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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Ducan contest ends tonight (Wednesday) at midnight so if you want to submit something, better hurry!! :Edit: Contest is now ended.
In regards to the Yuck stuff in my last post, c’mon! You know you all would try it out of curiosity, don’t lie! *points finger* And don’t worry, the stuff is non-toxic so there was really no way of it to make me sick. Now, if I drank the whole bottle, then…there may be problems.

Oh, I was so pissed yesterday at work and allow me to tell you why. At the casino I work at, I was in my boss’s office (his office is basically where anyone in that department can take their breaks and stuff) and I see this note hanging above his desk, typed by a fellow co-worker of mine. This note is basically telling my boss, that no one cleans in the banks and it’s telling us bankers that we need to start cleaning. This pissed me off soooo much because it’s a lie! I clean in my bank all the freakin’ time but the thing is, I’m the ONLY one who does it so having only one person do the cleaning, you know, makes it a little hard to keep spotless all the time. She was going on about how people need to take out the garbage’s, sweep the floors, take out boxes…ahem, ALL stuff that I do! She has never EVER cleaned in the bank so what gives HER the right to tell people they need to clean when she, herself, never lifts a finger?! Oh, it ticked me off because she’s trying to be little-miss suck-up by pointing the finger at everyone else but herself. I’m not one who usually bothers, but I wrote a note right back to my boss, put it next to her note, stating all the things that I do and it’s not right that she this saying that no one does anything, when it’s a lie. She’s in the bank as much as I am so why doesn’t she help out a little instead of saying that us night people, have to do all the cleaning. Such bull crap. *grumbles and pets bishie to try and cool down*

Oh, and Roleni-Chan, I screwed up the quote a little! It’s supposed to be:
“Early to rise, early to bed.
Makes a man wealthy, but socially dead.”
Heehee! I love that quote since I live by it. That was said by Yakko Warner from the Animaniacs, by the way.^_~
La Corda d’Oro! Cute anime and manga, I recommend it!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Don’t forget the Ducan contest ends this Wednesday so if you wanted to submit something, better hurry!!
So, the YUCK stuff I got for FuzzButt seems to be working. For those who missed my last post, my kitten FuzzButt has started taking a liking to chewing and biting on things and his latest victim, was my mouse cord he chewed through and you spray the YUCK on anything you don’t want chewed since it tastes bitter. FuzzButt likes to chew on hands and feet as well (he doesn’t painfully chew or bit…more-so in play but it’s still a habit that needs to be broken) so I sprayed the Yuck on my hands and out of curiosity, I licked my hand to see how bitter it was and at first, I was like, hm, this isn’t that b-O_O…oh…my…god! It tasted horrible! And that taste would not come out of my mouth and I was chugging Coke and anything else but the bitterness was all around my lips and everything! Bah! I told Gavin and Tyler about that and they cracked up laughing because it sounded like I was Bugs Bunny trying to thwart a bad guy but it ended up blowing up in my face. I have such insensitive friends but I was quick to point out that that was WAY more Wile E. Coyote then Bugs Bunny. Duh.

So yeah, I saw The Simpson’s Movie Saturday night…AMAZING! I had such low-expectations going into that movie because the show has gotten so crappy in it’s later years but this movie totally made up for it. Tyler then informed me that they had gotten some of the original writers from the earlier Simpson’s years to help write the movie so no wonder it was so good. The movie had the theater laughing from start-to-finish and they actually did a really good job putting in some sentimental moments between the Simpson’s family without it getting too corny. I wont give it away…but the part with Bart on the skateboard…wow, can’t believe they did that! And then later, the part with the Disney-esque animals…hilarious.XD So yeah, great movie, worth seeing, don’t know if people who haven’t seen the show should bother but if you’re a fan, or used to be one of their earlier episodes, then see it! You wont be disappointed.

Woot! It’s Fai! I love the way Tsubasa is illustrated. Such great design, clothing patterns, and compositions…heh, I sound arsty, don’t I?^_~

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Well, I went to the Saturn dealership to have my cruise control looked at and they didn’t find anything wrong with it. Figures (see last post about my speeding ticket if you are confused) but when I talked to my state trooper friend (not the one that pulled me over) he told me to have the dealership test my cruise control at 75 mph or higher since that’s when it tends to go screwy, especially in older, smaller cars. Well, they only tested it at 60 and 65! Grrr…I have a feeling it’s a liability reason in which the dealership can’t break the law when testing vehicles but still, irritating, especially since I had to wait in the waiting area for over an hour and a half! I’m still going to court though because I know, that my speedometer and cruise control was set to 74 mph because when you see a cop behind you, the first thing you do is check your speed and mine said 74…not flippin’ 94. My wussy, little Saturn would probably explode if I pushed it to 94 mph.

