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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Apparently, every time I cough my right eyebrow goes up. Lol! I never knew but a coworker pointed it out ‘cause I’ve been hacking the past few days. I looked at myself in the mirror when I cough and indeed, my eyebrow raises every time and I can’t stop it! Weird.

So, I met up with the guy who’s going to be putting together a book full of my artworks and he told me he would do it for free! Yosh! He said he’ll do it for free as long as on the inside cover, it’ll have his name there with the copyrights along with my name and such. I think that’s a darn good deal! He said that since I’ll be passing my book out to publishers at the Anime convention in NYC, it’ll be good business for him as well. I just have to pay for the printing fees which are very reasonable. Since I’m teaching a class at the Anime convention, I’ll take a stack of my book of artworks and hopefully, sell some to people at the convention. I’ll autograph it and everything to feel cool.^_~

Other then that, got a booger-load of SessLover18’s drawing done and hope to complete it later today. I think she’ll be happy with the background since I think I did a pretty durn close interpretation of what she wanted.^_^
Also, I uploaded my Dark Ducan wallpaper on Deviant Art and it got over 1,400 views and over 100 faves on it’s first day! Sheesh! Makes the totals of it here on Otaku look pathetic. Then again, it wasn’t Naruto or Bleach so figures no one would look at it here. Not that I don’t like Naruto or Bleach, I just wish that other things weren’t being ignored because of those 2 huge rise in popularity.
Picture of the Day comes from Rurouni Kenshin:

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Friday, September 21, 2007

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t stand common sense illiterate people and air heads. There’s this woman I work with at the casino that is such a complete bimbo it makes my head hurt. I get some pretty air-headed comments on Otaku as well. Everyone knows the ones I mean, those people who it seems with anything you say, their reply is, “I don’t get it” or they ask you a question that you clearly already answered in your post. I understand that we all have our moments of, ‘duuuuuh’ but there’s just some people that you want to give them a little shake and be like, “it’s not that complicated! Just *think* about it for a second and pay attention!!” Rant over.

So today, I’m meeting with a guy who’s going to print my artworks into a book! It’s not a “published” book, just a book that’s filled with my drawings that I can take with me and pass out to people. The main reason I’m doing this is since I’m a guest artist at the upcoming Anime convention in New York City, and there’s going to be a lot of publishers there, instead of just giving them a business card like everyone else, I’ll be like, “Here, have a book of my artworks! I think that will help me stand out amongst the other artists which is important in this highly competitive field. The guy I’m meeting had seen my works in one of the art shows and thought my pieces would look great in a book and he showed me examples of the books he’s published and they look amazing! And he’s cheap too and it’s no problem for him to print more books once I run out so yeah, I’m meeting with him today to go over what pieces I want to put into it and what style of book I want and such.

Other then that, I’m hoping to get the drawing for SessLover18 done this weekend and post it soon. *knocks on wood* Then, I’m going to work on the fan art contest as well as the fan manga contest that Otaku is holding. I’m going to try and get the fan manga one done first since that one is more important in my mind since the winner gets their fan manga published in the back of a real manga!
Picture of the Day comes from Inuyasha:

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I’m getting a new car!!! Well, not a brand-new car but newish to me. My parents are buying themselves a brand-spankin’ new Toyota Rav4 and so they’re going to sell me their car very cheaply. It’s a Subaru Legacy GT and it’s red and very pretty. I mostly want it though because it’s a safer car then my Saturn and it’s got all wheel drive which is very important here in upstate NY where it’s very hilly and very slick during the winter months. I’ll show you guys a picture of it sometime to show off the Subaru’s prettiness.

