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Monday, February 7, 2005

Listening To: Green Day - Wake Me When September Ends
Aye, yes i'm still alive. Shocked? Didn't think so. Anyway i wanna quickly say Arigatou to Lockheartifa ^.^ that PM really did lift my spirits. Just knowing that someone is there.

Well atm i'm all by myself in Amy's dorm (at her Uni). Shes off at class so i'm stealing time on the internet hehe. But don't expect me on MSN too much you people who talk to me on there oO;; because Amy has too much planned (and i barely have enough money for all these things). I'm here till Thursday, so after that, you can expect me on as much as i use to be.

Last night i just hung around in AMy's room with her, watched TV, pigged out on chocolate and just had a giggle ^^ well i better be off to visit sites if i wanna get em all done before Amy returns and boots me off this thing.
Heres a pic of Jou and Seto looking quite strange in new get-ups, but they still look hot ^^

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