So, I’m seeing the Simpsons movie tomorrow. I’ve heard good things about it so I hope it’s decent. I’ve been skeptical about it though since the series has gone down-hill over the past few years. The show was amazing around the 4th-8th season but then it took a nose dive once they got new writers. I’ll let you guys know what I thought of the movie when I see it.

So, the little spawn of Satan…I mean, my kitten, FuzzButt, did something very bad the other day. I was on my computer and about to shut it down when my mouse stopped working…I have an optical wireless mouse (very expensive) so I thought maybe the batteries died or something but then I look under my desk…and who is down there with a cord in his mouth looking at me with that “I didn’t do it” look? FuzzButt! He had chewed into the cord that runs from the censor into my computer! Oh, I was miffed but luckily, my dad has a soldering kit and he managed to solder the cords back together and wrap electrical tape around it and got it working again and yeah, har-har about the irony of my kitten chewing up a MOUSE cord. Then, the evil creature of hell…I mean, FuzzButt, started to pull on my stereo speakers I have hanging on my wall trying to pull them down by chewing on the cords on that too! Yeah, he’s going to get himself killed one day by electrocuting himself so today, I bought this stuff called, “YUCK!” which is a spray you put on anything you don’t want a kitty to chew on since it’s supposed to be very bitter and taste bad so they wont chew on it anymore. We’ll see how it works but I still love my wittle FuzzButt. He’s a terror but then he gets in those super-lovable cuddly moods and then you stop being mad at him. Feh!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I can not wait till Friday! I actually have my whole 3 days off from work this coming weekend so I get Friday-Sunday off! This is my first time getting 3 days off in many months (I work 10-12 hour days so I’m SUPPOSED to get 3 days off a week but thanks to people getting fired left and right, I’ve had to pull lots of overtime). I’m sorry my updates are so random lately. It’s just when I get home from work at 3:30am, I often, don’t want to do anything but crawl into bed and updating Otaku isn’t always on the top of my list. Hopefully, once things get less hectic at work, it wont be so bad.

Oh, and I got a speeding ticket the other day but I’m going to court and fighting it because I had my cruise control set at 74 mph on the highway (speed limit is 65) but the cop told me I was going 94!! WHAT?! I have a little, wussy Saturn that I’ve had since 1998 and it has 170,000 miles on it so I can’t believe it can go that fast to begin with! However, it was 3:15 am, not a soul on the highway at that time and I was tired so I didn’t notice if my car was going faster then normal since once you set your cruise control and take your foot off the gas petal, you just assume you’re going that speed. I have an appointment tomorrow (Thursday) at the Saturn dealership to test my cruise control to see if it is malfunctioning. I mean, *I* know it was when I was pulled over but knowing my luck it will work fine when the dealership checks it. However, I have no prior records or tickets or accidents and I talked to one of the state troopers at the casino I work at and he is pretty convinced that my ticket will be reduced but still, this is going to cost me a lot of money and all because of my stupid cruise control being a dick! *kicks it*

So blah, that’s what’s going on with me lately. Oh, but one good news! My Animaniacs Quotes video has received another honor on YouTube! The first one was being in the top 40 comedy videos of the day but now it’s made it to the top 50 comedy videos of the week! That makes me feel special again however, I thought once you got an honor on YouTube it would stay there on your account but it goes away. Feh! Ah well, if you haven’t seen it and want to, here’s the link:
Animaniacs Quotes

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Monday, July 23, 2007

My Japanese snow monkey won the mascot contest for our local anime store!! I was very happy to learn that it had won. They’re going to use my drawing for their t-shirts and post cards and ads and such so hopefully, that will help lead to more job opportunities in the future. The owners haven’t 100% decided what the prize is going to be but today when I bought some mangas, they gave me the “mascot” discount of 15% so perhaps I’ll have a permanent discount at the store! That would be nice.

I saw Transformers with my friend, Tyler. That was a good movie. Very entertaining and great CG work. There was a little too much yelling and camera shaking going around though in that movie and that started to irritate me but, overall very enjoyable. I want a Bumblebee transformer! And I don’t mean a toy, I want a real Camero that turns into the character, Bumblebee. *pouts*
We also went to this fancy-pants Thai restaurant called, Lemongrass. It was very good and very artsy in the interior design department. I got a drink called a Tokyo Tango and it was uber delicious. It was a mango martini that had pineapple slices in it and the bottom of the glass had a light in it so it looked all spiffy.

