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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Listening To: Breaking Benjamin - Follow
Ye know, i've been trying really hard to find more Kimimaro pictures, but i can barely find any ~.~ its beginning to grate on me. I think hes a great character.

Ohh and its been going around that Naruto is now lisenced. Well heres what AnimeSuki said to that:

"On February 15 ShoPro Entertainment announced it was appointed the main licensor for Naruto in the USA. This has lead many to claim Naruto has been licensed. However AnimeSuki sees ShoPro only as a middle-man and not an anime company which releases anime themselves. As such we're not marking it licensed yet. Please note that this situtation may change at any time. Also the ShoPro "license" means Naruto is now much more likely to be licensed in the US, especially by VIZ."

That sounds like good news for now eh? But when they do lisence it, i will throw a hissy fit >.< seriously!

Anyway, i'm off to once again try and find some Kimimaro pics ^.^ enjoy this pic of Seto with his ass in the air (we all know hes waiting for Joey *snicker*)

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Chocolate
My date went really well ^.^ Hide and Seek ain't out yet so we went to see Ocean's Twelve. But there was about 50 kids (aged 14-16) making loads of noise, so we coulnd't hear the first part of the film. Then the Manager's came into the place to try and deal with the kids, who only made more noise.

In the end, they all got kicked out, and because we had about 30minutes of our time wasted they gave us this free ticket thing. So on the 25th (when Hide and Seek actually comes out) we're guna go cinema again and see it ^.^ But the movie was good good.

Me and Matt had the strangest of conversations. I haven't laughed so hard in ages XD Everyone must have thought we were drugged up or something, we got the strangest of looks o_O And people wouldn't sit near us haha.

In the end we came back to my house and just watched TV till about 11pm, then he went home ^^ it was a great night XD And to make the night perfect, i came home and watched YGO (i got Trish to tape it for me ^^;). I love Joey so much =P

Anyway, heres two funny pics i found. The first one i can imagine them all shouting "MONKEY!!!!!!" LMAO XD and the 2nd one, well...its just funny XD bye bye people ^^

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Listening To: Orange Range - Viva Rock
Hi de ho ^.^ Today is a good day *nods nods* i get too celebrate two things; first V Day, but the one i'm even more merry about is my 1st year at MyO ^.^
And it seems my next theme is the Red Rose Joey one ^^ right after this Kimimaro theme gets abit old haha ^^; (he rules in the anime, best quotes ever <3)

Anyway heres the V Day pic for you wonderful people:

Ok, this year has been great ^^ never thought i'd find a place with so many cool friends. Some of you have grown to be some of my trusted friends, and i can't thank MyO enough for letting meet you people.
First i want to thank these people: Chie, Sw33tz, Lockheartifa, Broken Blade and Dark Phoenix.
You lot have been there for me from the very beginning, i can't imagine it without ye ^.~
The next batch are people who i've grown to know over MSN, and in turn, i've grown to love em all that bit more: TAG, Dark Phoenix, Dark Mercenary, Poo62, and Master Kyo.
You people are the best ^.^
I know Milky Cat isn't here no more, but i wanna thank her for showing me the loviness of yaoi XD thank ye babe ^.~
Also i know Mai won't be able to see this, but she is still my molest bunni, and deserves a mention. I'm so glad i met her, i guess i have Master Kyo to thank partly for that hehe ^.^
And then Black Pearl and Winged Youki your both great babes ^.^ i'm so glad we met.
And all you other wonderful MyO <3

Wow, i sound like i'm making a farewell speech o_O well don't worry, i ain't going anywhere anytime soon, heres my 1st Year Anniversary pic, have a great one:

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Listening To: Gravitation - Yuu Utsuna Seven Days
Well tomorrow is Valentines Day, and also...*drum roll*...My 1st full year at the MyO ^.^ Happy days hehe. So tomorrow i'll be celebrating two things.

Well it seems i got a date for V Day heh. Considering i think this 'holiday' is a bunch of bull (sorry to all you romantic's out there) i still got a date o_O if you remember i was telling you bout this guy i talk to on MSN who lives on my street, well he asked me out a few nights ago. We are only going cinema, but it will hopefully be an ok night. Ohh, and the people who i made V Day cards for, will be getting them some time today, cos i'm not sure i'll have much time on here tomorrow >.>

Other then that, i went out last night to Southend. It was me, Phil, Rich, Kerry and Jade (Kerry is Phil's GF, and Jade is Kerry's mate, i barely know either of em). And we got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half >.< there was like a 5 car pile up on the damn motorway so everyone had to wait.

But in the end we got to Southend, and it was FREEZING!! Damn, i almost died in the cold >.< and the only reason we went to Southend, is so we could look at cars o_O Cars!!! I didn't know why we were going till we were there, i would have said no if i knew we were going just to look at kitted up cars >.> Ahh well, the night was ok really, a giggle. Although Kerry got jealous at me at one point >.> Phil was apperantly flirting with me (i'm really dense when it comes to flirting etc) and Kerry looked pissed *Shrugs* not my fault.

