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Friday, January 28, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - Mr. Jack
Happy Birthday Big Bro!! If you know RyudoStarWind, then go say Happy 18th to him ^.^ best big bro a gal could ask for XD

If you get to read this Steve: Eh Buddy! Sorry couldn't be there for your 18th -.-; and i apoligize that i couldn't get you anything. Seems January is a bad month for money for me. Ack. But the minute i get some loose cash be assured i'll go get ye something ^.^ Hazaa!

Ok, now to everyone else. Erm, *scratches head* I honestly can't think of a thing to say ^^; so i'll leave ye with the One Winged Seto (never thought i'll be calling him that XD)

[Edit] Nicked this from Blue Hawk:

Three names you go by:
- Josie (well that IS my name after all)
- Dosey (don't ask)
- Jose (ppl say this one to piss me off)

Three screen names you've had:
- Dark Sephiroth
- Dark Sephy Chan
- Sarlinari

Three things you like about yourself:
- My stupidity (its easy to make ppl laugh)
- My chest XD (haha, sorry, had to put that in there)
- My self control when it comes to arguments (well at Mic's house at least)

Three things you don't like about yourself:
- The point that i can't seem the make major desicions (sp?) on my own >.<
- My lack of common sense (its an easy target for ppl to mock me haha)
- How i speak first, and think later haha its got me into many a trouble

Three parts of your heritage:
- Emm English XD
- French (surname is French)
- German appernalty

Three things that scare you:
- Spiders >.<
- Heights >.<
- My parnets when they are pissed. My mum freaking went insane once, and i thought she was guna drive us into a wall or something.

Three of your everyday essentials:
- Computer
- Coke
- Ciggerettes (not healthy, but hey, who cares)

Three things you are wearing right now:
- PJ bottoms
- T-Shirt
- Ermm, underwear counts right?

Three of your favorite bands [or artists of the moment]
- System Of A Down
- Blink 182
- Breaking Benjamin

Three of your favorite songs at present:
- Rain
- I Miss You
- Forest

Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months:
- Get a job
- Get a job
- Get a job (sorry, i really couldn't think of anything else)

Three things you want in a relationship [love is a given]:
- Closeness (no more online ones haha XD)
- Understanding
- Respect

Two truths and a lie [your amazing if you can guess the lie]:
- I use to be sat on when i was young (the teachers sat on me -.-)
- I didn't speak till i was 4
- I love Justin whats his name

Three things you just can't do:
- Drink alcohol, it tastes nasty
- Go near spiders >.<
- Sell my body >.<

Three of your favorite hobbies:
- Reading yaoi XD
- Writing yaoi XD
- Writing poems ^.^

Three things you really want to do badly right now:
- Get my back sorted out
- Go to a SOAD concert ^^
- Go on holiday abroad

Three careers your considering:
- Something to do with writing
- Something to do with computers
- Dunno >.>

Three places you want to go on vacation:
- Japan
- Spain ^^
- Aussie

Three kid's names:
- Jake
- Zack
- Sephiroth (no seriously haha XD)

Three things you want to do before you die:
- Tell Mic how much she means to me and how much shes done for me (as a friend!)
- Same as above, but for my family
- Punch someone in the face (hey, if im going down, im going down as the vicious bitch ppl know i am)

Three people who have to take this quiz or die painfully:
- Broken Blade XD You have to do this
- Sw33tz
- Any other person who reads this (haha, now you all have to do this quiz)

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Listening To: Steve Play Fable
No, there ain't a song called 'Steve Play Fable' but Steve is actually playing that game Fable in my room. He woke me up at 8am just to come into my room to play it >.< i was not happy with being woken up so early.

Yesterday i found out someone i talk to over the internet, lives about 5 minutes away frome me oO;; we know eachother from a forum (L-Factor) and from DA. And so he added me on MSN, we got to talking and then found out we live on the same street >.> lol it was quite weird really. Anyway, other that that, i'm finally downloading more anime, Yami No Matsuei and Gravitation. YAY XD well both have yaoi, so what do you expect lol.

Well, im guna go back to watching my bro play Fable, so i'll leave ye with another YGO pic ^^

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Listening To: SnowPatrol - Tiny Little Fractures
Hehe, look at that avi <-- Seriously, its hilirous XD i had a laughing fit for an hour after that ((yes, i know, i'm sad, i don't need reminding thanks ^^)). Anyway, enough of my randomness, my room is finally done. The laptop is now im my room ^.^ so i can cram as much junk into it as i want lmao.

It seems Michelle wants to help me get dressed for Saturday. We rarely ever do strange girly stuff like this, we don't even have girly convo's. Why? Emm, maybe cos she thinks im more male then female. Yes, Sephy is known as a male to her best friend haha XD kinda degrading, but what the hey. Actually, alot of people i know think i'm more male then female. Not cos of looks >.< but cos of my personality, and what i like. Meh, well i did use to be a complete tom-boy, so doesn't surprise me that people think i'm more male >.>

Anyway, im off to feel my Laptop with crap ^^ so i'll love ya and leave ya with this.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Listening To: Freefaller - Do This Do That
YAY, Sephy has 10,000+ Hits ^.^ Thankies to all you wonderful people *huggles you all so tight* Haha you know my 1 year anniversary at MyO is on Valentines Day XD I didn't even realise till a few days ago.