And thanks for those who checked out my wallie the other day! It’s true that I don’t know of anyone else who has uploaded a dollfie wallpaper but I doubt I’ll make more since I originally did that wallpaper just for my own desktop but then thought it would be cool to upload here. And to answer some questions, yes, dollfies are very expensive…more then you’d ever want to know. Yes, you can customize them to look how you want including if you wanted to make a Naruto or Inuyasha dollfie. And dollfies come in all different sizes. The “teen” dollfies such as the vampire Ducan are considered “super dollfies” and those are the largest. I have a super dollfie Ducan and he’s about 2 feet tall.
And speaking of Ducan, the winners of the contest that was held seemingly forever ago will be announced very soon. The 3rd judge had a bit of a family emergency so they didn't get the time to judge the pieces. They're in the process of picking their choices now.^_^

We had a rubber band shoot off today at work. It was me versus one of the cashiers. I realize my aiming of a rubber band stink!
Picture of the Day comes from RahXephon:

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mushi mushi, Everyone! So, I uploaded a wallpaper earlier...I haven't uploaded a wallie in a really long time and the only reason why I even did this one was because it was late at night and I was tired so I didn't want to draw but wanted to do something kinda creative. lol! I don't tend to draw when I'm really tired because then I tend to make really stupid mistakes and if I make a mistake on a wallpaper, meh, you can always hit the undo button.
So yeah, you guys know how I have my Ducan dollfie? Well, the company that made my Ducan made a specialty version of him in demon vampire form! He looks so flippin' awesome but he's not for sale! He was only made for their "collection" and is on display and sold only at one special show! Feh! But, I loved this demon Ducan so my wallpaper is my fave images of him compiled together. You can just click the piccy below:

For those that don't know Dollfies, they're custom built Asian dolls that are very large, very realistic, and very expensive. lol! But they look like anime characters brought to life hence why they're so pet-worthy. *pets my dollfie*

I have a funny joke that my friend, Gavin came up with yesterday. You have to keep in mind, Gavin comes up with these jokes and sayings right from the top of his head out of nowhere and they're always so lame that you can't help but laugh. So here's what he says to me last night:
Gavin:"Hey did you hear about the orchestra that got really mad and started yelling and throwing food at the audience?"
Me: "....no."
Gavin: "Yeah, they lost their composer."
lol! Brillant. The Animaniacs would be proud.XD

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Monday, September 17, 2007

So the art show was Sunday and it went well. It was outside in a park and it was bloody freezing all day though! 44 degrees! *shiver* Too cold for this time of year and it was cloudy most of the day with only a crack of sun here and there. I wore one of those long, baby doll sweaters so it kept me warmish for awhile but it didn’t take long for my scrawny butt to start shivering. There was this older couple who had work on display next to mine and the hubby ran to his car to get me an extra sweatshirt. Aw! My mom showed up later on which shocked me because I didn’t think she’d come but she brought me one of my winter coats and gloves so that was nice. During lunchtime most people went to local stores and bought food but I’m a cheap mo-fo when it comes to food and don’t like to excessively spend money on it (anime: yes, art supplies: yes, food: no) and again, the couple next to me gave me an extra sandwich they had purchased because they said I was too skinny and needed to get some fuel into me. They were so motherly and cute.XD

The show lasted for 7 hours…waaaaay too long but I mostly walked around and socialized with people. I met two younger people who had brought their portfolios in so I could look at it. One girl was so sweet! This is the girl who had seen my work on Deviant Art and was so excited to meet me. She kept looking up at me all starry eyed and I looked through her artwork (which was very nice) and gave her some tips and what-not and she’s heard of Otaku and is thinking of getting an account here. I hope she does since she was so sweet!
I also had a lot of people come up to me asking me if I could design logos and websites for them and do commission work as well and I gave them my business card so things are looking pretty good in my road to getting myself an art career.

After the show, I met up with my boys and we saw the movie, ‘Balls of Fury’…it’s that movie about ping pong and we mostly wanted to see it since it had a lot of the cast of Reno911 in it…the movie wasn’t very good, don’t see it. But it had a few great one-liners. So,
Quote of the day comes from one of the one-liners from Balls of Fury and it was said by the girlfriend:
“I’m trying to express my love by sacrificing my life for you…so stop being a dick!!!”

