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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well, today was my first day off in…erm…*tries to remember* 10 days? Something like that, I’ve lost track at this point.>_< It was wonderful to finally have a day off since when one works 10 hours a day…that’s not including the half hour it takes to get there and the half our to drive home, so being gone for at least 11 hours a day…kinda gets to you after awhile. It felt like I got up, ate, showered, went to work, came home and then went to bed with very little time to do anything else.

And to add insult to injury, I’m getting sick too. Feh! Last time I was sick was May of 2005 and now it’s May 2007 so I guess it was my time to feel like crap when I’m already feeling like crap because of my lack of a life and the build-up of stress. But whatever, life’s a bitch so one has to deal with it and take it one step at a time.
However, a friend of mine is visiting for a week and although I haven’t been able to see her at all, I will be able to see her tomorrow after work so I really look forward to that. She was my very best friend growing up and I’ve missed her so I can’t wait to see her! Plus, my boys have been calling me asking how I’ve been doing because they know how much I’ve had to work (ain’t they sweet?) and we’re going to go see Shrek 3 Friday. YAY! I’m a big Shrek fan so I can’t wait!
Plus, today on my day off, I got to watch some anime! Haven’t done that in many weeks and I ended up watching some more Kyou Kara Maou...you know, what my theme is based on.XD Plus, I got to clean my fish tank so that’s all sparkly and my fish are very happy.^_^

Amusing Quote of the Day…and if you don’t get it at first…just think about it:
“I was staying at a hotel and I asked for a wake-up call. The next morning the phone rings, and a voice said, ‘What are you doing with your life?’

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Haha…it truly is interesting the amount of people who have a fear of dolls. I’d say majority of it is because of horror movies that get ideas in one’s head that because one doll, i.e. Chucky, had a spirit of an evil murderer put into it, it means ALL dolls are going to have an evil spirit put into it. Dolls have never scared me because…they’re dolls! And it’s not too often that one turns on the TV and sees “Doll Murder Spree Erupts in Small Town” on the news.XP

Many just mentioned that the idea of something that big as my 2 foot dollfie would be enough to scare them…I guess that doesn’t scare me either, since I’ve had all sorts of those life-size cardboard cut-outs in my room from Legolas to Jack Sparrow so I’m used to opening my eyes and seeing a giant person in my room.XD
The first life-size standee I ever got was a gift from some friends when I was in college and it was a Frodo from Lord of the Rings. But this thing was hobbit sized so it was only about 4 feet and oh man, I used to have SO much fun with that thing. My pal, Gavin and I used to take my Frodo down the hall of our dorm and place it in front of people’s doors, knock, and just hide behind it so when people opened their door, I would lurch it towards them and yell, “BAH!”. Heehee! The reactions I got were priceless…for the most part, it scared the shcizzle out of people…especially since this Frodo was holding a sword in his hand. I heard a record number of guys screech like girls with that thing. Oh man, good times.

Amusing Quote of the Day comes from Animaniacs:
*This show is a parody of Jack and the Beanstalk and the Warners hear a female voice singing…*
Harp: *sings from atop giant table* “Free me, free me. Once you rescue me? The giant waits before he wakes, c’mon and rescue me!”
Yakko: *yells from below* “Are you pretty?!”
Harp: “Yes!”
Yakko: *grins to Wakko* “We’ll be right there!!”
Dot: “Is there a handsome man up there too?”
Harp: “….No.”
Dot: *whips out magazine* “I’ll wait down here.”

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Okay people, when I saw that our casino also has a horse racing track…the horses are not kept inside the casino. Lol! The horse track is outside and the stables are outside as well. The casino is separate but almost the entire side of it is windows so you can watch the horse races from inside but there is also a stadium connected to it so you go outside as well. I can’t believe some people thought the horses were inside with the gamblers. Sorry, but c’mon! I can’t help but laugh at those who thought that.

