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Saturday, November 24, 2007

*woot* Chrno Crusade!!
I got a sample of my book today! It turned out awesome! The colors are so nice and bold and bright! There were some drawings of mine I was worried about not coming out but they all came out so well. I’m excited when I go to the NY Anime Festival and show my portfolio to the publishers and such, I think it will help me stand-out a little more by not just handing them a business card, but an entire book of my artworks!

I need to give a HUGE thanks and attack glomp to my pal, Ikyuu-Kyuu-Kon! The other day, I woke up to find a mailing poster tube on my steps and I’m racking my brain thinking…when the heck did I order a poster?! And then I thought I had ordered one possibly after I had taken all my pain meds and muscle relaxers when I had hurt my neck and forgot I had done it.XD XD But nope, it was from her and it was a poster from the anime/manga X! She’s also sending me a load of CD’s full of anime goodies and they should be arriving very soon so I can’t wait! Thanks so much Aya! *huggles*
I also received my Kadaj figure! It’s so pretty. *pets* He’s now displayed on my drafting table with my Cloud and Sephiroth figures. My, what a handsome display.^__^ I’m glad with these figures they kept them with their proper dominant hand that they had in the game and movie. All the bad guys in Advent Children were left-handed...well, except Reno, he’s a lefty but is a good guy! I know I’m weird and notice these things…probably since I’m a lefty too.XD

Picture of the Day comes from Final Fantasy III…it’s Refia with a chocobo!^__^

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Friday, November 23, 2007

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I went to my grandma’s house but had to leave early since I had to work that evening. The casino was a lot busier this year then it was last year on this holiday

When I mentioned Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children in my last couple posts, quite a few mentioned they’ve never played the FF games and a couple others, mentioned they didn’t want to even start it since there’s about 13 released so far and they wouldn’t be able to catch up. Well, for those who don’t know, the Final Fantasy games actually do NOT coincide with one-another. Each game follows different characters and a different story (exception to this would be FFX-2). They just are played the same and tend to have a few similarities like the Chocobos, Moogles, Cid the Airship driver, etc. Advent Children isn’t actually a game, it’s a movie that takes place AFTER Final Fantasy 7.
I like Final Fantasy because it’s more-so about the story then randomly going around killing things. Final Fantasy X was the first of the series I got super-hard-core into and my roomies in college used to watch me play this game because they got really into the story and thought the graphics were really pretty.XD The movie sequences in these games are nothing short of exceptional. I thought I’d share a clip of one of my fave FF scenes. This one is referred to as “Yuna’s Dance” and in this clip, she’s summoning the un-rested spirits of the dead from a village that was attacked. The clip is less then 2:00mins and it always gives me goosebumps to watch it:

Picture of the Day comes from Final Fantasy III, which is the game I’m currently playing on my DS. FF3 is surprisingly hard!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So yeah, those who read my last post learnt that we’ll be watching my bro’s dog, Harley for awhile. We’re taking care of Harley until the “custody” of her is completely figured out between him and his ex-wife. My bro deserves Harley more since he takes care of her. But anyway, my bro got another puppy named Lexie and my parents brought home BOTH of them! Long story but it’s only ‘till Sunday are we watching Lexie too but this is my first time seeing Lexie and she’s so freakin’ cute!! She’s also a Boxer, like Harley but she’s at that awkward puppy phase where she’s still a puppy but she’s all legs and has big floppy ears and is really skinny.XD She’s such a lover-muffin. I’m sitting on the couch and she’s on the floor and she puts her head on my lap, then her front paws, then her upper body, pretty soon, she’s completely cuddled on my lap. I spoil her since she’s probably not allowed on our new couch.>_>

But yeah, this is the first time my kitten, FuzzButt has had another animal in the house with him and we have a balcony that overlooks our living room and he just sat up there staring down at the dogs, growling. FuzzButt is a very brave boy though and soon came downstairs and Harley and Lexie were just as interested in FuzzButt and FuzzButt just kept on growling and swatting and hissing at them while Lexie is just bouncing all around him like…well, a puppy.XD But FuzzButt kept on chasing them around the house! I think FuzzButt will learn to like them since he wasn’t really clawing at them, just letting them know this was HIS house so they better be ready to bow to the prince!

Another picture of Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children because…I can! Ha!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey, a girl can dream.
I am so excited!!!!! Okay, for quite some time, Square Enix has released super-detailed figures that go along with their Final Fantasy characters. Well, ever since Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has been released they’ve only had 4 character figures which were Sephiroth, Cloud, Tifa, and Vincent. Now….FINALLY they’ve released the next set of characters which include…KADAJ!!!!! *fangirl squeal* I already bought him off ebay and I should get it in a couple days! But yeah, the other 2 released with Kadaj are Reno and Yuffie. I’m pretty much only buying the characters that are my faves and I have Sephy and Cloud displayed proudly on my drafting table and now, they shall be joined by Kadaj! This is what it looks like:

