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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sorry, I’ve been gone for the past few days but if you’re like me, you often don’t even notice. lol! I’ve been very busy working on my fan manga contest entry. I completed the first page just today…only have 2 more pages to go now! It was slow-moving just because I was still learning the Manga Studio Ex program but now I got it pretty figured out so the last few panels went a lot faster. I really like how the first page came out! I would show it to you guys but I want to wait until I finish the whole thing and upload the pages all at once. I think it helps with the story better then to upload things one page at a time.

So, it’s been bloody cold the past few days. Cold and raining. Great combo.>_< It’s been in the 40’s these past few days and I’ve already had to whip out my winter coat. People may say the 40’s isn’t that bad, well, it is when you just finished summer and had record high’s last week and then record lows the following week. Gotta love NY weather. 40’s will seem hot in a few months though once we get down to the teens and single digits in the winter months. I hate winter…hate cold love hot. I need to migrate somewhere warmer during the cold months like geese.
So, my kitty FuzzButt got into a bag of onions yesterday. lol! I heard something being banged around downstairs, so I go down and get into the kitchen and there’s onions everywhere! He was batting them around like a ball…ignoring all his toys we bought him and having a blast with a bag of onions. Go fig.

Amusing Quote of the Day:
“Sending someone a fruit basket is cool. It’s the only time you can send someone a bunch of fruit in the mail and not have them think you’re crazy….“Huh, 2 apples, what?!” But sending them in a basket… “Hey, these are in a basket. Nice.”
Picture of the Day comes from Fullmetal Alchemist:

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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Monday, October 8, 2007

So, last night my boys, Tyler, Gavin, and Phil came over to my house for a BBQ and my other pal, Cessi came too. It was fun! It didn’t take long for my boys to spot the water guns that we keep on our counter to squirt our kitty, FuzzButt if he’s bad. Of course, we all got drenched…I should have known to hide those things. Feh! After we ate we played Cranium…I know, we’re such bad-asses! And we had had a few drinks so it was even funnier and more entertaining.
We then watched this absolutely HORRIBLE horror movie called, Do Not Open Till Christmas. Oh my, it was so bad we were in pain. Nothing made sense at all and there was only like, one character that had any substance to her and she got murdered for really no reason since the movie was basically, some nut who went around killing people dressed like Santa Clause….but the main lady of the movie wasn’t even dressed like Santa yet she got killed anyway? *shrugs*

Oh but one random funny thing…Tyler found a post-it notepad that says on the top: Things To Do and then it has spaces you fill in and check off once you get them done. So, Tyler filled in the first space, and then passed it to Gavin and then those 2 filled it up and the whole thing was about Phil, who wasn’t even paying attention and when I saw this check list, I laughed so hard. Here was the “To Do” checklist:
-Get rid of Phil
-Get new roommate
-Sell Phil’s stuff
-Burn the rest
-Repeat cycle
-Raise Phil from the dead
-Chain Phil to porch
Hahahaha! That was their checklist and when Phil finally asked what we were laughing at, he was just, “……hey!” Heehee! I kept that To Do list because it was so funny…and obviously, it was meant in good and fun, not to be taken seriously.^_~

Picture of the Day comes from D.N. Angel:

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thanks a lot guys for your nice words about my manga sample in my last post! Many said they didn’t realize it was done by me until they read my post…they thought it was a scan from a manga. YAY! That makes me happy.^__^ <----see, happy face! The Manga Studio Ex program I used to make that is really awesome. People have to keep in mind though that the program just doesn’t “do” stuff for you. It’s a tool, just like a pencil or paint brush. Like, you have to show the program where you want a shadow or where to put the focus lines and even once you do that, you still have to tinker with the tones and draw the lines and all that. If you were to buy this program, it would cost $300….but I got it another way…*shifty eyes* It’s like Photoshop except it’s all for manga creation. ‘Tis cool.