I got to see an old friend of mine the other night while I was working. She was drunk as a skunk. Her and I used to be very good friends but then she turned whorey and skippy schooly as we got older so we drifted apart. She recognized me but barely…granted I do look a lot different then when I was in high school…my hair is totally different and I’ve gotten taller but still, people can still tell who I am but then again, she was quite intoxicated and there are so many flickering lights and loud music and people that I think she was getting all confused.XD

Remember how I had ordered that dollfie a couple weeks ago that I showed the picture of? Well, everything that was in the picture came with the dollfie, except the boots he was wearing. Those you had to order separate and I got them in the mail today and the actually dollfie will be coming in another couple weeks but, holy crap…I think this dollfie is a lot bigger then I thought he was because these boots are huge! And they do indeed go to this dollfie but judging by the size of these boots to how they look on him, he’s going to be like 2 feet tall. I hope he doesn’t try to murder me in my sleep since he’s like, Chucky size…but better looking.^_~

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

So at work last night, one of my coworkers told me that if I had been around during the 70’s, I’d totally have been a hippie. Lol! At first, I was like, nu-uh! And then I thought about it and was pretty much like, you know, if I was born and raised in the 70’s, I probably would have been a hippie. Haha! He mostly came to that conclusion because of the celtic jewelry I wear and the way I keep my hair…completely straight and long. *snicker*

Well, as I said in my last post, the horse racing season started at our casino on Friday and we were jammed packed. It wasn’t so bad though that we couldn’t keep up and it was entertaining to hear all the hoops! and wohoos! throughout the casino since there were so many people that there were a lot more jackpots. One lady was screaming her freakin’ head off she was so excited…she only won $1000 which granted, is a lot but she was hollering like she had won $30,000. Then again, I’d probably be doing backflips and cartwheels if I had won $1000.
Oh yeah, and the day before, there was a black-out at the casino! There was a pretty big storm and I was in the vault training the new guy and suddenly, there was pitch blackness. And since we’re locked away in the back with no windows, it was truly black. The guy I was training was just, “uhhhhh?” and I was laughing for no reason because I found the whole situation rather amusing. Within a minute or so, the lights came back on and it’s a good thing that me and him are such honest people since that would have been the time some dishonest people would have pocketed some cash. *tsk tsk*

Amusing Life Lesson of the Day:
If life hands you lemons…make a drink. Then, find someone whose life hands them vodka…and have a party.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Lol! Boy, so many of you didn’t get the quote in my last post. Allow me summarize: The story, Anastasia takes place in Russia, kay? So, when the Warners are driving around the character Rasputin, really fast and he yells at them to slow down, Yakko saying, “Why? Everyone else is Russian around here.” not only was it a pun in that the story takes place in Russia but when you say the word, “Russian”, what does it sound like? “Rush-ing” so yes, that quote is ever so amusing in a witty yet intelligent way since it dives into classic literature while pulling a twist on it. There, sum over…you can laugh now.^_~

So, I got to train a new guy at work. Yeah…me…train. Oiy. Well, it was his second day there and he was a nice guy…he looks and talks JUST like Drew Carey though. Heehee! Tomorrow at our casino, the racing season starts…remember how I told you guys our casino has a horse racing track? So yes, it’s going to be a madhouse tomorrow since there’s going to be all sorts of events going on as well as a big fireworks show after the racing ends at night.
Oh! I forgot to tell you guys, remember the other night when I had run over that weird white thingy in the road and my car was making weird noises and I thought I had screwed up something underneath my car? Well, it turns out the mysterious white thing was a piece of wood that had indeed gotten itself stuck and wedged underneath my car by the tire hence why every time the tire rotated, it made a “whoompy” sound. But it fell out on its own in my driveway and the stick was all burned up where the tire was rubbing so YAY! I don’t have to spend money to get my car fixed! *grabs Yuki for a happy dance*

And many people mentioned how lucky I was to see that litter of baby red foxes. Actually, red and gray foxes are very common where I live. Well, virtually all wildlife from bears to wolves to foxes to deer are common where I live since we live up in the woods but aye, one doesn’t tend to see the red foxes except really late at night but still, seeing a whole line of insanely fluffy baby red foxes made me squeak over their cuteness.XD

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Animaniacs meets Kingdom Hearts drawing was used on the main page of Otaku for a poll. Pretty cool but what I loved the most was the Animaniacs quotes and references people were leaving in their comments. Aye, how wonderful the amount of people who remember that show and can still hum the theme song to it. I still need to do more drawings on my whole idea of in Kingdom Hearts, switching Disney characters to Warner Brothers. I have SO many ideas I want to do but have so little time to do it! *wheeps*

