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Saturday, July 7, 2007

I’ve also almost reached 50,000 hits on my Deviant Art account so I’ve been thinking of doing a drawing for when I do reach it. I think I want to do an Animaniacs drawing since I’ve been on an Animaniacs kick lately since the new DVD box set came out. I watched more of it at work and this box set has the Barney and Friends as well as the Power Rangers parody on it. I LOVE those episodes! I changed my side profile a little bit as well depicting my talents. I really can sing hello in 21 languages as well as sing all the presidents of the U.S. in order as well as sing the nations of the world all thanks to Animaniacs. I used to listen to their soundtrack religiously as a kid and it wasn’t till later on, I realized that I had them all memorized! lol! And who said that cartoons were a waste of time?XD

So, we pretty much decided on our kitten’s name…FuzzButt! Ha! When I first had mentioned that name my mom just laughed but disregarded it but after living with this kitten for a week, FuzzButt just fits him so that’s his name! Although he’s a lover boy but he’s also pure evil at the same time. He’s a little terror when he wants to play because he just ATTACKS and goes crazy when you play with him. I thought we should name him Damien or Lucifer. I actually like the name Damien too! We said his full name would be Sir Damien FuzzButt McGoo(his dad’s name was McGoo) but we would just call him FuzzButt so yeah, the name I had originally wanted ended up being his name. lol!

Quote of the Day come from Animaniacs:
During the Barney and Friends parody but “Barney’s” name in the Animaniacs version is Boloney.
Boloney: “Let’s play with masks!” *draws goofy face on paper plate and puts it over his face* “Guess who I am!”
Wakko: “Hm…is it Abraham Lincoln?”
Boloney: “Ha ha! No!”
Dot: “Could it be Nancy Carrigon?”
Boloney: “Ha ha! No!”
Yakko: “Is it a big, fat, polyester dinosaur who’s the color of an International House of Pancakes with a paper plate over his face?”

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Thanks to those who checked out my mascot drawings for the anime store! It seems people like the fox more but think the Japanese snow monkey is more likely to win. I like the fox better as but I’m still waiting to hear if either of my characters were chosen to be the mascot. It may be another couple weeks for all I know. And in case you didn’t see them, please do, I’d be much appreciative.^_^

So, I had to work on the 4th of July at the casino. It was pouring rain all day but I guess it cleared up long enough for them to still shoot the fireworks. I got home around 4am and played with the kitten till after 5am. He was so cute because when I laid down to go to sleep, he climbed up onto my upper chest and snuggled his head into the crook of my neck around my hair and went to sleep all purring. Kawaii! We still haven’t chosen a name but I’ve still been calling him Yuki since he’s so pretty and cute.XD

Here’s another piccy of our kitten…he has such a tough life.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We still haven’t figured out a name for our new kitten (you can see a picture of him in my last post). lol! I’ve pretty much started calling him Yuki but it’s still not his official name yet. I call him FuzzButt as well.XD And I know the irony of calling him Yuki even though Yuki from Fruits Basket has the zodiac spirit of the rat in him however, there is Yuki from Gravitation too! Our kitten enjoys sleeping on my bed at night all curled up next to me. My parents wont let them onto their bed because they have a water bed.XD He also enjoys crawling up people’s legs while we’re standing up by means of digging his claws into your pants and then working his way up to your lap…not caring that a lap isn’t available seeing as how we’re standing but he knows he wants to be there. It’s kinda painful but in a ticklish way so you’re laughing but saying, “Owie!” at the same time. We have to kick him of that habit though because it’ll hurt worse once he gets bigger.

And a few days ago, I mentioned that I finished the mascots for our local anime store contest. I finally got my butt in gear and uploaded them onto Otaku. I don’t know if either of them has won but I will let people now if I do find out anything. If you could click the thumbies and go comment on them then I’d be much appreciative.^_^

