone went back in and fixed it to look like a candy cane and they wrote, ‘Merry Xmas’ on it. You could tell since from the back, you could see it was a penis drawn in purple but then someone used black ink to try and cover it. Haha! Someone had too much free time on their hands.
And then Tonya and I got into a debate on which characters made up the Disney Princesses. I thought it was Snow White, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, and Cinderella. Tonya thought it was Snow White, Belle, Aurora, Tinkerbell, and Cinderella. We debated about this waaaaay longer then necessary and eventually, we just looked it up.XD Turns out we were both off, the Disney Princesses are just Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, and sometimes but not always, Ariel was included. Why the heck we thought so long into this topic, don’t ask. It was 3am and our minds weren’t thinking properly but hey, now we know.XD

Many mentioned that Lelouch from the anime I keep talking about, Code Geass looks like Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket! lol! I didn’t really notice besides the eye-color, but some angles they do look exactly alike. Both are tall, skinny, similar eye-shapes, similar hair, and of course, the lavender eyes.XD Here’s another picture of him:

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Going from my last post, apparently, a lot of people didn’t know that wild turkeys could fly. Lol! I thought that was common knowledge but I guess not.XD

I had the day off Sunday. *bliss* I got up and ran a few miles on the treadmill and then went swimming. Pretty much the exact same thing I did on Friday which I had off as well. Hee! For those who wonder why I’d rather run on a treadmill then run outside…simple, if you saw where I lived, you’d understand. We live in the hills, our house is on the top of one of these large hills so yeah…constant hills! There’s not a single flat area to run so just running a couple miles on nothing but ups and downs gets VERY exhausting VERY quickly.
Anyway, I had to go grocery shopping. I ate the last of my ramen the other night so I was all out! NO RAMEN! THE HORROR!!! So, now I’m restocked so everything’s cool.
My sister went back to North Carolina Saturday and my parents took us to Friendly’s before she had to catch her flight and before I had to go to work. I wasn’t hungry at all but I ordered a Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Wrap to take to work with me. The waitress had that look of, “oh crap,” when she came back to check on us and I hadn’t touched my food because she thought I didn’t like it. She looked relieved when I told her I planned on taking it to work with me and that’s why I didn’t eat it.XD

For all those who asked what the anime, Code Geass was about…erm, the storyline is a bit too complicated to sum up. Just Wikipedia it or something and you’ll see why it’s so confusing. I figured out why I love the style of Code Geass so much…it’s made by CLAMP! No wonder! The main character, Lelouch…*swoon* there’s a lot of pet-worthy bishies in this anime but don’t worry fellows, there’s a lot of hot chicks in it too.^_~ The anime reminds me somewhat of Gundam but I like this one better. So far, there’s 25 episodes but there’s a 2nd season that’s currently being made. For my fellow bittorrent downloaders, I’d recommend downloading it from here off MiniNova: Code Geass. This has the episodes 1-23 and the quality is great, subtitles are flawless, and it took me less then a day to download the 23 episodes. It’s very easy to find episodes 24-25 right from that site as well and it took about ½ hour to download the remainder of the season. And the full title of the anime is, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and here’s another piccy from it…Lelouch! *pets*

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

For all those who asked, the picture shown in my last post is from an anime called, Code Geass. I need to get the habit of always saying what anime or manga the pictures I show at the end of my posts are from because if it’s from a lesser known anime/manga, i.e. Code Geass, people tend to ask what it’s from.^^’’

I had the day off Friday which was dandy. I ran a few miles on our treadmill and then I went swimming in our pool. The water was 86 degrees so it was perfect (I know 86 sounds really warm but when it’s water, it’s not *that* warm). It was thundering outside though the entire time I was swimming but it didn’t rain and it wasn’t windy or anything. Just that eerie non-stop rumble and there were a couple wild turkeys that walked past the fence of our pool while I was swimming. One often doesn’t realize how big wild turkeys are until you see them in front of you…they’re HUGE! Oh! Lol! Speaking of turkeys, that reminds me of a story that my friend Gavin told me:
A few years ago, him and my other friend, Jonesy, were chasing a group of wild turkeys (for what reason, I don’t know…they’re boys so apparently, they like to chase things) and then suddenly, the turkeys leaped into the air and flew off. Well, Jonesy and Gavin just screech to a halt and Jonesy turns to Gavin and yells, “When the F*CK did they learn how to fly?!?!!!!” Hahaha!!!! Apparently, Gavin and Jonesy didn’t know that turkeys could fly. I burst out laughing at that story because I could totally picture it. That and I knew they could fly. I mean, turkeys aren’t very graceful when they fly and they can’t go too far but they can still fly.

For those who entered a piece into the Ducan contest, I’m almost done judging on my part and then I’ll be passing the pieces to the other Otaku judge (who is anonymous) and then to a friend of mine who doesn’t know anyone on this site, and then I’ll reveal the winners. I hope to have them revealed by early next week.
Here’s another Code Geass picture! I love the style of it:

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Mushi, mushi, everyone! Apparently, it showed that I had updated yesterday, when I actually did not. I’m pretty sure it did that because I modified my August 1st post to let people know the contest was over and then I changed my profile as well so, I’m assuming me changing things around like that made my name highlight in blue showing that I had updated. Ah well, no harm done really I suppose.

So, I talked to my fellow coworker about her note she left about people not cleaning (I ranted about it in my last post), and I pretty much asked her, why she wrote a note like that when *I’m* the one who does ALL the cleaning? She basically told me, “Well, I was in a mood that day,” WTF?! That’s not a good reason! Apparently, on my days off, someone had spilled a few chips on the floor and didn’t clean them up. I told her it ticked me off because here I am, being the only person who ever cleans the bank and I’ve never once complained about it but after she left that note to our boss it made me wonder why the heck I ever bothered to begin with? She then responded that the note wasn’t meant to be directed at me, but to the OTHER bankers. Well fine, then YOU ask those other bankers to help clean (even though I still don’t think she has the right to say a thing seeing as how she never has helped once). What made me happy though was that all my supervisors told the boss that I do clean in there so they all stood up for me because they do see how hard I work in there considering my job is a banker, not a cleaner! Feh!

Anywho, my sister is visiting for a few days (for those who don’t know, I have an older sister and 2 older brothers…I’m the youngest…the “oops” baby), she’s been living in North Carolina for about 10 years now and I like to pick on her because once in awhile she’ll say things with a Southern accent. Especially, when she says the word, “five.” She sounds so Southern when she says that.XD I’m amazed she’s managed to hold onto her Northern accent so well…I’m terrible when it comes to accents because I tend to pick up how other people are talking so fast without realizing it. Like in college, I had a roommate with a strong New Jersey/Brooklyn accent and when I went home to visit apparently, I had that accent…I soon got rid of it though. Hee!

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