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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Boy, I thought I answered all the questions that could be asked in my last post about Dollfies but I was wrong! To answer some more…for those who asked how much I ended up paying for my Ducan dollfie…heh…a LOT! Mine was expensive since I got all the bells and whistles with it too...which was the clothes, the hair, the make-up but! I have always wanted a dollfie and I’ve been putting aside some money here and there for quite some time till I had enough to buy him. The place where I ordered my Ducan is through the Dream of Doll company (dreamofdoll.com) and although they are probably the priciest Dollfie makers, they also do the most fantastic job.
They do make female dollfies. Male dollfies are actually more rare then female ones but I wanted a male one.^_^ You can buy the dollfies nude and then customize yours to look however you want or have a completed one.
Many asked if they would let them do fan art based on my Ducan dollfie. Heehee! Sure, I don’t mind. I plan on using him as a model for some drawings in the future as well but if you want to do your own fan arts based on him, that’s fine with me.

So, I went to that wedding as “the date” to the couple I’ve never met but my date knew. I’m a social person and enjoy meeting new people so it didn’t bother me to be surrounded by strangers. The ceremony was very short. YAY! And then we were given bubbles to blow at the bride and groom rather then rice. Well, Tyler and I ended up just standing there after everyone left just blowing bubbles outside. Then the reception started and YAY…open bar!! Hee! On our way out, we said goodbye to the bride but she told us we weren’t allowed to leave until we stayed for the next song and Tyler and I groaned because neither of us enjoy dancing but we thought, meh, why not one song? So, then next song starts playing and guess what it was? The It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time song! You know, the one with the dancing banana? lol! And I swear, virtually everyone at the wedding got up to dance to that song because…there really is no way to dance to that besides just being random and bouncing around. It was so funny watching people get jiggy to that.XD

Here’s another picture I took of my Ducan and oh yeah, another question that people asked is what his hair was made of…I’m not sure…perhaps the hair of his past victims? Haha…naw, he hasn’t murdered me yet so I think I’m safe. All I know is his hair is insanely soft. *pets it some more*

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

I’m going to a wedding later today…I don’t even know the couple getting married. I’m going with my friend, Tyler as “the date” because he was invited to this wedding but he didn’t want to go along so I figured, free food…free booze…I’m not driving…sure! I feel Elaine from Seinfeld in that I’m always “they date” since I’m one of the only females amongst our group. Tyler said to me, “If you can’t go, I’m going to make Phil wear a wig.” lol! Phil is another pal but I just found that visual amusing…my friend Tyler going to a wedding with Phil dressed in drag just so he’d have a “female companion.” Heehee!

For all those who asked questions about my dollfie…for one, his name is DUCAN (doo-kawn) not DUNCAN! Heehee! But to give a quick summary of dollfies, dollfies are custom-made Asian dolls. As in, these are not mass-marketed dolls. Dollfies are not built until a customer orders one…average waiting time for a dollfie is 5-7 weeks. Because they are hand-made, each dollfie tends to vary somewhat from one to the other…hence why they are also very expensive. My Ducan is over 2 feet tall so he’s considered a “super-dollfie” since he’s one of the larger kinds. Dollfies are very posable…the insides of them are strung with a series of strings and they have joints so they can sit, squat, wrist-bends, all that but they are built so well, that they usually, can stand on their own without needing a base to hold them up-right.
Quite a few asked this when I showed the picture of my dollfie in the last post, his bottom eyelashes are painted but his top lashes are real. When a person orders a dollfie, for an additional charge, you can have make-up put onto yours…and that’s what I did and I’m glad I did it because the details put into his lips, eyes and blush is very well done. His blue eyes just glow with the darkness of his eye make-up…like Jack Sparrow! Haha! Well…Jack Sparrow has dark eyes but still! You get what I mean. Ducan’s hair is extremely soft too…like a kitty cat! *pets him*

I think one of the main appeals of the dollfie is the fact that if you were to make an anime character 3D…this is what they’d look like. The large eyes, the angular face, the perfectly straight nose, the long slender bodies…yep! Anime characters brought to life!
So yeah, there, now you guys know a little about dollfies. *hands out Cheetos* And here’s another of my fave pictures I took of my Ducan yesterday:

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Thanks for your guys opinion on the logo contest for our local anime store. It was split pretty even between the chibi tiger and the chibi monkey but we’re allowed to submit up to 4 pieces so maybe I’ll just do 2 of each! lol! And Anoel recommended doing a dragon. D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that? Haha! Maybe I’ll do one of each then and have them all working around the red dot for the Japanese flag and let the store choose if they like one over the other.