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Monday, July 2, 2007

So, we got our new kitten!!! He’s so flippin’ cute! He’s just a big puff ball of love. We still haven’t chosen a name for him yet. We decided we’re going to wait a few days and determine what suites him best. I still think he’s a cute little Yuki but…after getting him home and seeing his personality, we’re thinking of naming him Spazzy since…well, he’s a complete spazz.XD He’s a very brave boy but my mom said he had a very girly face…lol! Again, yet another reason to name him Yuki after the character from Fruits Basket. He’s very much into chasing his own shadow. He jumps and leaps and well, just plain spazzes out when he sees shadows. He’s sleeping in my lap right now but he’s nuzzled up around my right arm so I’m trying to type with one hand. He’s very much a flopper…which is classic for the Ragdoll cat breed. They tend to just flop into your arms and sleep. He’s such a lover boy.^_^

So, while working at the casino the other night, my supervisor that night got very ill (she’s a diabetic and has high blood pressure) and she got so sick that the paramedics at our casino were called and she was taken away by ambulance to the emergency room! Don’t worry, she’s okay now, turns out she had a viral infection but what was most amazing, was the fact that the casino was very busy that night, and we only had one cashier and the guests were getting really mad because the supervisor wasn’t there to help and even after we explained to the guests that she was taken away by ambulance, they still complained!!! I mean, seriously people! No sense of compassion what-so-ever. It’s like…service…NOW! Whether or not the person is in the hospital….casino guests are insane *smacks forehead*

And here’s a picture of our new kitten. Like I said, he’s a flopper and sleeps in all positions and as you can see, he was totally traumatized from the move to a new home.:-P

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Okay, so I took some shots of my Ducan from the back since in my last post, virtually everyone said that they indeed, would like one.XD So here’s a shot of what Ducan’s outfit looks like from the back and hey! You even get a profile shot as well. 2 for the price of 1:

And, I’m sure you guys noticed that all the rules and such to the contest were moved to my profile while the contest is being held. That back shot of Ducan will be added to my profile as well.

So, I’ve been insanely busy the past few days so again, I apologize for my lack of updating on commenting on people’s sites. I hope everyone can forgive me! *bows* Work has been eating away at my time and stressing me out to no end. I FINALLY got some spare time to finish those characters for that mascot contest I told you guys about a ways back that was being held at our local anime store. I’ve submitted them to Deviant Art but haven’t submitted them here yet but I will soon!

However…the main news of the day…WE’RE PICKING UP OUT NEW KITTEN TODAY!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait! Well, there was some bad news in there, the kitten we originally picked out and the one I showed you guys a picture of, a couple days ago the breeder contacts us and tells us that our kitten had started to loose his fur so she took him to the vets and he turns out to have a food allergy. So, the breeder took him off that cat food and told us that 1)We can wait a week and see if he gets better and then pick him up or 2)We take his brother who was in the same litter. She sent us pictures of the brother and oh! He’s soooo cute. He’s lighter then the other kitten but we pretty much decided, we’re going to take the brother because a kitten that develops allergies when they’re younger usually leads to more problems when they get older (we know my bro’s dog has insanely horrible allergies to almost everything). But, don’t feel too bad for the kitten we didn’t take because if no one takes him, it’s not like he wont have a loving home because the breeder will be keeping him. So, we’re picking up the kitten tomorrow afternoon and I’ll be playing with it till I have to go back to work. Feh! I’d rather play with a kitten then work. Hmph!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In case you guys missed my last post, I’m holding a contest! All information is in my post below and after today’s post, all that info will be moved to the profile of my site so people can check back on it until the contest ends on August 1st.

A few people have asked similar questions: How long are the fan fictions allowed to be? Well, I’d prefer that these remain short stories however, if you would like to make a long fiction based on him, then that’s okay too but when you e-mail your chapters to me, make it clear who you are and what story your chapter goes to. I’m anticipating a lot of works and I don’t want things to get them mixed up.
Can I physically change Ducan? No, that is the one thing that is set…you can NOT alter Ducan’s looks. You can add accessories to him like weapons or something but his clothes and such must stay the same.
And well, obviously, seeing as Ducan is a dollfie and he’s only a little over 2 feet, I expect people to write/draw him as if he was a real person and/or anime character. But, if you wanted to make him remaining as a doll, that would be pretty neat too.^_~
Can I write a boy/boy love story with Ducan? Yes, boy/boy pairing IS accepted. I want to keep this contest open and free to what people are strong in and if you’re good at male/male pairing then by all mean, write/draw that. However, please don’t make it like, heavy yaoi or something because in the instance that your piece wins, I plan on sharing the winners works and want to keep things somewhat censored.XD
Can you provide more angle shots of Ducan?: Only one person asked this but do you guys need more angles of him? I wasn’t expecting that people wanted back shots of him but I can provide those if needed. Ducan’s clothes do look a little different in the back…his torso thing that ties in the front actually angles as it goes to the back and it covers his butt. Perhaps just one shot of his back would be needed?

