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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today will mark the start of my chibi diaries depicting my vacation with Angel! Angel gave me the idea to do it since manga-ka’s will sometimes put silly, short illustrations of their lives in the backs on their mangas so I thought it would be fun! These will span over the next few days until…well, I have nothing left to draw about. Lol! These illustrations are meant to be sketchy and quick so don’t expect any hard-core things that I usually do.:-P
And since I know some people view Otaku at school and images are blocked, at the end of the post will be a quick summary of what I talked about in the illustrations. So yeah, you don’t have to read those if you can see the pictures below:

Summary of diaries:
Picked Angel up at the bus station…she came to visit me from NYC! Since she’s a city girl, she wasn’t used to the country and flipped out over all the “country” things like animals and hills and stuff.
Since Angel likes cemeteries, I took her to a really spiffy local cemetery where an Indian princess is buried at the tippy top of a hill.
I introduced Angel to some of my pals: Tyler, Cara, Phil, and Gavin and that night we had a bonfire and roasted hot dogs and made s’mores. We enjoyed a little rum and coke that night too.^_^

Come back next time when I do the illustrations at our day at the Renaissance Festival! Yeah, that will be fun to view indeedith!

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