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Friday, August 17, 2007

Yep, I officially love my Wii. It’s so much fun!! I love playing Legend of Zelda and swinging the Wii remote and nunchuk (yes, it’s supposed to be spelled like that) around and having Link’s sword do those moves! Many said that it’s hard to get used to the remote and nunchuk but I had no difficulty at all. I want to get a PS3 someday but definitely not until they drop the price of it a few hundred dollars and get some decent games.

So at work the other day, I and a coworker of mine named, Madison went to our lunch together. She decided that she was going to go to the vending machine and buy something and I go, “You should get the ramen!” since our vending machines sell the cups-o-ramen. And Madison replies, “Oh, that sounds good but how do you make it?” O_O…WHAT?! I couldn’t believe it! She’s currently going to college too and I can’t believe that a college student doesn’t know how to make ramen! I mean, when I was in college, I lived off of ramen and cereal! So I say to her, “You don’t know how to make ramen?! You add hot water!” And Madison goes, “Really? That’s it? Well, just show me how to do it.” *smacks forehead* So, we get to the break room and I start grabbing spoons and napkins and stuff and she had already screwed up her cup-o-ramen by completely peeling the lid off and as everyone knows, you’re only supposed to peel the lid half-way off so then you can pour the water in then replace the lid so the noodles can seep and get soft. Well, she finally got her ramen but she wasn’t even a ramen virgin! She’s had it before! How do you forgot how to make ramen? Adding water…wow, now that’s a brain strain if I ever heard one.

I’m so excited! Tomorrow, I start my vacation! I’m taking a week P.T.O. (Paid.Time.Off) and my super duper huggable pal of mine Angel, (also known on Otaku as Suyari) from NYC is visiting me! I’m going to show her what the “country life” is like since she’s really never been outside the city. I have a feeling she’s going to freak when she sees her first deer.XD But I’m excited and it’ll be great to be getting paid for work…but without having to work! lol!
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