I got to watch Animaniacs today at work during the downtime! *grins* I’m honored that when people saw commercials advertising the upcoming box set, they thought of me.XP So, I was watching Animaniacs and the phone rings, I pick it up and it’s surveillance and the guy asks, “Are you watching Animaniacs?” And I reply, “Damn straight I’m watching Animaniacs! and the guy replies, “Awesome! I used to love that show.” Heehee! That show has never lost it’s fans.^__^

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Months ago I wanted to do a contest but wanted to wait until the summer so people would have more free time. So now that it’s summer, I’m going to host a contest! The contest is:
Do a creative piece depicting my dollfie, Ducan! Ducan (doo-kawn) has no story so the skies the limit! Contest runs from June 25th-August 1st and here is what will be accepted:
Fan Art: Do a drawing that showcases Ducan. Give him a story, give him a life, put him in an environment, just be creative! Any style from anime to realism will be accepted.
Fan Fiction: Like stated above, Ducan has no story so, give him one! Give him a life! Give him a story! Give him a friend! Anything! Just be creative!
Poetry: Write a poem about Ducan. What do you, the writer, feel when looking at him? What are his emotions? What are his thoughts? Be creative!
Wallpaper or Caption: Make a spiffy wallpaper or amusing caption using the pictures I provide of Ducan.
Here’s a few images of Ducan to help assist you all in your creative process. All images are very large so it’s easier to see the details:

So, what are the prizes?
First Place: AN ANIME WALL SCROLL OF YOUR CHOICE! (Winner will send 5 of their favorite animes and I will find a wall scroll and ship it to you. If you can not accept packages then I will draw a full-colored illustration for you of whatever you want)
Second Place: AN ANIME POSTER OF YOUR CHOICE! (See above however, I will draw a completed line-art of whatever you want rather then fully colored)
Third Place: AN ANIME KEYCHAIN OF YOUR CHOICE (See above however, I will do a nice sketch of whatever you want rather then a colored or line-art version)

PLEASE READ! Regulations: You may only submit ONE piece!! In other words, you can NOT submit a fan art and a fan fiction. Only one or the other.
Entries must be in by midnight of August 1st. No late entries will be accepted.
Please e-mail all submissions and links to me at: ElvesAteMyRamen@gmail.com or @hotmail.com. Include “Ducan Contest” as the subject so I know that it’s a legitimate email and it wont accidentally be deleted. Please do NOT PM me your submissions! PM me for QUESTIONS ONLY!
It is perfectly fine to upload your Ducan fan arts into your Otaku gallery and if so, then please just email that link so I can view it. It is recommended to put “Ducan” as a Tag so I can easily find it in case a link is lost.
Keep this contest fun! If I see any member bashing or harassing another person’s entry for spite, that heckler’s submission will automatically be disqualified.
This contest will be judged by 3 people. Myself, a friend who does not know anyone on this site, and another Otaku member who will not have a submission in this contest. This will keep things fair.
So that’s it! Be fun! Be creative! Whee!^_^

I mostly want to have this contest because I really want to see what kind of things people come up with. I mean, given a character that people know nothing about and then just told to give him a story, seems so fun to me especially when the character is already physically completed. Right now, I’m looking for the other Otaku judge. If you become the other Otaku judge then you can NOT submit anything into the contest. Sorry! Is there anyone interested in helping with the judging?
Well, enough blabbing for one day, I just wanted to get the contest underway and it’s 4:16am and I just got home from work so…ZZZZZZZ.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

I need to apologize to a lot of you who commented on my last post. My internet went down for the past couple days so I was unable to get to a lot of you. But we got my dad’s computer wiz friend to come by and he fixed it so it’s all dandy again. Something went wonky with our router and the security and IP address got jumbled up and other crap (yes, those are all my technical terms there^_~) so hopefully, it will be all okay now.

