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Friday, August 10, 2007

Thanks to LordSesshomaru for actually taking the time to Wikipedia the fact that wild turkeys can fly. *hands him some Combos* And doubly thanks for his comment after which was: “To everyone who doubted Elves, there's your glass of Shut Up Juice. Drink it.”
lol! He voiced what I was thinking when I saw people were trying to argue with me about whether wild turkeys could fly or not. Some people just get the need to argue about everything…whether they’re sure if they’re right or not. *smacks forehead*

Oh, do you guys remember when I mentioned I had bought this super spiffy Motorola Krazer cell phone (actually it was free since you get a $100 credit when you re-subscribe to Verizon cell plans) in which one of the key features was that it could double as an mp3 player but the stupid thing wouldn’t work for my computer? I don’t expect people to actually remember that but yeah, once I asked my pal, Tyler for help and we managed to get songs onto my phone but you know what’s total crap? Verizon blocks it so you can’t set any of your songs as ringtones?! WTF?! Tyler said that was a common issue with Verizon customers because Verizon blocks that because why? They want you to spend MORE money and buy THEIR ringtones. *grumbles and pouts* I hate money grubbing companies.
However, last night by accident, my supervisor, Tonya and I stumbled upon this site called, myxertones.com and I am in love with this site! This site allows you to upload music and pictures onto their site for FREE and then they will send you your songs or picture via text message to your phone for FREE and then, once you get the text message you can open it up, play the song or view the image and save it as your wallpaper or ringtone…for FREE! Ha! Eat it, Verizon! Us, cheap people find loopholes! HA! The first song I uploaded and sent to myself, no shocker here, the Animaniacs theme song! Hee!

Nothing else new to report…oh! Well, I was asked to put some of my artwork in a gallery again. So, I drove to the place and set it up. I forgot my business cards though. D’oh!
The Picture of the Day comes from Tsubasa Chronicles:

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