Picture of the Day comes from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children:

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mushi, mushu, Everyone! I’m so sorry for not getting to people’s sites! I’ve been very busy with work and the graphic design project for the art festival this weekend. I’m finally done with the brochure! Yesssss. It drove me nuts because they kept on changing things and saying, “oh wait, can you add this and can you add that” argh! Don’t they realize that every time I have to “add” something, I have to completely re-do the composition and page lay-out to fit new stuff in? I wish they could have figured out everything they needed PRIOR to me completing a page. But finally, that’s done, the t-shirt designs are done, posters are done, and ads are done. *wipes forehead*

Since I did the graphic art for the festival I get a free spot in the show and they had the artist meet & greet thingy tonight. It was interesting meeting the other artists. Many came up to me to ask questions because I’m the youngest person there so I guess they see me as a beacon of hope of possibly making a professional artist of myself. Lol! I was cornered by 4 artists at one point and they were asking how much I charge for my artwork and when I told them, they all said I was way under priced. They said with my quality of art I should be charging $50 an hour for my photorealism pieces! Holy flippin’ hell! They said that they were professional enough and that I shouldn’t be selling myself for any less then that. O_o I think $50 an hour would be great, but I think even I’d feel bad charging that much. But yeah, each artist only had one piece at this show but the big show is Sunday and I plan on having both my anime and photorealism there. I’ve already met a few people who said they had people they wanted me to talk to since they wanted advice on both photorealism and anime….those two don’t often go hand-in-hand but I like doing both!

So, I have to pick up some things tomorrow and I need to work on my drawing for SessLover18 and I’m also going to do a doujinshi for that fan manga contest and I’m working on my OC’s for my manga. So many projects, so little time.
Picture of the Day comes from Fruits Basket:

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Glad you guys like my new theme! Many commented that I changed my theme so quickly…erm, huh?! I had my last theme since early May! Lol! Over 4 months! I wouldn’t call that changing my theme too often. Yeah, my BG image is pretty simplistic but I love this image of Leloch so it stays! I think people would rather see really overly-done gaudy backgrounds. That’s what ticks me off about some wallpaper sites. I had uploaded a wallpaper on MiniTokyo that was all nicely done and it took me a long time to do because I cleaned it up and made up a new composition…and it was taken down by a moderator because there wasn’t “enough” done to it! WTF?! So, I added a bunch of sh*t into it and boom, it was accepted. Lol! I don’t like that version…I often prefer simplistic wallpapers over ones that have loads of swirls and sparkles in them. But, that’s just me but don't get me wrong! There's are wallpapers that have a lot of stuff in them and they look wonderful because they are well put together. I appreciate those wallies.^_^

I’ve been crabby all day. Haha…like it’s not obvious above.XD The weather today has been dark, cruddy, rainy and I hate it!! I’m all about sunshine and birds chirping…not this non-stop rain and storming crap. I had to meet up with the lady that I’m doing the graphic design work for this afternoon too and I barely remember what we talked about! My head gets in a total fog when it’s raining. Good thing I took notes to things she wanted me to do or else I’d be screwed. The art festival I’m doing the graphic design work for is this coming weekend and I prefer to get things done waaaay in advance so I don’t have to rush, but these people waited till the last minute to give me everything they need so now I have to rush. Feh! At least I get a free spot in the show and oh! Apparently, a girl saw my name as being in the show and got all excited because she knew my work from online and wanted to meet me!

I’m going to end my post with an amusing quote to liven it up:
“If you’re doing crafts with glitter, prepared to get it all over you. Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts.”
Picture of the Day comes from Loveless:

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Theme change! I like to change my theme every few months or so. This theme is based on my latest anime addiction which is, Code Geass: Leloch of the Rebellion. I was pretty much motivated to change it since I got in the mail today the Code Geass illustration art book and it came with the soundtrack as well as 2 posters! Yosh! And it only cost a total of $30! Go ebay!