Speaking of so little time, my boss called me into his office to ask me if I could work an extra day this week. I agreed to but I already have overtime this week so now, I’m going to be working another day so yeah…let’s see, I’m going to be getting ONE day off in between the 2 weeks I’m going to be working and I work 10 hour days so I’m supposed to get 3 days off a week…yeah, so that’s 6 days I should be getting off and that’s been cut to ONE lonely day. *sigh* I can feel the ulcers forming in my stomach already. I’m going to be getting one hell of a paycheck though! I could buy another Dollfie if I wanted! Lol…no, not another dollfie for awhile…I still have yet to get my Ducan one later this month in the mail from Japan and that will keep me happy for awhile.XD
Oh, last night, driving home from work in the wee hours of the morning, I got to see a whole litter of baby red foxes crossing the street. They were so freakin' cute I wanted to leap out of my car and snuggle them to death...I don't think they'd appreciate it though but oh man, so KAWAII!!!!

Amusing Quote of the Day…well, it HAS to come from Animaniacs since I mentioned them earlier and this is a quote I used last year but I giggle every time so it’s about to make another appearance:
*The Warner’s are with Rasputin, the evil villain from the story, Anastasia and they’re driving around him in circles in little cars*
Rasputin: “SLOW DOWN!!!!!!”
Yakko: “Why? Everyone else is Russian around here.”
*collapses on floor* Oh man, that gets me every time and if you don’t get it…ask your parents.^_~

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Yes people, I do know that a snickerdoodle is a type of cookie. C’mon people, how dare you question my knowledge of delicious pastries.^_~ But the snickerdoodle I had was a coffee flavor, not a cookie…but I still think calling Inuyasha ‘Snickerdoodle’ as a pet name is hilarious.XD

The other night, I brought a Chinese menu into work so the other 2 girls I close with could circle what they wanted and then I’d order it and bring it in for us to eat the following night. So, I bring the menu in and suddenly, like ALL my coworkers are circling stuff that they want me to order for them to eat. So, the people I was ordering for when from 2 to 6 and I’m like, people! I have to CARRY this stuff in so easy killers! They gave me money, of course and I ordered it and the workers at the Chinese restaurant had to put it in a big box just to fit it. Yeah, I felt like a cow carrying in all that food…but I think people realized it wasn’t all for me but everyone was happy and they thanked me plus the Chinese place gave me 2 free sodas which I kept as payment for carrying all that crap in. *nods*

Oh, and I’m pissed. I was driving home last night after work (at 3:30 in the morning) and I was looking at a building that had some lights on and because of that, I didn’t see this mysterious white thing in the road which I hit and now, my car is acting really funky. It wasn’t an animal or anything…I don’t know if it was a hard piece of plastic or if it was metal but whatever it is, it screwed up something under my car by the front left wheel so every time I turn right, it makes a “whoompy” noise. I thought at first it had blown the tire but the tire is fine and my parents are gone for a week in California so I don’t know what to do since I’m working all this overtime and weird hours so I can’t get it to an auto repair shop. I’m going to drive me dad’s van to work for the next few days till they get home and it’s a nice van so it’s not a bad thing but I don’t like driving big vehicles. Boo.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Yes, the Snickerdoodle coffee I mentioned in my last post was indeed delicious and many probably haven’t heard of it because it’s a specialty drink made at a local coffee shop where I live. I just like saying the name….Snickerdoodle. Sounds like a pet name for someone…kinda like how I have pet names for my fave bishie boys. Yuki Sohma is my ‘honey bunches of oats.’ Kadaj is my ‘wittle pussy cat.’ Who should be called ‘Snickerdoodle?’ *ponders* Oh! It should be Inuyasha! Hahahaha! Just imagine calling Inuyasha ‘Snickerdoodle.’ Lol! I’m sure he’d *love* that.XD

Ladies and gents…I did it. I bought a dollfie! I bought the one that I had shown in my other post. This one:

I’ve always wanted one but wanted to wait till I found a really nice one, hence why I saw him and was like, oh! There he is! MINE! It’s going to take about 5 weeks till I get him though because 1)They have to make him since they’re all custom and hand-built and painted and 2)He’s coming from Japan. Can’t wait! Oh and for those who asked, Dollfies are actually quite large. They’re not like, Barbie size.^_~
So, I had ordered some books awhile ago and they came in the mail. Nothing odd about that…except within my books, there was a free package of carrot seeds? What the? Yes, carrot seeds that you plant in a garden and grow. I’m failing to see the connection between books and carrot seeds…unless growing carrot seeds is like how you grow knowledge from reading books? Hmmm? Maybe? I dunno. I just thought it very odd. Carrot seeds…*scratches head*

Amusing Quote of the Day:
“I went to the store the other day to buy a candle holder but they didn’t have any. So…I bought a cake.”

