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Friday, June 1, 2007

I finished my Loveless drawing! If you could please take a look at my drawing, I’d be very happy. Here’s the linky-poo:

I’m very pleased with the way this came out. I tried a subtly different shading technique in the hair…but I don’t expect people to notice what I did different.XP And since I know some people don’t read the artist statement under the drawings, I’ll sum it up with, the piece was all done by hand with colored pencils and copic markers for the background, the butterflies were done using some old school stencils I’ve had since I was a wee little one, and ummm…what else? Oh, there was a big storm outside when I was doing the final inking of this piece and my hand was getting shaky since I’m kinda scared of storms but I somehow managed not to screw it up.XP
I’m not going to blog anything else today since I just want people to check out my drawing since it would make me ever-so happy.^__^
And here’s a random Inuyasha pictureXD:

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

I went to my old high school’s art show today. Every year I’m asked to be a judge for the show but this year and last year I couldn’t. Last year because I was living in New York City, this year because I had to close at work so wouldn’t be able to get up that early to judge. My boys, Gavin, Tyler, and Phil met me there and another pal, Melissa came too. I wish I had been able to judge this year because I saw a lot of artwork that deserved to be awarded something and it didn’t. Ah well. Afterwards, I chatted with my old art teacher and he’s trying to get me to submit my art to all sorts of companies because he thinks my work would do well getting published. We’ll see. And after that, my boys and Melissa went outside and played Frisbee for quite some time…but the Frisbee we played with was a 2 foot spongy Frisbee so that was a lot of fun bombing that at one another.

With my last post, my coworker Chris I mentioned who looks like if Orlando Bloom and Shaggy from Scooby Doo had a baby…I am very attracted to him, yes. I will not deny that however…he has a personality that I think may drive me crazy after awhile. Like, he and I will talk about anything but Chris has this personality that tends to clash with many. Why? Because he’s very sure of himself and doesn’t take crap from people. In other words, he’s cocky. He’s told me that I’m one of the few people he likes which makes me feel good but whether or not I could realistically see myself dating him? Hmmmm…probably not. Although it would be dandy since he’s such great eye-candy and since he’s so tall, me at 5’9” could actually wear high heels with him!
Nothing else to report…oh, except my Loveless drawing is going well and it should be done soon! I’ll post a thumby and such to it once it’s done.^_^

Amusing Quote of the Day:
“I don’t like thank you cards because I don’t know what else to say. What do I put on the inside? ‘See front?’ I dunno, they seem pretty redundant…tell me something I don’t know. ‘Thank you…I fear dolphins.’ Really? This guy’s grateful and interesting.”

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Remember the Ragdoll kitten my mom put a reserve on a little while ago? Well, the litter was born a couple weeks ago and they breeder sent pictures and we chose the kitten that we’ll end up getting in about a month. We decided to get a boy kitten since we’ve always liked males better since they don’t tend to howl and such when they go into heat.^^’ Anywho, the breeder asked us what we wanted to name the kitten, so she can start calling the kitty that now, while it’s very young, so it’ll learn. For those who don’t know what Ragdoll cats look like, they look similar to Himalayan cats in that they have long fur but Ragdolls are generally lighter and the kitten we chose has the mitten feet. Well, I told my mom what I wanted to name the cat…but she didn’t really care for the name even though she laughed quite a bit over it…I wanted to name the kitten “FuzzButt.” Can’t imagine why she doesn’t like that elegant name.^_~

So, I was talking to one of my coworkers last night and his name is Chris…and it’s not the same Chris who was the security guard that helped me with my car troubles…this is a different Chris. There’s like 4 Chris’s that work at my casino…those crazy Chris’s.^_~ Anywho, this Chris looks like if Orlando Bloom and Shaggy from Scooby Doo had a baby. lol! I know, weird combo but he has the face like Orlando Bloom’s but he’s incredibly tall and lanky and has the punk-ish Beetles style hair-do like Shaggy. But yeah, he’s a good looking guy and I like tall skinny guys…probably because I’m tall and skinny too and he’s like, 6’4!”
He’s 4 years older then me and when he found out how old I was he was surprised…he thought I was older but not because of my looks but the way I act and as he put it, “You don’t act….stupid. You’re mature but…not.” lol! I suppose most people my age are at their age of acting wild and stupid but I got what he was saying since people say it to me often. I have a way of talking like a person of intelligence but the topics I talk about often aren’t. Haha! Does that make sense? Probably not.XD I talk with proper English and grammar and I think that’s what makes me seem smarter then I really am. Heehee! Comes from having parents who were both teacher, I suppose.

