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Saturday, November 3, 2007

How is everyone's Saturday going? Mine is going very well. I got the sketch and line-art done for the image that will become the cover of my book. We thought it would be pretty cool to have the completed piece on the cover and for the back cover will be the sketch of the completed piece on the front. People are always interested in seeing "before and after" images. I'm going to start coloring it today!

And also, since I tend to get a different crew on Otaku on weekends then I do on the weekdays, if you haven't seen my entry for the fan manga contest, I'd be ever-so appreciative if you would:

I really enjoyed doing this fan manga so yes, I plan on doing more mangas but probably not with those characters but going back into my original manga story I had started with Estel and Leetha if you guys remember that little manga tidbit? I think I finally came up with a title for my manga! I was thinking of calling it Dancing Blades, what do you guys think?

Picture of the Day comes from Bleach:

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Friday, November 2, 2007

In my last post, I talked about the South Park episode that was an anime parody. I found a video on YouTube that has one of the best parts from that episode which is the �Let�s Fighting Love� battle. In the actual episode, when the song starts up, it�s just like in regular animes where you see Japanese text with random English versus in it, but in this clip, someone had actually translated the whole song and put that text on the top. It�s so funny and I think the anime version of Kenny looks like if Kakashi and Naruto had a baby.XD But yeah, I love this part and it�s worth watching for a good laugh�especially since we�re all anime fans here^_^:

My work schedule is all wonky this week. A coworker of mine got another job so my schedule is all over the place until they hire another banker for the casino. I have Today and tomorrow off! WOOT! But then I work Sunday and then have Monday off. Hmph! I dislike when my days off are split up but oh well, can�t do much about it.

Another cute Halloween-ish Code Geass picture:

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Again, I appreciate those who checked out my fan manga and commented on it! *passes out Reese�s and Snickerdoodles* Seems like people enjoyed it! Plus, the fact that many people mentioned that they liked how the artwork in it was good but that the storyline was just as good.^____^ That was important to me because it was hard to try and convey a decent story when you�re only allowed a maximum of 5 pages to do it in (the contest rules was that it had to be 1-5 pages). I�ve seen mangas that are so beautifully drawn but they lack a good story, so the challenge was trying and to keep both aspects up in that. Hee! And for those who asked how I came up with the Ghostbusters ending�don�t ask because my mind is random and when random crap like that pops in, I just take it for what it is�I guess you can blame my love for Looney Tunes and Animaniacs for the sense of humor I have now in �adulthood.�XD XD

Speaking of Animaniacs, remember a couple months ago when I made that compilation video if their best quotes and posted it on YouTube? Well, in those couple months it�s already gotten over 64,000 views and almost 1,500 faves and almost 400 comments! lol! Animaniacs fans tend to never cease their love for that show.
And jumping to something completely different, the season 8 box set of South Park was on sale at Target so I bought it. I�ve been waiting for this set to go on sale because this is the season when they have the anime parody on it! Oh man, I love that episode! Kyle, Cartmen, Kenny, and Stan get those Japanese weapons and so they envision themselves in anime form and most of the episode is done like an anime episode.XD

Did everyone have a nice Halloween? I had to work but one of my coworkers dressed as Santa Clause. That amused me. And here�s a Halloween picture from Code Geass:

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanks to those who checked out my fan manga and commented on it! I worked really hard on it and was hoping for some more comments since I got more comments on my post then on my artwork but, ah well, shows who my real friends are! *snicker* For those who missed my last post, I�d very much appreciate you taking a couple minutes to check out my manga�it�s only 3 pages long:

So, I went to Hot Topic the other day. I like Hot Topic but everything in there is so expensive! Oiy. I love their perfumes though and I bought the Rag Doll perfume that has Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas on it. They also had a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess shirt! It was a guys long-sleeve but there was one X-Small so YOSH!
And OMFG they had a Pinky and the Brain t-shirt!!!! Oh man, once I spotted that I just bolted for it, probably knocked an old lady down, I dunno, but�Pinky and the Brain!!! It has the classic lines between Pinky and the Brain: �What are we going to do tonight, Brain?� And on the back, �The same thing we do every night, Pinky: Try and take over the world!� Now, if they start selling Animaniacs shirts, I shall be in heaven. I still have a whole bunch of my old Animaniacs shirts they used to sell at Spencers (before Spencers became a store full of sex toys and dirty humor).