So, we’re at war at my casino…a rubber band war! RAWR! You’ll be sitting there, minding your own business and suddenly you’ll be smacked with a rubber band. Feh! It’s funny because one of the cashiers said I only shoot them when their backs are turned, yet they wait to shoot me when I’m not paying attention or reading or something. There’s no difference! My supervisor taught me a great way to shoot a rubber band, which is to tuck it into your pinky, then wrap it around your hand till it extends to your pointer finger, then you point your hand like a gun and when you lift your pinky, the rubber band flies. They’re going down now! I just realized the humor of that…my SUPERVISOR is the one who taught me to properly shoot a rubber band.XD And all the people I work with are adults! I’m one of the youngest who works there and they act like kids! Heehee! You see how your parents are when you’re not around?

So, later today, I’m getting together with my boys to hang out and stuff. While on the phone with Gavin, he told me a joke that he came up with…and as you guys know, Gavin just comes up with these out of nowhere and his jokes are so lame, you can’t help but laugh so, here it is:
Gavin: “So, 2 monkeys are sitting around eating bananas. One monkey turns to the other and says, ‘Man, these bananas taste terrible!’ And the other monkey looks at him and says, ‘I don’t know, I find them rather a-peeling.’
Hahaha! Oh, so corny but I laugh.
Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion:

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

For those who have never heard Gackt’s music before, you can click the player below to hear his latest song. This is from his newest single I was talking about yesterday where in the music video he’s a Samurai. Very cool indeedith! I love in his music how he incorporates classical instruments into his songs. This song takes a few seconds before the main melody starts but that’s how Gackt’s music always is. lol! Anywho, you can pause the player in my profile and push play below:

I had the day off today and I spend all day just working on the Manga Studio Ex program. I love the program! It’s such a great tool if you want to make more professional looking mangas. I’m working on that fan manga contest and I’m working really hard to make it look as good as possible. With the contest, it has to be based on the characters/story of the manga, Black Sun Silver Moon and it has to be between 1-4 pages. I think mine will be about 3 pages. I already have the “script” written out and one page sketched.
So yeah, with the Manga Studio Ex, you can sketch your mangas right on the program but I prefer to sketch mine by hand with regular pencil and then just import them and work from there. I’ve gotten a couple panels completely done and I do plan on uploading the completed doujinshi once it’s complete. But for now, I just wanted to show one of my completed panels…this took me a long time to do but only because this is the very first panel in my doujinshi and this was my “experimental” panel since I was just fiddling around till I figured out how to do stuff. lol! But I think that’s the best way to learn something new anyway, just fiddling! Hee! Anywho, here’s the first panel:

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I’ve been fairly busy the past few days. I got one page for the fan manga contest sketched! For those who don’t know the fan manga contest, it’s being run through Otaku and the Go! Comi publishers who have done such mangas as Tenshi Ja Nai, After School Nightmare, Cantarella, Crossroads and more! All you have to do is create a fan manga based on their manga called, Black Sun, Silver Moon and if you win, you get your fan manga published in the back of the actual manga! Sugoi!!! I had heard of this manga before but hadn’t read it, so I picked up a copy and loved it! It’s one of those lesser known mangas that is actually very good. Kinda like the MeruPuri manga. So yeah, I got one page sketched and I think mine will be about 3 pages. I’ve been using my new Manga Studio Ex program to complete the page and I’m experimenting with the program since I’m still new to it.

Oh one thing that happened at work yesterday was a guest brought up a voucher to one of the cashiers and asked her if they could get 1 $10 and 10 $1. Well, the voucher was for $25 (bonks head) and the cashier said, “Your voucher is for $25, how about 1 ten and 15 one’s?” And the guy replies, “Aiight, that’s straight.” What the?...huh? Dude, for one, the ghetto thing, LAME! And two, you’re in the country…not the city, speak English! Sorry, I hate slang/ghetto talk. It makes my head hurt and “that’s straight” is a new term to me. I’ll sometimes say something in ghetto language just to be stupid, not to be serious. That tight, hommies?