And to that, I give my life’s quote:
“You can’t stay young forever but you can be immature for the rest of your life.”

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Theme change! I'm pleased with the way this theme came out…probably because green is my favorite color and summer is my favorite season and I think this theme kinda helps depicts that. Plus, the song that’s playing on my site is one of my all-time favorite songs too.^_^ But anyway, the theme is based on an anime called, Shining Tears…a very good anime that is only available for download as of now because it’s still in its early stages in Japan and I hear the anime is based on a video game…which I didn’t realize till later.

So yeah, for those who missed my last post, if you’re going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, make sure and stick around to the end of the credits because the true ending of the movie happens then. But, like I said, I wasn’t too impressed with the 3rd installment until the very end of the movie. Prior to the final battle, I was pretty bored and it’s not because, like someone said, that the plot was pretty complicated, no I understood what was going on but they could have done more to make it entertaining. At least we get to see Jack Sparrow shirtless in this one! lol! And is it just me, or does Keira Knightly (Elisabeth Swan) make some really weird faces? Don’t get me wrong, I think Knightly is a beautiful actress but she has some really odd looks. Like her nose clenches and her face always gets the bazaar look of confusion and it seems like she can’t control her lips properly…as if she had work done on the upper lip and she still hasn’t figured out how to talk right. *shrug* Perhaps it was because her character annoyed me in the 3rd movie that I was noticing all her weird behaviors.XP

So, my 12 hour shift was hell and I was a total crabapple throughout it. To people who suggested I just say ‘no’ when they ask me to come in early…well, I technically could but I shouldn’t because the people who never come in to work overtime are the ones that often get canned first. As to why they haven’t hired another banker yet to replace the oompa loompa who got fired, I have no idea! I want to yell at my boss to get his butt in gear and hire someone so I can not work so much and have a life again. *grumbles*
Anywho, another Shining Tears picture. Preeeeetty *pets*:

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

So, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 yesterday morning and it was pretty good. Not great, not wonderful, not fantastic, but pretty good. I thought the movie was kinda boring until the very end with the final battle and then it got awesome. So yeah, my least favorite of the three. Oh, and if you go see it…MAKE SURE AND STICK AROUND TILL THE END OF THE CREDITS!!! Trust me, if you don’t, you’ll be missing the true finale to the movie and if you leave before staying to see it, you’ll be wondering if a certain something happens and the part at the end of the credits, will most likely, answer what you were wondering. I know, confusing and hard to explain unless you see the movie but I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys so, just keep your butts parked in your seats or you’ll be sorry. *shakes fist*

So, after seeing the movie yesterday, I had to go to work and I was asked to come in an hour and a half early today. To say the least, I am pissed. I am already pulling in all this overtime and my work days are already too long but now they want me to come in at 4 pm instead of 5:30 pm so I’m going to be there at work for 12 hours today on top of already not getting the days off I’m supposed to. I’m getting close to snapping, I really am and I don’t know how much more of this schedule I can tolerate.