Picture of the Day comes from Tsubasa Chronicles�Fai-kun!!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Wow, as many of you noticed, Otaku has been down all weekend. Bummer since I actually had this weekend off and was looking forward to browsing the site but alas, upgrades and problems did arise but Otaku seem to be moving really fast so that�s good!

The main reason I�m updating though is because I�ve uploaded my completed manga for the fan manga contest into my gallery and I would reeeeeeeeally appreciate you guys checking it out and commenting! I worked really hard on it and it was my first time using Manga Studio Ex, so it took me a long time to complete. The cover page was done like my other drawings, which was by hand using colored pencils but the actual manga pages was done on Manga Studio. So yeah, short post because I really would like you guys to check out my manga. You can just click the thumby below and it will open in a new window. Thank you!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Im glad to see people agreed with my suggestion in my last post about creating a doodle section to help to start filtering the fan art galleries. I know that popular animes will still almost always overpower an original art piece but I really think it would help. By filtering out all the doodles of Naruto or Bleach so that a completed original art piece can move up a little and not be lost in the swamp of fan art doodles, I think it will help even a little. A couple commented that they enjoy looking through the scrap section on Deviant Art which is good! Because that means that people will still look at doodles on this site. I just dont think that its right that a doodle of Naruto gets more faves/comments/votes then an original completed artwork that obviously, a person spent a lot of time and effort on and Im glad Adam is addressing this issue.

Anyway, I FINISHED MY FAN MANGA!!! YAY! But dont look into my gallery yet because it wont be there!! lol! I still need to do the cover art for it. The fan manga itself is done and Im very happy with how it came out! Even my dad (whos my worst critic) said that it looked truly professional so that made me happy. And to answer your question KnightWolfGirl, I plan on doing the cover by hand and it will be a colored completed piece. Im not going to use the Manga Studio Ex for the cover because I wanted to show (if my manga is fortunate enough to make it far enough in the contest that its on display at the NY Anime Festival) that I can do artwork by hand and I dont solely use the computer. Even though all you guys know that I do all my artwork by hand, this fan manga being my first done on the computer, but those who dont know my works wouldnt know.

And I apologize that I didnt get to everyones sites the last time I updated. The one time I came on to comment, Otaku was down and I after that, all my attention was on completed the fan manga. But, Ill be around this time!^_^
Picture of the Day comes from Loveless:

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Monday, October 22, 2007

I like to see on Adams site that hes addressing the issue of original artworks being basically ignored on this site. Its a problem Ive been noticing more and more lately. I see gorgeous original artworks with less votes/views/faves while a quick doodle of a Naruto character gets loads of praise. Adam was asking what we think should be done to help this and I mentioned that Otaku should have a scrap/doodle/works-in-progress section much like Deviant Art does. I think that would be a great way to filter out some of the artworks that do not belong in a main gallery. I find it tough to see works that a person obviously, spent hours/days/weeks on being overtaken by a person who decides to submit a whole bunch of doodles that took them a couple minutes. Having a doodle section I think would allow the works that people obviously spent lots of time on, shine! And I see a lot of the doodles are those of famous animes like Naruto, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, etc. so filtering the scraps from the completed pieces seems like a good idea. To me anyway.XD

Anywho, I was going to update yesterday but had nothing to really talk about. lol! I still dont because Ive spent the last 3 days of my days off sitting on my butt and working on my fan manga contest entry. Im happy to say that I finished pages 1 and 2 and am half-way through the final page. I still have a few hours before I go to bed, so I think I could get almost of all page 3 done by tonight! Im hoping anyway because I want to spend this next week working on the cover page. All this is due by November 1st and I dont want to be completely rushing those last few days.
Once I finish this fan manga I can focus on getting my book put together and sent out to the printers and get things ready for the coloring class I was asked to do at the NY Anime Festival. Man, if I didnt have a full-time job, Id have a lot more time to get stuff done!