My Animaniacs quote video I made has already had over 1,000 views on YouTube! Not too shabby for only be up for 3 days! Many closet Animaniacs fans out there…or, now that “kids” are older they can watch some prized moments and finally realize why “Stop playing with my bust!” is so gosh-darn-funny!XD
And a kick-ass Link picture to end my post:

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Thanks to everyone who watched my best Animaniacs quotes video! I appreciate it and glad it got a lot of you laughing. My video was actually given an Honor on YouTube! It was rated in the top 40 comedy videos! That made me feel special. Quite a few mentioned they were glad I put the “pianist” quote on there. Of course I had to include that quote! That’s one of their most famous comments and indeed, it is amazing that they got away with that joke for a “kid’s show.”XD I think Animaniacs pushed the envelope in more ways then one in their inclusion of adult humor. There’s still another box set of this show coming out so I’ll probably wait to do the next video till that is released so I can get even more good quotes.^_^ So yeah, if you haven’t seen it yet and would like to, here’s the video:

And since the video tends to get jerky when you watch it through an embedded code, if you just want to click the following link and watch it straight from the youtube site, that would be narly as well:
Animaniacs Quotes

So, I have a bozo on Deviant Art who left major spoilers for the upcoming Harry Potter book on my HP drawing. They didn’t even say anything about the drawing, they were just one of those people who get a hard-on at the thought of spoiling things for others. Too bad for them that I don’t read the HP books and don’t really even like the movies, I did that drawing for a friend of mine. I ended up hiding their comment since even though I could care less I didn’t want it spoiled for those who may actually want to be surprised. That person actually came back and left a reply comment saying “Sure, it’s all about me, me, me.” They were miffed that I hid their comment! Lol! I pointed out to them that this is an ART site and they didn’t say a thing about the artwork at all and I think they were mad because they were attempting to spoil the book but I didn’t care and I hid their comment and there’s not a bloody thing they can do about it! Ha! I did report them to the DA mods but DA is pretty bad when it comes to taking care of problems like that so we’ll see how many years it takes them to do something about it.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I apologize for not being around for so long. I’ve been very busy…and to think, usually the summertime provides more time of freedom but alas, working at a casino is quite the opposite during the summer. I’ve been working on a graphic design job for an art festival that will take place in early September and I met with the head of the organization today just to see how things were progressing. We met at Dunkin Donuts and I got a medium Hazelnut Coffee…holy crap was it huge! And it was only a $1.50 and very yummy as well. That’s the first time I’ve tried Dunkin Donuts coffee and for that much coffee for that cheap, I was pleased. The guy who served me my coffee was super cute too.^_~

Our kitten, FuzzButt is sick! Don’t worry, I don’t think he realizes he’s sick because he’s still as playful and lovable as always…but he just sneezes a lot and he’s got pink eye. Poor fellow. He’s on lots of medicines right now so hopefully, he gets better. *pets FuzzButt*

However, the main reason why I’ve been gone is because…I don’t know if this is a good excuse or not, lol!...but it’s because I’ve been working on that compilation video of the best Animaniacs quotes! I finished it though just a few hours ago and have uploaded it on youtube. It took forever just to re-burn all my Animaniacs DVD’s because I had to crack the copyright protection on it and then I had to rip the video and audio separately from the burned DVD’s (because the video and audio weren’t in sync) and then actually do the cutting and editing in Adobe Premier and try and sync the audio in there as well…it took a looooong time. The funny thing is, the video is almost 7 minutes long and I didn’t even get through half of the quotes I wanted to use. Ha! I plan on making another video sometime in the future but for now, we’ll see how people like this one. So, if you have the time, I’d be super-mega appreciate you guys watching my video since it took me forever-and-a-half but, it may help showcase why the Animaniacs was such a darn funny show and hopefully, it will get a laugh out of you at some point with all their hidden sexual humor and corn-ball jokes:

And since the video tends to get jerky when you watch it through an embedded code, if you just want to click the following link and watch it straight from the youtube site, that would be narly as well:
Animaniacs Quotes
*hugs and kisses*

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Friday, July 13, 2007

I uploaded a new drawing…well, a completed sketch but still! A drawing. I mention this in the artist statement but many people don’t read the artist statement so I’ll say it here.^_~ I thought of a random idea: What if they did an anime/manga version of Gilligan’s Island? I thought it would be pretty awesome…like, change the characters around so they’re not exactly like the characters on the original show but the same concept story would be there. Kind of like how they are always doing anime versions of Alice in Wonderland but I think Gilligan’s Island would make an awesome anime so I’m going to do it! The drawing I uploaded was the sketch of what the character, Mary Ann may look like. I’m going to do the professor next and make him the classic hott bishie smart guy. So yeah, here’s Mary Ann:

