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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Listening To: Bowling For Soup - The Hard Way
Wow, this morning guess what i received? A letter from Mai ^^ or some of you know her as Animeblue Girl. I was so happy XD we're guna keep in tough by letter, so now shes my pen pal in a way ^.^ *is happy* It seems to take a while for letters to go from America to England thou haha, she wrote it on the 22nd Jan, and i only got it this morning. *Shrugs* at least i got one.

Ohh and if your wondering whos in the avi, thats Muraki from YnM, the physco Doctor. Him and Tsuzuki are my favs ^^ For my birthday i'm guna get the Gravitation CD, i love the songs on that anime XD they rule! So now, im guna see if i can download some of the songs, don't know if i can wait till March to get the CD haha. Well that means im off, and heres another Jou pic (im obsessed with him oO;)

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