And to make me feel even more crappy, I had left my lights on of my car all night so at 3:00 am, when I went to go start my car in the deserted, dark parking light, it was dead.>_< So, I had to drag my butt all the way back to the casino and try and get someone to help me jump my car. Thank my mom for getting me an emergency car kit for Christmas this year since it included jumper cables. A couple security guards came out to help me. One is a super-cute guard named Chris.XD So yeah, they were so nice and saved the damsel in distress by getting my car started again.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

I had such a nice, relaxing day today. It was lovely and sunny, so I went for a walk and then I worked on my Loveless drawing some more. I got the background all done as well as Ritsuka and Soubi’s skin so I only need to do their hair and clothes. I really like how it’s coming out so far…let’s hope I don’t screw it up. *knocks on wood*

Have you guys ever done something when you’re younger and even though it’s many years later, your parents still annoy you with it? Well, when I was in 5th grade, I had my mom for a teacher (aye, my mom and dad were both 5th grade teachers so I had to have either one or the other and I ended up having my mom>_<) and back when I was in her English class, I had done poorly on one of her spelling tests. Well…to this day…my mom STILL thinks I have problems spelling. Like, I was writing out the mailing address to my grandma for her birthday and the street name is “Sandhill” and my mom actually, spelled it out for me and when I told her, “I know how to spell, Sandhill,” my mom responds with, “Well, apparently you can’t since you failed a spelling test in 5th grade.” *smacks forehead* Yeah…she needs to listen to herself when she, herself states that I had failed a test in FIFTH GRADE!!! Get over it! I am a good speller now that I’m in my early 20’s! Gah…it ticks me off to no end and I apologize for the rant.

Anywho, I’m seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 3 this morning with my boys. I can’t wait! We’re seeing the 11:30 am showing since I have to work later tonight and we all wanted to see it. I hope it’s decent.
And I may change my theme soon. I’m still choosing a good Summer-esque theme.^_^

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I have 2 days off in a row! Bliss!! I haven’t had 2 days off in a row in ever-so long…even though I’m supposed to get 3 but still! I get 2 which is better then none or only 1. I spent most of the day just relaxing and I got to work on my Loveless drawing. It’s coming along nicely and I’m excited to finish it. Even though that wont be for a few days at least.

I made an account on the TokyoPop site. I mostly created one to put my artwork up because if I want my work to be seen…what better place then the site where TokyoPop creators/publishers view? I sooooo want to quit my job and do something in the illustration field but at the same time I need money so I better keep my casino job till I can ever land something in art. My username is the same there as it is everywhere else my work is located which is: ElvesAteMyRamen. I always try and keep my username since obviously, when people change their names for every site they’re on, it’s hard to keep them straight or to find their work. Except the turd burglars who stole my username for Yahoo messenger and youTube. GRRR! I hate un-creative people who steal other’s usernames. *shakes fist at them*
Did nothing else today really but draw and clean. I actually enjoy cleaning because it helps clear the mind. Plus, I’m already a neat freak so I pretty much just vacuum and dust and that’s about it. Wow…my fish are jumping around the surface and spazzing out. They want food! *feeds them* There, they happy.

Amusing Quote of the Day:
“I think it’s weird when you give someone flowers, you’re really saying…‘Here you go, now watch these die.’ I feel like you should give someone flowers when you want to threaten them….‘Here…you’re next.’

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Glad you guys enjoyed my hamster story from my last post.XD Yes, Drake had obviously almost carried out its diabolic escape and I had to be the evil one and catch him and put him back into his caged prison. Ah well…my friend actually does have a cat too…but this cat is the epitome of the “Garfield” cat…fat, lazy, once he’s lying down, he ain’t getting up. I had to say goodbye to Miranda yesterday since she’s heading back down to Florida and I’ll miss her lots.

So, I had to close tonight with the female version of Ronald McDonald. She’s a nice lady and all but all she wants to talk about is, “me, me, me.” Now, I certainly don’t mind people talking about themselves but when one has a conversation, the “me’s” tend to bounce back and forth to the person who’s talking. Like her and I were talking about horror movies and I started saying something about a horror movie *I* liked and she actually interrupted me to go on about what ones she liked. I want to smack her sometimes.
Oh, and have you guys heard of the book, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer? Well, absolutely fantastic book and I was reading it and finished it during some down time and the clown coworker asked me what I was reading and I told her what it was about and it turns out she loves vampire books and wanted to borrow it. Keh! Let me start by saying, I am a stone tight nit-picker about my books. As in, every one of my books/mangas look brand-fresh-from-the-shelf new. As I’m reading them I don’t bend the spine, I don’t curve the pages, I don’t get them stained, nothing…in other words…anal retentive. So the clown asks to borrow it and I was not too willing to share it with her. For one…she smokes! And she always just radiates the fumes of disgusting cigarettes plus, she’ll take her shoes off and her feet smell like cat pee and books absorb the scents of those around it so I know my book would come back stinking. And two, I let her see my book so she could read the summary, and in that 23 seconds she had the book, she managed to bend the front cover. Grrrrr! So yeah, no…no book loaning to that clown.