Other then that, I’m working on a compilation video of the best Animaniacs quotes! I tried to rip the video straight off the official disks but they’re copyrighted but I have a program that cracks those copyright protections and then I can re-burn them onto a new disk and then be able to rip and edit the videos from there. Hee, I’m such a little pirate…although I wouldn’t really call it pirating since I paid for the original disks but I just want to make a cool video off them. I’ll probably have that video done in a week or so and then I’ll be sure and show it to you guys.^_^

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Glad you guys enjoyed the Animaniacs clip in my last post. Aye, I enjoy the Warner’s interpretation of Shakespeare. I’ll have to show the Hamlet one sometime.^_^

I got a new cell phone the other day. It’s a metallic red MotoKrazer and it’s very pretty *pets it.* The stupid program to get music from my computer onto the phone wont work though! Grrr…I’ve contacted Verizon and they e-mailed me a laundry list of things to try to get it to work. It better or I’ll be miffed if I have this awesome phone in which one of the main features is that you can upload music from your computer onto it and it doesn’t work! Feh!
I stopped at the Made in Japan anime store where I had submitted those 2 drawings for their mascot contest, and as I was paying for my merchandise, the owner comes out to tell me that my drawing of the Japanese snow monkey is to their final rounds for judging. WOOT! He told me he really liked the snow monkey so I guess I’ll find out soon if it gets chosen to be their mascot. I hope it does because although there is a prize for winning, I mostly hope to win it because that’s something that will look really good on a resume and in a portfolio.

Quote of the Day comes from Animaniacs:
*This is during their parody of Jack and the Beanstalk and the Warners are meeting the giant (who talks like a total moron) for the first time*
Giant: “Pee Pii Pooker Plot! I smell Yakko, Wakko, and Dot!”
Yakko: “Don’t you mean, ‘Fee Fii Fo Fum?”
Giant: “Duh yeah, but that don’t rhyme with Dot.” *grabs the Warners and brings them up to his face*
Dot: “You know, you should really pluck these unsightly nose hairs. *Reaches up into his nose and pulls one out*
Giant: “Duh…OUCH!!! That smarted me!!”
Yakko: “I doubt it.”

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Monday, July 9, 2007

For those who missed my last post, we have finally named our kitten….FuzzButt! That’s not going to be his “official” name though but Sir Damien FuzzButt McGoo is a possibility for his full name but it may also be Prince Yuki FuzzButt McGoo (his dad’s name was McGoo). So yeah, the name we call him around the house is officially FuzzButt but his “real” name may be either Yuki or Damien. I came up with the name Damien because we have soon realized how evil and psycho are little bundle of fur is. He’s a total sweet heart…until he wants to play and then he goes NUTS! But, he is a kitten and most kittens are like that.XD

Yesterday, my boys and I went out to the movies and saw, Ratatouille. It was so good! We all loved it. There were some teens though that sat behind us and the one behind me decided to put her feet up on the back of my chair and so she kept rocking it and Gavin was sitting beside me and he turned around and yelled at the girl to put her feet down. Thank you, Gavin! Hee! We then went to Applebees and it was almost 11pm and it was nice and peaceful but then a family of 12…yes TWELVE kids came in and sat right beside us! Their were 4 adults and they all got alcoholic drinks(how smart is that?) and the kids were being obnoxious and annoying and there was a baby that kept screeching and throwing stuff on the ground. We left very quickly. Who brings a group of kids out to eat at 11pm when they’re tired and cranky?!
We then went to Wal-Mart and Gavin bought a Transformers helmet that when you put it on and talk, it changes your voice to sound like a Transformer. It was awesome and you better believe we had a lot of fun playing with that. Tyler put on the helmet and called our friend, Howard and left a voice message on his phone with that voice. So funny.XD

No quote or picture for the day, rather a video! Hee! I was browsing youtube and found a bunch of great Animaniacs episodes and clips. I used to love when Animaniacs would do their Shakespeare parodies in which they have one character re-enacting a famous Shakespeare verse and another would “translate” it into modern English. This one from A Midsummer Night Dream was one of my faves. I love Wakko with the hot pixie in the background plus, the video is only 2 minutes long so you should watch it for a good laugh and to reminisce with the Warners:

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