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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whelp, Iím going to be keeping my coworkerís cat for another week. Long story but yeah, thatís fine by me! Slowly, her and my kitty, Jenks are getting along a liiiiiittle better. He just wants to play but herÖeh, not so much. Lol! I think she thinks that Jenks is being aggressive when heís just playing. You can tell by the look in his eyes.>_> Iím still going to be adopting another kitty from the animal shelter once I give back my coworkerís kitty. Iíve been looking online and found a few good possibilities. One looks just like Jenks! Lol! Except Jenks has big ears and that kitty doesnít. Plus, Jenksí eyes are green and yellow (very very pretty) and the other kitty has just yellow.^^

And I donít know what it is about my purse but cats LOVE it! I actually just bought another one since I needed one slightly bigger and still, cats love it! Both the kitties like to lie on it and rub against it and Patches likes to sleep *in* it. lol! Weird.

Soooooo, I got my hair chopped off yesterday! I had a hair appt and the night before, I just decided I wanted something new and drastic! I picked out a hair style and between our founder, Adam and my pal, WayWardWarrior, I decided to go ahead and do it. I love how it came out. My hair stylist never lets me down. Iíve never had my hair this shortÖever! Iíve always had long hair. Itís so weird to feel air on the back of my neck. Lol! And I keep swishing my hair back and forth because the short hairs in the back tickle.*snort* I had promised to take pictures to show my new haircut so here they are. Itís a front and side view of it:

You like? I like! A friend said I looked like a video game character now.XD

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Howdy-ho, Otaku-reenos! I canít believe itÖI have a Saturday off!!!! I didnít request it either! I think the world must be ending or something. I slept in late which felt marvelous. My boss and I didnít get out of work last night until 4am. Itís kinda funny because he was asking *me* how to do things when it came to the banking and what-not. *snicker* The peasant had to help out the king.

So, my friendís wedding was last Saturday and I was a bridesmaid. It was POURING!!! It was an outdoor wedding too and it was thundering and the tent was leaking then it almost blew away and her cake toppled over. Oiy, it wasÖinteresting. Well, they say rain is good luck on a wedding day since its washing away all the bad and welcoming the good. I dunno, the rain stopped a little into the reception and the sun came out which was nice. Except that made things really humid and all the buggies came out to play. I donít really like weddings and I didnít know anyone there so meh. Itís not like I sulked in a corner or something though, lol! I befriended the brideís brother and some random cousin who was 13 and thought I was the coolest person ever. *snort* She couldnít believe how old I was either. She thought I was no more than 20. I get that a lot, no one believes Iím as old as I am. Guess thatís a good thing though!

A coworker is on vacation for a week and Iím watching her kitty cat for her. Her name is Patches and sheís getting fur EVERYWHERE! All Jenks want to do is play but Patches is about 10 years old and Jenks is about 1 soÖyeah. She just kinda glares at him as he runs around and spazzes out in front of her. lol! Iíve decided that I am going to get another kitty. Jenks needs a friend and having Patches here makes it apparent that he wants a buddy. Our local animal shelter has so many cats that it only cost $25 to adopt one so after I drop off Patches around Monday or Tuesday, Iím going to swing over and get another kitty. The more hairballs around my apartment the better.XD Hereís a piccy of Jenks and Patches:

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