Thanks to those who checked out my “pimped” version of Estel! It got a much bigger review on Deviant Art though. I blame the fact that if it’s not Naruto, then people don’t seem to care. Heaven forbid people draw ORIGINAL characters once in awhile. DA tends to be more welcome to OC work then here.
I went to the Outback Steakhouse today since it’s my grandma’s 93rd birthday and she loves Outback! It was very yummy. They kept on screwing up my mom’s order though because she wanted a plain hamburger…as in nothing on it but meat since she can’t eat cheese or sauces and stuff without having stomach problems. Outback kept putting stuff on it so she kept on having to send it back. They gave my mom her meal for free though.

It’s been storming all evening. If the electricity goes out, I’ll be miffed. Oh, and I’m working on another sketch of one of the main characters in my manga. There will be about 4 main characters, Estel and Leetha being 2 of them, and then there’s 2 more that tag along. The one I’m working on is the thief…who my pal Angel, has already said is her fave character. Lol!
Picture of the Day comes from Tsubasa Chronicles…if anyone thinks the style looks familiar to my new theme, you’d be correct. Code Geass is also made by CLAMP:

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Haha! Glad you guys have been enjoying my chibi diaries…especially the last one and just so everyone is clear, the nut’s guy plays on the whole “nuts” word on purpose. It’s said to sound innocent but it’s meant to be taken dirty…kinda like how the Animaniacs would play off words that sounded dirty but really weren’t. Like “pianist.”XD XD
My next chibi diaries will be put onto my post probably Monday or so. I haven’t even started the next part yet!

I uploaded a new drawing…well, sketch yesterday and if you guys could take a look, I’d be very appreciative:

I mostly want people’s opinions on this one because this is a new sketch of my OC elf, Estel…who I did the manga about with him being tied to the girl, Leetha and have also done some other drawings of…but I’ve never been satisfied with Estel’s costume design and overall look so I finally sat my butt down and “pimped” Estel to finally have a costume design that matches well….Estel! I think I finally got it with this one and I also changed his hair getting rid of the shorter bangs like most anime characters have, and giving him overall more elfy hair. I like this design a lot better then my old one but would like to know what others thought.

And thanks for the well-wishes about my wrist! Don’t feel too bad for me though, I’ve had wrist problems for many years. I had surgery on my tendons a couple years ago and it was a hope that it would cause my pains to go away, but it didn’t. The doc worried it was the beginning signs of arthritis (pathetic being in my early 20's w/possible arthritis) so I have a special cream I have to put on it and I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping my brace on it all the time except when I’m sleeping or drawing…or showering, duh. It was just earlier this week that it was really throbbing since I think I slept on it weird. And yes, I am left-handed and it’s my left-wrist that bothers me. Feh! But no worries, I’m a tough elf.^_^
Picture of the Day come from Naruto…not that you guys wouldn’t have known that…XP:

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Monday, September 3, 2007

I’m glad you guys liked my chibi diaries in my last post! This week will continue them. I wanted to update sooner but I’ve been very busy between working at the casino and doing the graphic design work for an upcoming art festival. Plus, today I woke up and my left wrist is completely killing me. It’s the one I had surgery on a couple years back and it will hurt once and awhile but I can’t even bend it today. I think I must have slept on it at some point and the pressure just re-aggravated my tendons. I’ve put my brace back on so it will feel better quicker. So yeah, it may take me even longer to pop out these chibi diaries since I need to give my wrist a break now and again.

Anywho, onto the 2nd part of my chibi diaries when we went to the Renaissance fest and keep in mind these are super-quick sketches so don’t expect hard-core pieces like I usually do:

I hope you all enjoyed them and the next set of chibi diaries will continue on our day at the Ren. Fest.^_^

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