I had the night off last Saturday and I did nothing but watch Gackt videos all night! lol! I was bored and tired, wanted to watch videos on youtube just to pass the time and I somehow landed on Gackt videos and watched those for about 3 hours.XD Gackt has a new single album out though!! I saw the video for it and it’s cool…he’s a Samurai! I downloaded the album and whee! Love the song. The new song is called, Returner: Yami no Shuen and it has classic Japanese music in the background. Very spiffy.
Picture of the Day is of Gackt-sama: *steals orange*

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ha! I like in my last post, how many of you asked if you could give me a swift kick in the ass anyway. lol! Boy, I have such nice friend on Otaku.XD…the willingness to kick someone’s butt sounds like something I would say. It reminds me of one of my fave quotes:
A good friend will pick you up when you fall. A *best* friend will laugh and trip you again.
I think a clue to a good friendship is when you can joke around like that. Like some of you asking to kick my butt regardless if I become snotty or not. *wipes tears* I feel so loved. And many commented on my height in the picture of me in my last post. Yeah, I'm 5'9" which isn't *that* tall. I mean, it is for a girl, I guess and when I wear normal shoes I'm almost 6 feet. So when I wear heels I'm screwed because I'm then usually taller then the guys then. Feh! And yes, I'm a scrawny butt. Tall and scrawny, hence why my friends refer to me as "the elf" of the group.XD

So, for the longest time I’ve had this computer program called, Manga Studio Debut and it’s a beginners program to making mangas. I finally tried the program and really liked it but I noticed it was missing a lot of features and then I see that “Debut” is the super-condensed version of a full program. So, I downloaded the full-version of the program…totally legally of course…*shifty eyes* called Manga Studio Ex and whoa boy, is it awesome! I’ve been experimenting on my old manga with Estel and Leetha and already can see a big difference. From being easily able to make panels, word balloons, action lines, textures, backgrounds, it’s great and I think it will help make future mangas I make look more professional. Woot!

Picture of the Day comes from Princess Princess:

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gomen! My links didn’t work yesterday and it wasn’t until I finally checked my site at 3:00pm and noted they weren’t working and I fixed them then. So yeah, about ½ of the commenters got working links while the first half had non-working ones. Ah well, here’s the link to the New York Anime Festival where you can see me listed as one of the special guests! Squee!!!:
HERE! And for all of those who said “don’t forget the Otaku once you get famous,” I say, NEVER! For one, I doubt this one gig will make me “famous” and two, I love you guys too much to leave! And I’ve told my friends this but now I’m saying it here, “if I ever become a stuck-up artist, please give me a swift kick in the ass.” lol! If there’s one thing I can’t stand, is artists who are good and know they’re good, therefore, it’s okay for them to be snotty to others. I don’t see it too much on Otaku but on Deviant Art…holy moly have I met some brats. I could list 3 DA artists off the top of my head who are so full of themselves I want to prick them with a needle to pop their swollen heads…but I wont list those artists because…well, that would be stupid.XD

And I got my new car today! Well, like I said, not brand new but new to me. It was my mom’s car and they just bought a new one so they sold me there’s. And yes, many said that they couldn’t believe my parents didn’t just *give* me the car rather then having me have to buy it. Well, my parents are very rich but they’re very cheap. lol! And they have the frame of mind that since I’m earning my own income, then that means they no longer give me anything for free. It’s the way it works in some households and I can’t complain, they did buy me my old Saturn which has lasted me since 2000! So, almost 8 years! Oh, and promised here’s a picture of MY NEW CAR!!! *doors open and Price is Right music starts up*

And yes, that’s me with it. My dad made me pose in front of the car. I hate my picture taken and I felt like such a dweeb. But speaking of dweeb, any of you read the manga called, Hot Gimmick? Well, it’s a great manga and there’s a hard-core Otaku in that manga and his name is Subaru…like my new car! Hee!

