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Saturday, August 4, 2007

For all those who asked, the picture shown in my last post is from an anime called, Code Geass. I need to get the habit of always saying what anime or manga the pictures I show at the end of my posts are from because if it’s from a lesser known anime/manga, i.e. Code Geass, people tend to ask what it’s from.^^’’

I had the day off Friday which was dandy. I ran a few miles on our treadmill and then I went swimming in our pool. The water was 86 degrees so it was perfect (I know 86 sounds really warm but when it’s water, it’s not *that* warm). It was thundering outside though the entire time I was swimming but it didn’t rain and it wasn’t windy or anything. Just that eerie non-stop rumble and there were a couple wild turkeys that walked past the fence of our pool while I was swimming. One often doesn’t realize how big wild turkeys are until you see them in front of you…they’re HUGE! Oh! Lol! Speaking of turkeys, that reminds me of a story that my friend Gavin told me:
A few years ago, him and my other friend, Jonesy, were chasing a group of wild turkeys (for what reason, I don’t know…they’re boys so apparently, they like to chase things) and then suddenly, the turkeys leaped into the air and flew off. Well, Jonesy and Gavin just screech to a halt and Jonesy turns to Gavin and yells, “When the F*CK did they learn how to fly?!?!!!!” Hahaha!!!! Apparently, Gavin and Jonesy didn’t know that turkeys could fly. I burst out laughing at that story because I could totally picture it. That and I knew they could fly. I mean, turkeys aren’t very graceful when they fly and they can’t go too far but they can still fly.

For those who entered a piece into the Ducan contest, I’m almost done judging on my part and then I’ll be passing the pieces to the other Otaku judge (who is anonymous) and then to a friend of mine who doesn’t know anyone on this site, and then I’ll reveal the winners. I hope to have them revealed by early next week.
Here’s another Code Geass picture! I love the style of it:

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