With our kitten I showed in my last post, both my mom and dad seem to like the name Yuki so that name is one of the tops in the name choices! I hope we end up naming him Yuki since Yuki is just a cute name…just saying it makes you want to pinch something’s cheeks.^_^
I ate like a pig the last couple days. I had Chinese food yesterday…hot and spicy shredded pork! Yumm! My mom and dad can’t believe I can eat that without getting sick. I have an iron stomach, I guess since spicy food doesn’t bother me. And then today we got Pizza Hut with bacon topping. Yumm! Pizza is a rarity in our house though because my mom can’t eat cheese or tomatoes but my brother was coming over so we got spoiled today. *rubs tummy*

So, I was not murdered last night in my sleep by my dollfie, so I’d say I got a good one.XD I took a bunch of pictures of my Ducan dollfie today so I can show him to you now that I got his final pieces. Here’s a full body shot of him:

I filled my memory card with pictures of him too. Haha! Don’t worry, I wont show them all to you just some of my faves I’ll spread out throughout the next couple days. So yeah, he stands about 2 feet tall and they built him so proportionally well, that he can stand upright on his own. I took a bunch of pictures of him with the flowers we have around our pool and such and this one is one of my faves:

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

So you guys remember the kitten that my mom put a reserve on for? Well, it wont be long until we can pick him up! Maybe by the end of this month! YAY! The breeder of the Ragdoll cats has been sending us pictures of our baby boy that we picked out and here he is:

He’s going to be a little troublemaker…I can tell. He’s got that look of mischievous evil in his eye. I still think he should be named FuzzButt…but my mom wants to name him after a king or something lame like that. Apparently, the father of this kitten is named after a cartoon character so the breeder suggested possibly naming him after a cartoon character too. Maybe I can convince my mom to name him Yuki. Hee! He’s going to have that light colored fur and ‘yuki’ means ‘snow’ in Japanese so it would work. Maybe we can name him Snickerdoodle, after my pet name for Inuyasha. Oh man, the possibilities.

The missing parts to my Ducan dollfie came today! My dollfie was missing his hair and his clothes (feh!) but the makers apologized for not including the extra parts I had ordered and I got them Express today. The FedEx guy who dropped it off was really cute! *wink wink* But aye, now my dollfie is complete and it took me forever to get his clothes on because they are mad complicated with all its chains and belts and loops.XD But he stands on his own 2 feet and he is so awesome and the detail put into him is amazing. I’ll be sure and post some pictures of him soon so you guys can see him.
It’s kinda funny because just yesterday, I rented this movie called, Reincarnation which is a Japanese movie and it’s in the “8 Movies to Die For” set and the movie was really good and it had quite a twist at the end I wasn’t expecting but there’s this part at the end where a freaky-ass doll comes to life and it made me laugh because I thought it was ironic that a psycho doll was shown in that movie when I just got my Ducan dollfie. So yeah, if you don’t hear from me within a couple weeks, put in the call for the cops to be on the look out for a serial killing dollfie.>_>

And I’m working on a logo contest for our local anime store. Their main logo is just the red dot for the Japanese flag and I wanted to keep that aspect of it but I wanted to include a cute chibi-like animal along with it. Originally, I was going to do a panda but pandas are more-so Chinese and I don’t want people to get miffed if the 2 are crossed, so I was thinking a monkey or a tiger. What do you guys think? A cute tiger or a cute monkey?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The MST3K site I was talking about yesterday and the post before is rifftrax.com. On that site, you can sample scenes of their heckle jobs during the movie…you all should watch the Lord of the Rings one since they made it looks like a movie trailer and it shows text like, “A Ring…” “A destiny…” “A beautiful princess…” and it shows clips of Legolas. lol! Hey, Legolas is an elf and elves are supposed to be pretty no matter what sex they are. Heehee! But you do have to pay to download the audio (it’s only $2.99 and totally worth it) and when you do, they give clear instructions on how to sync it with the movie you’re watching so their heckling matches up with the movie. Fan-diddly-tastic.

I finished that drawing I was commissioned to do for the lady at work. Here it be:

Certainly not my best amongst my photorealism pieces but I did the best I could with the picture she gave me to work from…it was really reeeeeally small and his hair had like, no detail in it so I just did what I could. It was for one of my supervisor’s named Mary Ann and it’s her husband’s brother who died a couple years ago from lung cancer. He died really young too…he was only in his early 50’s I believe and when both Mary Ann and her daughter came by work to pick it up. They said that I captured his look just right and they loved how I did his hair because he had that fluffy 70’s hair-do. She was very happy and she’s getting it all custom-framed to give to her hubby for Father’s Day. So, I’m glad they liked it and I’ve already been approached by more coworkers asking me to do drawings for them too. YAY! Extra money!^_^

Amusing Quote of the Day comes from The Simpsons:
Homer: “Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals ... except the weasel.”