My parents have left for Chicago for a few days and the pool/BBQ party I was planning fell through because too many of my pals wont be around tonight so…boo. I’ll just have it another time so it’s no biggie however, I did get to see them all Friday night and we had a little party at Gavin’s house. We got some drink and we rented a couple bad horror movies. One of them, which we just knew would be a winner, was a flick entitled, Rodentz and yes, it’s supposed to be spelled like that. We watched the movie and were just cracking up and making smart-ass comments throughout it because it was just sooooo bad. The movie was basically about some lab rats that get into some bad chemicals and become killer mutant rats and out of no where, a group of teens (who just happen to be just like the Scooby Doo gang but skankier) show up and they end up getting killed one by one. The best part was the main mutant rat was just some dude dressed in a crappy giant rat costume. Haha! Yeah, it was so bad it was good. I have an interesting story to tell you guys about something that occurred while watching that movie but I’ll save that till the next post.

Before the party, my friend Tyler and I went to Barnes & Noble and then to Target. The new DVD box set of Animaniacs has been released and I NEEDED it! I can’t wait to watch it…me-so loves the Animaniacs. We then went out to Applebees and I got one of their steak specials. Man, the steaks at Applebees are soooooo good and it came with garlic mashed potatoes too so it was a lot of food so I have lots of left-overs. Dinner for tomorrow! WOOT!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today is my Friday! Woot! I say that because I have this Friday and Saturday off so Thursday is my Friday. This is the first weekend I’ve had off since…well, last Saturday but that was only because I requested the day off for the wedding. I tend to get random weekdays off rather then weekends. My parents are going to be going on a trip to Chicago this weekend too so I plan on throwing a BBQ/pool party since our pool is all opened now and ready for some splashing!

I got the crap scared out of me last night at work. The person didn’t even mean to scare me either. It was after the casino was closed and our casino shuts off most of the main lights after we close so it’s pretty dark walking through some hallways plus, the place is deserted since pretty much only the bankers and security are left in the building. Well, I was walking past the giant windows on my way to my locker and thinking to myself how foggy is was outside, not seeing one of my coworkers standing there till she yells, “Lindsey!” Holy buckets, I think I jumped a mile. The lady who unintentionally scared me thought it was hilarious. Feh!
And speaking of lights, there was a big moth that got into our casino onto the gaming floor and it made me laugh. I thought it was hilarious just for the fact that moths love lights…so this moth, being stuck on the gaming floor with all the bright flashing casino lights probably thought it must have died and went to heaven.XD

Wise Words of Widsom comes from the show, ‘Reno 911:’
“Well, Dangle got promoted, I guess. My mom used to always say, ‘Some turds sink to the bottom while other turds float to the top…but in the end they all get flushed.’”
Ah yes, very wise indeedith…and speaking of turds, here’s a picture with Kyou in it! Mwaha! Gomen, I kid the Kyou fans.^_~

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I can’t believe some of you didn’t know the It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time song! *le gasp* Well, I will enlighten those people who have been living under a rock and have never seen it. Just watching this video puts a big stupid grin on my face every time…no idea why but guaranteed you’ll have this song stuck in your head for days (you can just pause the music playing on my site in my profile):

Yeah, that’s the song they played at the wedding I went to…just imagine a whole bunch of people dancing to that. Yeah, funny stuff.XD Did you guys see when they did a parody of it on Family Guy? I remember watching it with my dad and I was cracking up laughing while my dad was just, “I don’t get it.” Here’s a clip of that episode:

So, one of my supervisors at work was fired. His name is Blaine and I was bummed because I really liked him. He was a real fun guy to work with but he has another job that he was thinking of doing anyway so at least he wont be jobless so that’s good. It kinda sucks because now, all us bankers and other supervisors at the casino are screwed again and my boss JUST hired a couple new people so help give us our days off that we’re supposed to but now with Blaine being fired, everything is all messed up again. There is one lady I work with though that is still getting her days off and it ticks me off. Just because she’s a royal suck-up and will bitch and complain if she doesn’t get her way, she’s the only one that not only is getting 3 days off a week, but one of the days she works, she’s only there for 4 hours while all the rest of us are pulling 10-12 hour shifts and are only getting 2 days off! How is that fair? *grumbles and pets Ducan dollfie*

Oh, and on the 30th of this month, we’re picking up our kitten! *screeches* I can’t wait!!

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