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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Listening To: Gravitation - Yuu Utsuna Seven Days
Well tomorrow is Valentines Day, and also...*drum roll*...My 1st full year at the MyO ^.^ Happy days hehe. So tomorrow i'll be celebrating two things.

Well it seems i got a date for V Day heh. Considering i think this 'holiday' is a bunch of bull (sorry to all you romantic's out there) i still got a date o_O if you remember i was telling you bout this guy i talk to on MSN who lives on my street, well he asked me out a few nights ago. We are only going cinema, but it will hopefully be an ok night. Ohh, and the people who i made V Day cards for, will be getting them some time today, cos i'm not sure i'll have much time on here tomorrow >.>

Other then that, i went out last night to Southend. It was me, Phil, Rich, Kerry and Jade (Kerry is Phil's GF, and Jade is Kerry's mate, i barely know either of em). And we got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half >.< there was like a 5 car pile up on the damn motorway so everyone had to wait.

But in the end we got to Southend, and it was FREEZING!! Damn, i almost died in the cold >.< and the only reason we went to Southend, is so we could look at cars o_O Cars!!! I didn't know why we were going till we were there, i would have said no if i knew we were going just to look at kitted up cars >.> Ahh well, the night was ok really, a giggle. Although Kerry got jealous at me at one point >.> Phil was apperantly flirting with me (i'm really dense when it comes to flirting etc) and Kerry looked pissed *Shrugs* not my fault.

One more thing, i have the next three themes set up (yes three). And all of em are of Joey from YGO. So i would like your help ^^ which one should i do next:

Gold/Yellow Joey Theme
Rose Red Joey Theme
Light Blue Joey Theme

Anyway, i've babbled enough, heres a nice piccy ^^

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