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Monday, August 13, 2007

I think I confused some people with my last post, with my cell phone, I could get mp3ís on it but the problem was that I couldnít set any of my mp3ís as ringtones and thatís why Verizon is a dick because Verizon blocks their phones so you canít. They want you to spend MORE money and buy THEIR ringtones rather then use your own. And thatís why I love the Myxertones.com site because it works around Verizonís dickness and allows you to set your mp3ís as ringtones. So yeah, I now have the Animaniacs theme as my ringtone and whenever I get a text message, you hear Yakko call, ďHellooooo Nurse!Ē Hee! My phone is Animaniacs pimped.

My boys and I went and saw the movie, Stardust Saturday night. Tyler and I wanted to see it most since us two had read the book (great book by Neil Gaiman) but Gavin, Rick, Phil, and Taylor hadnít. The movie was overall good. Not great but good. It was entertaining and a fun-fantasy tale. They totally altered the ending though but Neil Gaiman did say in his book that he had another ending planned so I think the movie did that ending since it was more exciting and it made it last longer.
And thenÖ.the best part of the eveningÖI got a Wii!!!!! YAY!!! After the movie, my boys and I went to Dennyís and then went to Wal-Mart since at 1am, those are the only places open and just as we were walking to the electronics section they were pulling out a flatbed of about 8 Wiiís! I was so excited since Wiiís are still impossible to find in our area and I just happened to be one lucky elf to arrive when the shipment did. They could only lock up so many Wiiís in the display case so they actually had someone to guard the Wiiís that were behind the register. Lol! Kinda shows how in demand they are here. So yeah, finally bought my Wii and of course, I bought Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Yosh!

Other then that, Iíve completed the sketch for my next drawing! Itíll still be a few days till itís complete but itís that thank you drawing I wanted to do for Deviant Art since I reached 50,000 hits on my page. But now Iím over 52,000 so Iím a bit late. Lol!
Picture of the Day comes from InuyashaÖI have this poster!

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