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

I bought a Snickerdoodle coffee today from a local coffee shop. It had caramel and cinnamon in it and it was ever-so good. Quite expensive though but still yummer yumms! And in my last post I said I had made a curry stir fry and a couple people asked me what curry taste like. Well, I dunno…that’s like asking what does peanut butter taste like…it tastes like peanut butter. Lol! Well, curry tastes like curry…it’s spicy and a little sweet and full of yummy flavor. There, I did my best at explaining it…which I suck at explaining crap. I’m an artist not a writer!

So, I met up with that lady for the graphic design job and I got it! Well, more-so that she already knew she wanted me to do it but wanted to see if *I* was willing to do it. And I think I confused some people, this isn’t a full-time, graphic design job, it’s a one-time free-lance job that I get one paycheck for. What I’m going to be doing is basically the visual and graphic art logos for an art festival that will be taking place one weekend in September. So, I’m going to be designing the flyers, posters, mailers, etc. It’s pretty good pay for a one-time deal…it’s enough to buy that dollfie that I showed in my last post that I wanted.^_~ I mostly want to do it because it’ll look good on my resume and hopefully, I can get a recommendation letter from some of the other artists I’ll be working. Plus, I get a free space in the gallery at the festival so I can probably earn some extra bucks and fame there for showing my work. Wohoo!

Amusing Quote of the Day comes from the Fruits Basket manga, Volume 22…don’t worry, no spoilers:
Haru: “How’s Sensei?”
Yuki: “Shigure? He hasn’t been around much lately…oh…uhhhh….”
Kyou “What about Shigure?!”
Yuki: “No, nevermind….oh yeah, I forgot!” *points at Kyou* “I just remembered when hearing that idiotic idiot’s voice…”
Kyou: “You’ve been showing less and less mercy to me lately, haven’t you?”
Haru: “They say that teasing is a form of affection…”
Yuki: *laughing* “I’m sorry. I’m soooo sorry.”
Heehee! Those 3 have such a way with words towards one another, neh? I like Yuki's phrase there...'idiotic idiot.' Gave me a chuckle.XD

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Haha! I think I sparked the interest of the dollfie in a few of you in my last post.^_~ Aye, I’m not big on dolls or anything but dollfies are so much more natural looking…well, more-so since they look like anime characters come to life. Oh! And you know that $1,500 elf dollfie I showed in my last post? Well, it turns out that dollfie is no longer made hence why it’s so expensive. However, the same creators made a human version of that same character who is named Ducan and it’s about a grand less then what the elf one is going for now. But…I want an elf, dang nabit! But then! I find out I can get the human dollfie and just get it made to have elf ears! SCORE! I can buy a different wig for it later on if I want it to be more elf-like (aye, you can change their hair and clothes and everything). But he looks awesome in human form too but I want the pointy ears. Hee! Here’s the human one I think I’ll be buying:

I actually cooked today! *le gasp* I bought chicken and veggies and curry and I made myself a yummy curry stir fry and it actually turned out really well! I have left-overs to last me a couple days though. Hee!
I’m meeting with a lady today to possibly do a graphic design job for a studio show that takes place in September. She's the wife of an ex-teacher of mine and they had seen my official website and were really impressed so she called me up asking if I could do a job for her. So, we’re meeting up so I can get an idea of what it is she would like me to do and she told me that it would pay, “Only a few hundred dollars” Ha! That’s a lot more then I usually get paid for my art stuff so I’m happy!^_^

Amusing Quote of the Day:
The straw is a great invention because you can drink without using your wrist. The straw it your friend….until you loose eye-contact with the straw. Then it’ll betray you and make you look like an idiot.

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