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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Chocolate
My date went really well ^.^ Hide and Seek ain't out yet so we went to see Ocean's Twelve. But there was about 50 kids (aged 14-16) making loads of noise, so we coulnd't hear the first part of the film. Then the Manager's came into the place to try and deal with the kids, who only made more noise.

In the end, they all got kicked out, and because we had about 30minutes of our time wasted they gave us this free ticket thing. So on the 25th (when Hide and Seek actually comes out) we're guna go cinema again and see it ^.^ But the movie was good good.

Me and Matt had the strangest of conversations. I haven't laughed so hard in ages XD Everyone must have thought we were drugged up or something, we got the strangest of looks o_O And people wouldn't sit near us haha.

In the end we came back to my house and just watched TV till about 11pm, then he went home ^^ it was a great night XD And to make the night perfect, i came home and watched YGO (i got Trish to tape it for me ^^;). I love Joey so much =P

Anyway, heres two funny pics i found. The first one i can imagine them all shouting "MONKEY!!!!!!" LMAO XD and the 2nd one, well...its just funny XD bye bye people ^^

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