Picture of the Day comes from Inuyasha:

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Im so excited!! I just won an original Animaniacs animation cel off Ebay!!! *screeches* For those that dont know, I collect them! Some people collect action figures or coins or mangas or something and I collect animation cels. I cant help it, I love them! For those who dont know animation cels, animation cels are the hand-painted images used to create animated television showslike animes! And when you own one, you literally own a one-of-a-kind art piece that was used in the actual production of a show. I own a bunch of animation cels, I have original cels from Inuyasha, Loveless, Naruto, and Fruits Basketand now, Animaniacs!!! Im so excited because this is the first time Ive seen a production cel from Animaniacs posted and this seller had about 4 different ones but the one I got Im so excited about because its from one of my favorite episodes which was their 65th Anniversary special and its got all 3 Warners in it and it includes the original background too! Heres the cel I won and its at the part right when a giant mallet was about to fall on the one guys headXD (and the white strips above Yakko, Wakko, and Dot wont be on the cel once sent to me):

Nothing else to report, except I was in such a mood yesterday. You ever just have those days, where all you want to do is sulk? I was in that mood yesterday and it would have helped if my fave Supervisor, Tonya was working yesterday but she wasnt.:-( Not that I was working with a bad supervisor but Tonya is the only other person about my age and I see her more-so as a friend then a boss. Shes the one that will make me stop working so I can watch videos on youtube with her.XD But shes there tonight so YAY!!!

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club:

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today is my 3 year Otaku anniversary! Its funny, the only reason why I joined this site 3 years ago was because I had done my first anime fan art and was looking for places to upload it to show to people and when I Googled anime fan art this was one of the places that came up. So, I joined the site and uploaded my drawing and about 2 weeks later, I saw that you could make journal entries and stuff and it became an addiction from there. lol! So, this date not only marks my first day joining Otaku but also my first day attempting to draw anime since anime was still pretty new to me at that point. Madness!

So, we were watching videos on youtube at work again. lol! My supervisor is awesome. It was another slow night and my sup would rather watch videos online then to try and find work.XD XD But anyway, we ended up watching the show, Ghost Hunters for a few hours. For those who don't know the show, it's a real team of paranormal experts that go out and study real cases of hauntings and brings all these fancy gadgets to try and see if it's a true haunting or not. I was getting so scared and everyone was laughing at me because I kept covering my eyes! lol! I'm not a person who's scared by things like serial killers or vampires or something but throw ghosts in there and forget it. Movies like, The Poltergeist scare the bejeebers out of me.
We watched the Ghost Hunters episode in which they go to the Stanley Hotel, which is the hotel that Stephen King had stayed in and what had happed to him there, lead to him writing the book, The Shining. Oh my gosh, this episode was so scary!! There was this part where the guys were in an employee passageway and it's a long hallway and one of the guys yells, "Hello!" And a little girl's voice answers, "Hello?" AHHH! He yelled about 3 times and each time, within a few seconds, a little girl would answer and at one time, she giggled too. Keep in mind the hotel had no occupants in it other then the ghost hunters. And they kept on hearing piano music being played randomly as well. *shudder* A lot of things happened and when I get scared, my eyes tear up and it looks like I'm about to cry so everyone was laughing at me since I was all teary and goosebumpy while watching it. Good lord, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Anywho, my fan manga for the contest is going well. I got the 2nd page about way done. My fan manga is going to be 3 pages and its due November 1st so I think it wont be a problem having it done on time.
Picture of the Day comes from Black Cat:

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Monday, October 15, 2007

My kitty, FuzzButt was in quite the rambunctious mood today. He was running around our house just jumping and leaping on everything. There was one part that was hilarious though, FuzzButt isnt supposed to be on the tables or counters and I was in the kitchen and I hear FuzzButt jump onto one of the dining room chairs opposite of where I am. I look over, and at first I see nothing, but then a little kitty head starts slooooooowly peeking over the table. I cracked up because it reminded me so much of an anime character that peeks from under the screen. But then, FuzzButt leaps onto the dining room table and does a mad sprint to the kitchen counter, does a mighty LEAP OF EPIC POPORTIONS..and misses! Hahahaha! He falls on the floor and then runs underneath our chair cushions and stares at me while Im laughing, sulking the entire time. Heehee! It amused me anyway.XD XD

So, I was watching videos on youtube with my supervisor at work (lol! Yeah, rather then working she wanted to watch videos online), and we came across this MADTV parody of Tickle Me Elmo called, Tickle Me, Emo. Ha! We were cracking up and I thought Id share the video with you guys. I like it since its so overly dramatic and I like what the little kid says at the end:

Ive been working on my fan manga all day and have barely eating anything since I was overly distracted.XD Now, Im uberly hungry and I WANT SODIUM, DAMMIT! So, Im off for some ramen!!^___^
Picture of that Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club:

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