This post is getting long. I’ll shuttup…but I am starting a new drawing. It’s a Loveless one of Ritsuka and Soubi!^_^

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Yep…Justin Timberlake does the voice for Arthur in Shrek the Third. In my last post, a lot of people already knew that and some didn’t…before I saw the end credits to the movie, I didn’t know it was him but I’m kinda glad. I have a feeling if I went in knowing that Timberlake was the voice behind Arthur, I’d be doing nothing but concentrating on the fact that…Timberlake is Arthur. Lol! But yeah, like I said, I thought he did a great job and the acting was great so I have no negative comments about the old ‘NSYNC member.XP

So, like I mentioned in my last post, I got to see my old best friend from high school, Miranda and there was a funny incident that happened while at her house:
Her and I were talking and she was sitting on one couch and I was sitting on the other beside it facing her and suddenly, I see this puff ball little animal scamper across the floor in front of Miranda. She didn’t see it but I just look at her and go, “Uhhhh…Miranda? Do you guys have a pet rat or a gerbil or something?” And Miranda’s face just goes panicked and she replies, “Yeah…why?” And I answer, “Well, some poofy gold creature with a white ring of fur just went under your couch.” And Miranda just leaps up saying, “Oh my god, it’s Drake!!” lol! Apparently, Drake is Miranda’s little sister’s pet hamster and it had gotten out of its cage so her and I went onto hands and knees trying to get it and Miranda screeched and leapt away when Drake spazzed out on her but I managed to catch him and we put him back in his cage but yeah. We laughed about that for some time but mostly in the fact that I didn’t flip out and managed to keep my cool upon seeing a giant rodent go across their floor. What can I say, I lived in NYC for quite some time and got used to seeing flashes of mice scamper across floors.XD

And I think I’m going to keep doing the afternoon updates on days I have to work. On my days off I can pretty much update whenever but I can nail more sites when I update in the early afternoon then at 4 in the morning when I get home from work.^^

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I’m updating at 1:30 in the afternoon! Madness! I’ve been trying to figure out the best time to be updating my site since, like you guys know, I work from 5pm-3am so I have been updating at around 4am but I tend to miss people by updating at wonky times so I’m going to try the afternoon update and see how that goes.

So, I got to see Shrek 3 last night! It was very good…I personally, enjoyed the 2nd one best but this one was also very funny and entertaining. Maybe because this one didn’t feature Puss in Boots as much and he’s my favey but like I said, I still liked it. I ended up going with *counts* 8 people and a few of them liked this one best while other preferred the 1st or the 2nd so yeah…lol! It pretty much depends on your tastes but it’s worth seeing. And holy buckets it wasn’t till the end credits of the movie that I realized Justin Timberlake did the voice for Arthur! He was actually good too so I was surprised!

And I got to see my old best friend, Miranda too since she’s visiting from Florida for a week. It was so great seeing her because we were in-seperatable growing up but then I went off to college in NYC, while she went to college down in North Carolina so we drifted apart. One of the sad sad sad truths of growing up. But I went to her Dad’s house where she was staying and we talked for hours and then watched, Pet Semetary…and yes, it’s supposed to be spelled like that…it’s based on the Stephen King book but we watched that because we used to watch that movie ALL the time because it scared the living bajeebers out of us. Miranda said this was her first time seeing the whole movie too since she would always hide under a blanket when we watched it. It still scared her though but it wasn’t nearly as scary then when we were younger.XD

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