One more thing, i have the next three themes set up (yes three). And all of em are of Joey from YGO. So i would like your help ^^ which one should i do next:

Gold/Yellow Joey Theme
Rose Red Joey Theme
Light Blue Joey Theme

Anyway, i've babbled enough, heres a nice piccy ^^

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Listening To: MC Chris - Fett's Vett
I got a Valentine Day card today ^^ from my hunni Mai. Unfortuantly cos i don't have her address i can't send her one back. So i'll have to send her one via email, which isn't as sweet, but its the best i can. Ohh, and some of you people will receive V Day cards from me, so don't suddenly think i'm hitting on you or anything, i just thought it would be a nice thing to do ^^

Ohh and how do you like my new theme? I actually really love it, Hinata is a babe <3 and you can now spam my shoutbox XD Ok, you see this Fett's Vett's song i'm listening to, its a Star Wars mix, and i can't stop listening to it o_O i've listened to it about 40 times now >.< I can't help it!

Well some shitty things happened last night, not sure if i should tell anyone, but lets say, two great friends of mine are kinda lost (not literally) and i hope they find themselves.

Well heres a nice piccy of Jou and Seto, loves ye loads people.

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Monday, February 7, 2005

Listening To: Green Day - Wake Me When September Ends
Aye, yes i'm still alive. Shocked? Didn't think so. Anyway i wanna quickly say Arigatou to Lockheartifa ^.^ that PM really did lift my spirits. Just knowing that someone is there.

Well atm i'm all by myself in Amy's dorm (at her Uni). Shes off at class so i'm stealing time on the internet hehe. But don't expect me on MSN too much you people who talk to me on there oO;; because Amy has too much planned (and i barely have enough money for all these things). I'm here till Thursday, so after that, you can expect me on as much as i use to be.

Last night i just hung around in AMy's room with her, watched TV, pigged out on chocolate and just had a giggle ^^ well i better be off to visit sites if i wanna get em all done before Amy returns and boots me off this thing.
Heres a pic of Jou and Seto looking quite strange in new get-ups, but they still look hot ^^

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Friday, February 4, 2005

Listening To: Chevelle - Send The Pain Below
Comments Turned Off. Yep, you know what that means, i'm in a depressed mood. I knew my hyper, happy mood was too good to last *sigh* i freaking hate it when i go into these depressive bouts.

One moment, i'm watching Gravitation with Steve, being my weird old self. Next, i'm sitting here alone wishing something very heavy would drop on my head -.-; I hope this doesn't last long, i'm meant to be going to my sis' Uni for a few days soon, and i don't want to be all depressive the whole time. I'll just bring down other people, like i always do. I'm quite a burden really when you think about it. Heh, how nice, i've just dubbed myself a human burden, gee, i'm really happy now ain't i. *Sigh* well before i bring you lot down i'm guna disappear, hmm maybe this pic will make up for my shitty post...probably not.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Listening To: Little By Little - Kanashimi Wo Yasashisa Ni
I watched episodes 109, 110 and 111 of Naruto yesterday ^^ and after this i'm guna download some more XD i love that anime. But i haven't seen Kakashi in any of those episodes >.< not fair! Hes my fav character, silly perv *snicker*

And i got some of the Gravitation songs i was after, and some Naruto songs too ^.^ Actually i got 131 Naruto songs oO;; i downloaded them from Boxtorrents, and after going through most of the songs i've found my favs once again. Like the one i'm listening too now, i've missed all these songs *teary eyed*

Ohh, and Happy Birthday Sw33tz! *Huggles you so tight* have a great one babe, you've been fab since i've first met ya *glomps again* ok, most of you know Sw33tz and will most likely say Happy B-Day anyway, but if you don't go say it *puppy eyes* be nice and wish dear Sw33tz-chan Happy B-Day!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Listening To: Bowling For Soup - The Hard Way
Wow, this morning guess what i received? A letter from Mai ^^ or some of you know her as Animeblue Girl. I was so happy XD we're guna keep in tough by letter, so now shes my pen pal in a way ^.^ *is happy* It seems to take a while for letters to go from America to England thou haha, she wrote it on the 22nd Jan, and i only got it this morning. *Shrugs* at least i got one.

Ohh and if your wondering whos in the avi, thats Muraki from YnM, the physco Doctor. Him and Tsuzuki are my favs ^^ For my birthday i'm guna get the Gravitation CD, i love the songs on that anime XD they rule! So now, im guna see if i can download some of the songs, don't know if i can wait till March to get the CD haha. Well that means im off, and heres another Jou pic (im obsessed with him oO;)

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Ways & Means
Well Saturday sucked -.-; my feet hurt like hell and Michelle bitched at me. And then she treats me like some freaking kid, pfft. She made me go home early cos she wanted to go to bed, and it was only about midnight (we were expecting to stay out till 4/5am). So yeah, im real pissed off with Mic atm.

Anyway, before i get too angry, i watched two different animes ^.^ Yami No Matsuei and Gravitation. Haha XD they are great. YnM is funny but then it can be really serious and sad -.-; poor Tsuzuki (from YnM) but in his puppy form he is SOOO adorable *glomps him* And i love the crazy Doctor Muraki, hes so freaking cool. And Gravitation, well thats just pure funniness =P Yuki is definatly a hot bishie lmao XD

But i've already finished watching all the episodes -.-; so i'm guna get the Manga ^^ YnM left so many questions un-answered at the end oO;; so i'm hoping the Manga helps. Well bye bye people ^^ heres a pic of Jou ^.~

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