So, things shall be getting interesting later tonight…my parents drove up to my bros’ house to bring home his doggy. Harley…it’s a long story but my bros’ ex-wife is a little psycho and she’s trying to get sole custody of Harley (I know, it’s like we’re talking about a kid) but she’s not responsible at all and Trevor (my bro) bought Harley so Harley is his but she wont leave him alone about it. Trevor ended up buying another doggy named Lexie, and he asked my parents if they could take Harley and watch her so his ex-wife can’t get her hands on her. So yeah, my parents are bringing home Harley tonight and my kitty FuzzButt…oh man, this will be interesting. Lol! FuzzButt hasn’t had to share attention with another animal and he’s not too fond of dogs (he growls at them at the vet) but Harley is the sweetest dog ever and LOVES to play and LOVES bugging kitties so…yeah, this will be interesting.XD Oh yeah, and Harley is a Boxer, by the way.^^

In light of my new Kadaj figure, my post for today is all Kadaj-pimped. Gotta-love that little silver-haired psycho…he just needs a hug:

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

I was wrong in my last post about the snow…it didn’t melt! Ergh. And this is the “wet” snow so it froze my car doors! I had to get my dad to open them because with my hurt neck, I still can’t do too much strenuous stuff. The joys of the snow season are already starting. Whoop-di-freakin’-doo.

So today, I had to meet with the guy who’s putting my book together. Remember how I had tried to send him my book cover and stuff but all he has is a craptastic frontiernet e-mail so he can’t accept any files larger then 4MB? I had to drive to his house to give him the CD of my front and back cover and then we spent about 5 hours just doing the final details and touch-ups to it. All I have to do now is send him the title…which I SUCK at titles so I asked my dear pal, Angel who is an awesome writer to see if she can come up with any. She’s going to e-mail me some ideas tonight. I’ll probably be pestering Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon on Yahoo since she’s a good writer too.XD I don’t think I’m too bad of a writer but I stink at titles and usually resort to just using the character’s names as the title for my artworks.

The NY Anime Festival is only about 3 weeks away! AH! For those who may not remember, I was asked to be a guest artist and hold a workshop showing people how to color like I do. Adam told me that my class will be for an hour and it’s called, ‘Color Me Perfect.’ This weekend, I’m going to be working on the drawing that I’ll be using for the workshop. I’ll actually have to “think” about what I’m doing as I’m coloring it so I know what to talk about for the class. I don’t usually “think”…just sorta put the pencil down and go.
Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

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Friday, November 16, 2007

When I got out of work at 3:00am it was pouring rain and freakin’ bloody cold! I was just surprised that it was still raining and it was raining the entire way home and majority of my drive is through the valleys but sure enough, once I almost got to my house which is on the tippy top of a hill…CAKED in snow. It’ll probably be melted by the time I get up…which is usually about 1pm but who knows. I’m not fond of snow. Love to look at it but everything else about it sucks…especially driving in it.>_<

So, while on LordSesshomaru’s site the other day, he was telling a story about soda at his school and it had reminded me of a story of my own. When I was in about 10th grade, it was during the time when humungo baggy pants were in style for guys and there was this one guy in my art class, named Corey that used to wear these pants with loads of pockets. Like most school, sodas and other beverages weren’t allowed in the classrooms but Corey managed to fit a whole 2 Liter Mountain Dew into his pocket and when the teacher wasn’t looking, he’d take it out and take a swig. lol! I remember one day, our art teacher caught him drinking it and we had an awesome art teacher and his face when he saw him was pure puzzlement and he asks, “Where did you get that huge thing of soda?!” and Corey replied, “From my pants pocket. and if you want to picture the epitome face of WTF? That was the expression born on our teacher’s face. Our teacher goes, “You fit that in your pants?” Corey says, “Erm, yeah.” And our teacher was so impressed he managed to fit a 2 liter soda in his pants pocket that he didn’t even make him throw it away. And thus ends my random story.XD

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club:

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This icon always cracks me up…don’t know why, it just does.XD
Thanks to those who checked out my latest drawing! People keep mentioning they like the perspective of it so YAY! It was surprisingly hard to draw at a slightly birds-eye view with the characters looking up without drawing them distorted. Anyway if you haven’t seen my piccy yet, please do, it would make me happy:

I’m pretty irritated right now. I worked my tail off to get the cover page for my artbook done and I try sending it to the guy who’s putting together my book and he has a crappy frontiernet email so it can’t receive anything over like 4mb. ARGH! So, I’m going to have to try and drive a CD to him which wont be easy since I’m gone for work about 11-12 hours a day and this guy lives about 30 minutes from me in the opposite direction of everywhere I go. It bugs me because I want to scream at him ”DUDE!!! YOU WORK WITH LARGE RESOLUTION PHOTOS!!!! GET YOURSELF A FLIPPIN’ FREE HOTMAIL OR GMAIL ACCOUNT!!!!” I just don’t understand why he’s so stuck on sticking to his piece of crap e-mail that doesn’t accept large photos when his job is working with large photos. *smacks forehead* Common sense illiterate people….*grumbles to self*

