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Friday, February 11, 2005

Listening To: MC Chris - Fett's Vett
I got a Valentine Day card today ^^ from my hunni Mai. Unfortuantly cos i don't have her address i can't send her one back. So i'll have to send her one via email, which isn't as sweet, but its the best i can. Ohh, and some of you people will receive V Day cards from me, so don't suddenly think i'm hitting on you or anything, i just thought it would be a nice thing to do ^^

Ohh and how do you like my new theme? I actually really love it, Hinata is a babe <3 and you can now spam my shoutbox XD Ok, you see this Fett's Vett's song i'm listening to, its a Star Wars mix, and i can't stop listening to it o_O i've listened to it about 40 times now >.< I can't help it!

Well some shitty things happened last night, not sure if i should tell anyone, but lets say, two great friends of mine are kinda lost (not literally) and i hope they find themselves.

Well heres a nice piccy of Jou and Seto, loves ye loads people.

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