Anyway enough of that. The only thing i've been really doing as of late is watching YuGiOh ((hence the huge obsession haha)) and then coming online. Nothing exciting -.-; but Saturday i'm going up London *sigh* Central London can be such a bother sometimes. But hey, i'm going there for Rich's and Mic's joint B- Day, so i have ta go. Really all i came on to say was thank you to ye all *hugs again* so i leave ye with two piccys ^^

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Listening To: Green Day - Holiday
Well for the most part my room is done, dad only needs me to bring down the rest of my stuff etc. Laptop will be all mine soon ^.^ YAY, now i get to put as many graphic pics on here as i want XD

We went to nan's for a little while, cos it was her birthday a few days ago. Its fun to talk about old times ^^ until they come to the subject of how evil i use to be >.> i'm quite sure i wasn't THAT evil. Although they all seem to think i'm the child of Satan or something ((wouldn't that make my mum Satan?)).

Now i'm off to finish downloading Photoshop CS haha. Ohh, heres a pic before i go though ^.~

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Listening To: HIM - Funeral Of Hearts
Well i spent most of last night searching for more avi's and YGO pics. I got about 100 avi's and 300 YGO pics (although it took a good few days to get em all -.-) so expect lots of YGO stuff around here. And i'm sitting here waiting for my damn food to be delivered before i die of hunger >.<

I got out of tiding my room XD haha. I came up to mums and dad said he'll just move all my stuff for me *Whoop* being lazy always pays of lmao. Ohh and Sw33tz if you want the code on how to do the avi thingy, just ask k hun ^.~ you've helped me with loads of HTML crap, so i can at least re-pay the favour. Well i'll love ya and leave ya, but not without another pic ^.^

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Haha, i've been playing around with the HTML and now looky
<---- Cool neh? I can have an avi in each post, and the text is beside it all the way XD Yes, small things entertain small minds haha. So anyway, from now ok, expect an avi in each post ^.^ Other then that, my bro is screaming, yelling and swearing at the computer. No wonder i know every swear word, its all his fault. Ahh ok he just gave up on it >.< haha, me and him seem to have a temper problem, especially when it comes to games, well i ain't as bad as him. At least i haven't broken any computer games/consoles/controllers, and he once put his foot through some glass cupboard haha. Well i'm off to my mums soon, she seems to think im ignoring her. I mean, wtf? Why would i ignore her? Meh, hopefully when i see her she'll stop thinking silly things like that. Well thats it from me again, heres my fav YGO pairing again ^.~

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ok, my dad is being a complete jackass and i might go scream at him after i'm done with this. He won't ring my mum, even though i have told him several times do to so. It just bugs me when he doesn't listen, but then again i'm always ignored so i don't know why i even bother -.-;

Other then that, NOTHING is happening, i mean seriously. D Sephy would have died of boredom if it wasn't for my beautiful yaoi. Atm, i'm obsessed with YGO yaoi >.> well you probably could tell with the two banners i have below and that adoption thingy i have on my sidebar ((YAY! I adopted my fav pairing)).

And my dad is still complaining at me to clean my room >.< Noo i tell you, i will get eaten by the things that have grown in there oO;; no seriously, even my bro is scared of my room XD Ahh, i love filth (both kinds lmao). Anyway i'll leave ye with my fav pairing ^.~ YAA for puppy love:

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My God, you should see the wind outside. If i went out there i would get blown away oO;; my trees look like they are having a heart attack. And my cats are hiding in my room. Its dark and gloomy, and its still afternoon. Gezz, English weather just rules doesn't it?

I still need to check if Michelle's ok from a few days ago. And it seems i'm going away to Southampton on Feb 6th. Don't worry, i still got internet. But i won't be on as much, cos i'm going to see my sis at Uni *does lil dance* YAY.

I'll leave it at that, and show you this funny cross over pic between YuGiOh and Trigun (Jou looks pretty hot in that Priest costume haha):

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Well i went to a party last night. For the forst 1 or 2 we played with ballons, yes ballons >.> Jim drew faces on some of the ballons haha ^.^ And would ye believe it, they actually got me to drink haha. It was only a shot, but still, considering i've kept away from all alcohol for about 2 years, its was a big thing haha XD wasn't too bad actually, although it did burn my throat >.< The best part was near the end, we brought out some cards and started playing these stupid games. One game you were meant to put down all pairs etc etc, and guess what card i got, a freaking joker, what was i meant to do with that haha. But for some reason, Michelle was crying. I don't know why, and she wouldn't tell me. I feel really bad, so i might have to ring her later and see if she'll tell me now.

Ok now i'm guna go into abit of a rant. None of my friends seem to respect me, i think i found that out last night. Ok well this is how it usually goes when i'm out with them. We always listen to their music, which would be Drum n Bass, Rap, Garage. And i can't stand that stuff, i hate it. But because they all like it, i keep my mouth closed. I very rarely complain. But whenever ONE rock type song comes on, that me Chris and Paul usually like. Phil, Michelle start yelling. Phil and Mic go off into one saying "This grunge shit is depressing. Only people who want to kill themselves listen to it." And i'm sitting there beside them like 'Yeah, thanks, makes me feel so much better.' And when Chris argues back about listening only to the ONE song, Mic tries to put me onto her side "Well Josie ain't complaining." You wanna know why i don't fucking complain? Because no one fucking listens to me when i do! They always just turn round and tell me to shut up, or say i'm on crack (next person to say i'm on crack is guna get a black eye).

Anyway, theres alot more i can add to that rant, but it just gets me all angry re-thinking it. Ohh and guess what else? I found out Jim fancies me. GREAT! I don't want people liking me, and now, hes guna bug me to death. Ok now i'm pissed -.-;

Well to cheer myself up, heres a pretty bishie, Jou from YGO:

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