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Friday, August 3, 2007

Mushi, mushi, everyone! Apparently, it showed that I had updated yesterday, when I actually did not. I’m pretty sure it did that because I modified my August 1st post to let people know the contest was over and then I changed my profile as well so, I’m assuming me changing things around like that made my name highlight in blue showing that I had updated. Ah well, no harm done really I suppose.

So, I talked to my fellow coworker about her note she left about people not cleaning (I ranted about it in my last post), and I pretty much asked her, why she wrote a note like that when *I’m* the one who does ALL the cleaning? She basically told me, “Well, I was in a mood that day,” WTF?! That’s not a good reason! Apparently, on my days off, someone had spilled a few chips on the floor and didn’t clean them up. I told her it ticked me off because here I am, being the only person who ever cleans the bank and I’ve never once complained about it but after she left that note to our boss it made me wonder why the heck I ever bothered to begin with? She then responded that the note wasn’t meant to be directed at me, but to the OTHER bankers. Well fine, then YOU ask those other bankers to help clean (even though I still don’t think she has the right to say a thing seeing as how she never has helped once). What made me happy though was that all my supervisors told the boss that I do clean in there so they all stood up for me because they do see how hard I work in there considering my job is a banker, not a cleaner! Feh!

Anywho, my sister is visiting for a few days (for those who don’t know, I have an older sister and 2 older brothers…I’m the youngest…the “oops” baby), she’s been living in North Carolina for about 10 years now and I like to pick on her because once in awhile she’ll say things with a Southern accent. Especially, when she says the word, “five.” She sounds so Southern when she says that.XD I’m amazed she’s managed to hold onto her Northern accent so well…I’m terrible when it comes to accents because I tend to pick up how other people are talking so fast without realizing it. Like in college, I had a roommate with a strong New Jersey/Brooklyn accent and when I went home to visit apparently, I had that accent…I soon got rid of it though. Hee!

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