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Monday, August 27, 2007

Thanks for the welcome backs as well as those who checked out my new drawing! It got a very good first day amount of favorites on my Deviant Art account (for all those who ask, my DA username is the same as here: ElvesAteMyRamen) which was over 120 faves! That made me happyÖmaybe everyone secretly enjoys seeing Inuyasha being the target of torment.XD For those who are the weekday updaters and havenít seen it yet, Iíd appreciate you viewing it and leaving a comment:

Iím so incredibly excited!! Want to know why? I was asked by Adam to be a guest artist at the upcoming Anime Convention in New York City!!!! AH!!! Adam had originally called me to ask about it and then he asked for me to send him my resume so he could give it to the ďhead honchosĒ of the convention and Adam just e-mailed me back letting me know that I was accepted and Iím officially a guest artist representing The Otaku! Iím very happy since this will be a great opportunity and this year, I shall be prepared with a portfolio at hand to show to publishers and such. I donít know how much Adam wants me to reveal at this point with what Iíll be doing as a guest artist so Iíll keep it at that.^_^

Oh yeah and my next post, will be my chibi manga illustrating what me and Angel did during my vacation. I was going to post it starting today but I didnít get it completed. Oh, and these manga pages will be shown right in my daily post, I donít plan on uploading them into my fan manga gallery since these are just super-quick, silly chibi illustrations summing up what I did during my vacation.^^
Oh yeah, and for the contestants of the Ducan Contest, I'm still waiting for the final judge to give me their choices. So, 2 of the 3 judges have chosen and we pretty much know who the 1st place winner will be but I'm waiting till we get all the winners chosen which hopefully, wont be much longer.
Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

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