Oh yeah, Gavin’s birthday was last week and we took him out to eat and again, most of you know Gavin and his lame puns…well, here’s one that transpired:
Tyler: *fumbling with his cell phone, takes the battery out and puts it on the table*
Gavin: “Heh.” *grabs battery and picks up salt shaker* “Hey look, it’s a-salt and battery!”
*snorts* I laughed for a long time over that one…so corny.
Picture of the Day comes from Kingdom Hearts:

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow, it’s been a full week since I last updated! *le gasp* That’s a long time for me anyway.XD This last week has been very stressful but I did a new drawing and I’d reeeeeeally appreciate it if you could take a look at it and comment:

Anyway, for those who read my last post, you may recall how I strained a neck muscle while trying to open a water bottle? For those who asked how it was possible…just think about it, when you’re trying to twist open a bottle, you put umph into your arm, that strains the shoulder, that strains the neck and also the back and the doc said I must have been standing in just the right position that when I put that strain on it, I did some serious damage. This past week I had to go to physical therapy 4 times while at the same time hold my full-time job while at the same time try and get the cover done for my artbook (which is the thumbnail above) so I can get that published and to me by early December. Ack. It wasn’t easy considering that I was on muscle relaxers I had to take 3 times a day as well as pain meds so I was one sleepy elf.
My physical therapist, his name is Jeff and he’s really hot so that’s a plus. lol! My officially diagnosis for what I did to my neck is what Jeff referred to as a “sticky joint.” Meaning, I pulled a joint in my neck and the muscles around it tightened so much that it wasn’t moving properly with the rest of my joints, hence why I was in so much pain. It’s getting better though. Today is the first day that I’ve been pill free because I hate feeling groggy all the time. But yeah, I gotta admit, that it is pretty funny that all of this was due to a water bottle…well, to be specific it was a vitamin water bottle. My boys certainly thought it was amusing. Feh!

Picture of the Day comes from Loveless:

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Glad you guys enjoyed Gavin’s quote yesterday.XD I already have a quote of his that I’m going to be turning into a 4-5 panel comic. He’s a nutball.

So today royally sucked. I had today off and I got up and was going to go running and I was trying to open a water bottle. That sucker was on so tight! So I kept trying to open it and you know what I did?! I sprained a neck muscle!>_< It was one of those things where you could feel something give and followed by pain to the extreme. I ended up going to one of those walk-in doctor clinics because I knew something wasn’t right (my mom had to drive me because I couldn’t drive myself since I couldn’t move my neck to look left and right and stuff). So they touched and poked and said that I aggravated a muscle and needed to go to physical therapy that day. Gah! So, I went to physical therapy and they put those thingies on my neck so it electrocutes the muscle to try and relax it and then they did an ultra-sound to it too and I have to go back to the physical therapist Wednesday and probably a few more times next week. I was also given some prescriptions for the pain and also some muscle relaxants I have to take 3 times a day. *grumbles* The muscle relaxant makes me sleepy and tends to just make the rest of my body feel like rubber while my neck still hurts. I have to go back into work tomorrow which is going to suck since I’ll be all drugged up and in pain while trying to keep the bank balanced in the casino. That will be fun.
And all this thanks to a water bottle! EVIL!!!!

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club:

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Monday, November 5, 2007

I’m going to start posting gifs on the top of my page again. Once upon a time, I used to always put animated gifs at the top of each of my posts but stopped…I think it’s when I had to go back to dial-up that I did that.>_< But I’ve had high-speed for awhile so, I better start putting them up again! Hee! Most of the gifs I posted were ones I made myself…including the one above. I love that part in Fruits Basket…Yuki is just like me in the morning…all…“don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, attempt a conversation and parish my wrath.”

So, I spent the day with my boys Saturday. We went and saw the movie, 30 Days of Nights and it was pretty good! It’s that vampire movie that takes place in Alaska where they have…30 days of nights. Heh. I didn’t like the way the vampires were done though. My boys wanted to see it since it was going to be gory and I was all up to see the movie because I thought it was going to be hot vampires like in Interview With the Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Twilight etc. but no, it’s the fugly vampires that look like demented demon human monkeys with pointy teeth and funky eyes. But it was a very entertaining movie full of gore and violence.

After the movie we went to dinner at Friendly’s and it was packed full of crying, yelling, screaming kids.>_< Then again, on a Saturday, virtually all restaurants would be like that. Joy. But there was one thing that Gavin did that almost had me and Tyler fall out of our chairs in laughter…most of you know Gavin and his lame jokes and puns well, here’s what happened after the waitress brings over Gavin and Phil’s coffee:
Phil: “Hey Gavin, give me some sugar.”
Gavin: *puckers his lips and leans towards Phil*
Phil: “AH! What are you doing?!!!”
Gavin: “Well, you said to give you some sugar.”
Phil: For my coffee, you idiot! My coffee!!”
Gavin: “Psh well, you need to specify next time, Phil.”
*snorts* I love Gavin. He’s a living cartoon character.XD

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