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Halt and be FABULOUS!! Heehee! I’m totally making a little sound clip of that so you guys can hear it. Yeah, that site I mentioned in my last post where you can download the Mystery Science Theater 3000 bashings, they also do Lord of the Rings and Star Wars…as well as many others but I was just most happy to see Eragon on there since that movie soooooo deserved to be heckled. And I didn’t hate that movie for the sole purpose that it barely followed the book, I hated that movie because it was just….a bad movie! When my boys and I saw it in the theater, 2 of us read the book, 2 did not…ALL of us thought it was crap. The MST3K guys just manage to point out everything that we thought during the movie which a lot was…okay, who the heck is this person and why the heck do I care about them?
My biggest biff from the book to movie aspect of Eragon though was the girl. For one, she’s supposed to be unconscious throughout it but in the movie she was awake and two…she was supposed to be an elf and they didn’t make her an elf in the movie!!! I mean, how hard is it to slap some pointy ears on a person and boom! You’re an elf! Heaven help us if they try and attempt the sequel to Eragorn which is Eldest but how are they going to explain when Eragon goes to train with the elves and then he, himself, basically transforms into one, when they didn’t bother to make the main elf character, a bleedin’ elf! *smacks forehead* Sorry, as you can see, I could go on for days about all the things wrong with that movie.XD XD

Other then that, I’ve been working on a commission drawing for a lady at work. It’s a drawing of her husband’s brother who passed away and she’s having me draw him and she’s going to give it to her hubby as a Father’s Day gift. It’s photorealism and it’s coming along well so far and I’m pretty close to finishing it. The picture she gave me to reference though is very small so I’m doing my best with what was giving to me but she paid right up front because she knows my work and had faith that it would come out well. Let’s hope it does! *knock on wood*

Black Cat! I love this picture. *pets Train-kun and steals Eve's ice cream*

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Friday, June 8, 2007

With my last post, when I told you guys how I finally got my dollfie but he was missing his clothes and wig, many couldn’t believe that they sent a non-completed doll. Actually it is technically completed...I had paid the extra because I wanted the hair and clothing shown in the picture and not just the mold itself which is what many people buy dollfies for. The makers have already replied to me and apologized for their error in not including everything I ordered and they are shipping them out so I should have my Ducan completed in a couple days. YAY!

I got together with my boys last night and we watched the Eragon movie. However…we got to see the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of it. Allow me to explain, Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a show that aired for over 10 years in which you watch 3 guys sit in a theater and make fun of terrible movies. Amazingly hilarious show…LordSesshomaru is my fellow MST3K fan *high five* so….my boys and I saw Eragon in the theaters and HATED it. Sorry for those who did like it but that movie was horrible…horrible sets, horrible costumes, horrible actors, and if you’ve read the book, it didn’t follow it at all so yeah, we thought it was an overall bad movie and we told ourselves we’d NEVER watch it again. But then my friend, Tyler found a site called rifftrax.com and on this site, you can download audio tracks by the guys of MST3K, like Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett, and you can play it along with movies and low-and-behold…they had done a bashing of Eragon! So, Ty downloaded the audio and I rented Eragon and we watched it and oh my freakin’ lord…HILARIOUS!! It was pure genius and if you’re a fan of MST3K…check out this site and download it because you wont be disappointed.
Some things said, literally, had us in tears we were laughing so hard. There was this one part where Eragon gets abducted by spear point from those cave people who wear fancy prissy outfits for no reason, and one of the MST3K guys go, “Halt and be FABULOUS!” but he said it in a super fruity, homosexual voice and just the timing of it was just so perfect that we couldn’t breathe we were laughing so hard. That’s our new quote amongst my boys and I, “Halt and be FABULOUS!”XD XD

Boy, sorry that was so long! lol! I tend to blab about things I find fun or amusing or interesting. I was going to type a funny quote my pal Gavin, said but I’ll tell it tomorrow.^^

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

ZOINKS! I’ve missed you guys! *attack glomps* Even though I’ve only been gone for a few days it seems like weeks. Blame my job being a butthead again. Okay, I had to close at work on Monday, which means I get out at 3 in the morning. Well, my casino decided that they were going to have a mandatory meeting Tuesday morning…mandatory in that you MUST go and if you don’t, then they’ll just make you go the morning after so there’s no way to get out of it. So, I had to close Monday morning, got home around 4am, then had to be up by 7:30 am for the meeting and then go home and sleep for a couple hours and then go back into work at 5pm so I could close again. Oi vey, you know, it wouldn’t have been so bad if they had made at least one afternoon meeting for us poor souls that have to close but noooooo…they just had to be a bunch of jerks and not give a crap about us people who are there until the wee hours of the morning. *sulks and pokes mushrooms in the corner*