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club…Tamaki-kun!!! *attack glomps him*

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The 2nd Death Note Movie finished downloading! Woot! When downloading a movie/video you always have to check a few things: 1)Video Quality Decent? (checked that, and perfect quality!) 2)Does the audio work and does it sync with the video? (checked that, perfect!) 3)Is it the full movie or has it been split up? (2 hours and 20 minutes, it’s the full movie! YOSH!) 4)If it’s a foreign movie, does it have subtitles and are the subtitles accurate? (checked that, YES! Perfect!) All those checked so now I can watch it. lol! I’ll be watching it later today since I have the day off. Woot!

Oh my goodness! I’m listed as a guest on the official New York Anime Festival website! *heart flutters* Adam e-mailed me showing me and I’m excited but now…so nervous! I’ll be holding a class that will show people how to color like I do and Adam and I have discussed the best way of doing it so we’re working that out. The con isn’t even till December and I know, once I’m in front of everyone, I’ll be fine. I’m thinking of using my sketch of Mary Ann as the image to color in front of people…obviously, I’ll have a completed line-art of that by then. Either that or the one of Estel, I haven’t decided.
Oh yeah, if you want to see me listed on the NYAF page, click HERE! You can see a picture of me there too beside my name! I’m towards the bottom-ish under Lindsey Henninger.

The only thing that bugged me a little was on Adam’s page, when he mentioned the reasons why I was chosen to represent Otaku, people started causing drama and saying the only reason why he picked me was because I knew Adam personally. For one, I don’t know Adam “personally,” I had worked with him on the Art of Otaku as well as when he asked for ideas on improving the art section of this site. When I went to the NY Comic Con last year, I did indeed, meet him but so what? That’s not the reason why he chose me. Like he said, he chose me because he knows that I work my butt off and do things to the best of my ability and he likes the way I’ve treated people on this site and he knows that I pay attention to what people say on Otaku and if I notice people wishing for the same changes, I’ll mention it to him. So yeah, *that’s why I was asked, not because Adam shows favoritism because he doesn’t. He treats people equally on this site so people need to stop trying to turn Otaku into a soap opera.XP
Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass…I love this picture and it fits the new season:

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Thanks to those who checked out my latest drawing! If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d appreciate it if you would:

Anywho, I’m surprised a lot of you hadn’t heard of the Death Note movie! But yes, it is live-action and there is a sequel (I’m downloading it right now. lol!). The movie was fairly well done and they did well matching actors with the characters. The actor who was L was excellent. He certainly studied the character well since he was a perfect L. Here’s a couple pictures:

Other then that, I’ve been working on more original characters for my manga. I finally got the other elf done! She’s a she-elf named Ahlan and she helps cause some access drama amongst the crew! Hee! My main characters are Estel, Leetha, Ahlan, and Bug (a thief whom I shall upload into my gallery sometime in the future.XD)

Picture of the Day also comes from the Death Note Movie, you can see more of the characters/actors in this one:

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

I finished the drawing for SessLover18! I don’t often do requests but we did a sorta art trade deal in which she’s vectoring some images for me and I did this drawing for her! I’m sending her the original of this too since she’s just that special. Lol! Anywho, if you could take a look at the drawing and comment, I’d very much appreciate it:

Other then that, I finally watched the Death Note movie. I say “finally,” because I’ve had this DVD since February but never watched it. Lol! The movie was okay but I think it was a made-for-tv movie rather then a movie shown in theaters? I only say that because I bought the Japanese DVD and randomly, along the bottom it will have some Japanese symbols while saying, “TV” beside it. I thought the movie was okay and did a fairly good job with the characters…definitely the actor who did L was the best. He certainly did a great job studying the motions and habits of L since he seemed the most accurate to the character.

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club:

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