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Monday, August 6, 2007

Going from my last post, apparently, a lot of people didn’t know that wild turkeys could fly. Lol! I thought that was common knowledge but I guess not.XD

I had the day off Sunday. *bliss* I got up and ran a few miles on the treadmill and then went swimming. Pretty much the exact same thing I did on Friday which I had off as well. Hee! For those who wonder why I’d rather run on a treadmill then run outside…simple, if you saw where I lived, you’d understand. We live in the hills, our house is on the top of one of these large hills so yeah…constant hills! There’s not a single flat area to run so just running a couple miles on nothing but ups and downs gets VERY exhausting VERY quickly.
Anyway, I had to go grocery shopping. I ate the last of my ramen the other night so I was all out! NO RAMEN! THE HORROR!!! So, now I’m restocked so everything’s cool.
My sister went back to North Carolina Saturday and my parents took us to Friendly’s before she had to catch her flight and before I had to go to work. I wasn’t hungry at all but I ordered a Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Wrap to take to work with me. The waitress had that look of, “oh crap,” when she came back to check on us and I hadn’t touched my food because she thought I didn’t like it. She looked relieved when I told her I planned on taking it to work with me and that’s why I didn’t eat it.XD

For all those who asked what the anime, Code Geass was about…erm, the storyline is a bit too complicated to sum up. Just Wikipedia it or something and you’ll see why it’s so confusing. I figured out why I love the style of Code Geass so much…it’s made by CLAMP! No wonder! The main character, Lelouch…*swoon* there’s a lot of pet-worthy bishies in this anime but don’t worry fellows, there’s a lot of hot chicks in it too.^_~ The anime reminds me somewhat of Gundam but I like this one better. So far, there’s 25 episodes but there’s a 2nd season that’s currently being made. For my fellow bittorrent downloaders, I’d recommend downloading it from here off MiniNova: Code Geass. This has the episodes 1-23 and the quality is great, subtitles are flawless, and it took me less then a day to download the 23 episodes. It’s very easy to find episodes 24-25 right from that site as well and it took about ½ hour to download the remainder of the season. And the full title of the anime is, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and here’s another piccy from it…Lelouch! *pets*

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