However, light at the end of the tunnel!! Remember that dollfie I had ordered a few weeks back? This one:

It came today!!! Oh man, it is gorgeous! The only problem is…they forgot to include his clothes and the wig! *drops to knees* NOOOOO!!! I had paid the extra prices for the clothes and wig so it was supposed to have come with it!! Now, I have a beautiful dollfie…but he’s naked! And I waited 5 weeks for them to build and paint this dollfie for me too. *pokes more mushrooms* I already went to the message boards where I bought Ducan and he was indeed, supposed to have come with the outfit and I’ve contacted the makers in Japan and am awaiting their reply back to see how long it will take them to ship his clothes and hair to me. They ship express so hopefully, it will only take a couple days.

Amusing Quote of the Day:
“I think drowning would be a horrible experience…but I bet a little less horrible if right before that, you were really thirsty. That’s why when I got out on a boat I bring a life jacket but I also bring a bag of potato chips because if we’re going down, pass me those bag of chips because I’m going out quenched.”

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Monday, June 4, 2007

With my latest Loveless drawing, I got many people mention they like my backgrounds as well as the way I draw the hands. Why thank you, I appreciate that but the reason I’m bringing it up is because backgrounds and hands are what I find to be the biggest problem amongst fan art. I tend to see people who “hide” the hands, i.e. the hands are kept behind the character’s back, hidden in pants pockets, sleeves that happen to be too long which can be okay with some images however, it’s not a good idea to ignore hands. How do you expect to improve on something if you don’t practice it?
Same idea with backgrounds. I see many who don’t give a character any backgrounds which again, if okay in some cases but often, an image can be GREATLY heightened if the characters are put into an environment. I have a perfect example with one of my own drawings of Sasuke. I did this drawing of Sasuke and when I originally drew it, I had no intention of giving it a background but after I finished coloring it and scanning it, I just looked at it and thought, this NEEDS a background! So I grabbed my acrylic paints and slobbed on a background and just look at the difference:

I’m certainly not saying that is the “perfect” drawing or anything but I’m just trying to show those artists out there that giving your characters environments can make a HUGE difference and it gives your drawings a new life. I sound so corny but it’s true! And hands are an important aspect to drawings as well because hands are extremely expressive and can really make or break an image. There, my little teaching is over. *passes out Oreos*

Why is it, if you’re skinny everyone just assumes you’re always hungry? At work yesterday, my supervisor brought in some food and he kept on shoving food at me saying, “C’mon, look at you! You must be hungry!” I mean, just because I’m a string bean doesn’t mean that I’m starving myself! Feh! I have a bird stomach and don’t eat much at a time so people don’t believe me when I say I’m full. My body, my tummy, I say I’m full, it means I’m full! *wags finger at them*

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Thanks to those who checked out my new drawing! If you haven’t seen it yet, then I’d be very happy if you would:

To those who were dying to figure out what I did different with the hair since I said I subtly altered it, all I did different was the white lighting along the tops of their hair and I blended the colored pencil into the white paper rather then doing the whole hair in one base tone like I usually do.
I’m glad not too many people compared my style of the characters with Yun Kouga. There were only like, 2 people who thought the way I drew them wasn’t “Loveless enough” which bothers me since the point of having one’s own style is to have the freedom to alter characters so they become a bit more unique and different. Hence why I tend to stay away from Naruto fan art…Naruto fans are such a pain in the ass when it comes to doing your own style with those characters because many people loathe when a person tries something creative. *smacks forehead*

I had such an evil moment yesterday…to explain a little, when I was younger I had a best friend named Jessica. Her and I were best friends from 7 years old to senior year of high school…that is, until she completely stabbed me in the back and since then, I haven’t spoken to her. I’m telling you, I don’t tend to trust people so it takes a lot to earn my trust and if you do something that breaks it, I do NOT forgive or forget…EVER. So needless to say, I haven’t spoken to Jessica since. However yesterday, as I was driving into work, I saw her walking down the street near my house and she…has gotten…FAT! Hahaha! Okay, I’m not a shallow person and I don’t tend to care what people look like HOWEVER, because it was her and I no longer like her, the fact that she’s now a porker is hilarious to me. My pal, Gavin knows all about what Jessica had done to me so when I told him how she looked now Gavin just goes: “Haha! Karma’s a bitch.” Heehee! Indeed…karma has a way of putting things into place.XD

Sasuke fishing? *scratches head*

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