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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - A.D.D
<--- *Is proud of that icon* XD Anyway, now that that is out of the way. I can't believe how many people told me that selling babies for drugs happens like all the time o.O Gezz, humanity seriously does suck doesn't it.

I also got my prezzie and card from my beautiful Mai today ^.^ She said its a b-day prezzie and an engagment gift XD Its a pretty gold necklace with a diamond thingy hanging from it. And of course she gave me a lovely card with kitty stickers b^.^d you can't beat kitty stickers XD

Ohhh and some people still don't get the Shipping thingy, well *points to featured quiz results* like that banner. The one saying i support PuppyShipping. I'll make those for any pairing, i might start making some in a moment actually, so if you want a specific pairing, tell us and i'll have a go!

Anyway, enjoy Seto/Joey goodness (some of you seem to really like the pics i put up).

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Listening To: Bowling For Soup - Where To Begin
Well some of you who come from England may already know this, but i read one of the most sickening things in my life yesterday. I ain't a child lover, pfft, far from it, but this is just wrong. A mother and father were trying to sell their child for 15,000 Pounds. Ohh, and thats not the best part, they were selling this 2/3 yr old for DRUG money!

And the parents (well, i wouldn't really call them parents) use to inject themselves infront of their baby. They could have put the kid up for adoption if they wanted to get rid of it that badly! But they said "They didn't want paperwork". Ack, sick people.

Well, onto more happier things >.> I finally finished mine, Shanny-sama's and Shadow-san's banners XD took me a while gals but i done it <33 You should know which is yours:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Ohh and some of you asked about this 'Shipping' thing. Well heres two examples: Seto/Joey = PuppyShipping. Joey/Mai = PolarShipping. There is like a 'Shipping' for every pairing possible XD

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - Toxicity
Sorry i wasn't here yesterday ^^; i was out last night having a meal with my family. It was a late birthday thing hehe. I had alot of fun, got confused most of the time, but thats just me XD

Also got some new things ^^ Amy gave me my late b-day prezzie, its a book called "How to draw Manga" pretty nifty eh? So i might be drawing abit more, weither you get to see em or not, i'm not sure, since the only scanner is all the way at me mums house. I also got Shonen Jump hehe, i like it ^.^ And i got the first Manga of Chobits, nothing like i thought it would be. But its absoulty great XD so perverted. I'm guna have to buy more b^.^d

The banners for me, Shanny and Shadowlight shall be done soon, whenever i find a decent enough Joey pic *shakes fist* So annoying how i can't find one of him in his underwear, or him naked without being graphic ~_~ Aye. Ohh and what would you people say if i started a "I support so-and-so shipping" of course it would be for YGO. Could be yaoi, yuri or straight couples. I think i might ^.^ Gives me something to do and all.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Listening To: Nothing...
Today i went out and bought .hack//infection. My bro is playing it at the moment. It's kinda like tradition, i buy new game, he plays it first. Not with every game i buy, some of them i made sure i was first to play (ToS) but this one kinda baffles me o.O

I think i might d/l the series, looks pretty cool b^.^d Anyway, other then that not much else is happening. All of last night i was trying to find a picture of Joey & Yami in their underwear XD Why? Well i was guna make a banner for me Shadowlight and Shanny, cos we're nicking the YGO casts underwear. It was guna say "I've yonked so-and-so's underwear" XD I've actually got a pic of Seto in underwear, so i just have to find the other two ^^ (Yes, that was a completely random subject)

Still finding out more neat stuff on PS7, its fun just messing around with all the buttons in there. Well i think i might get back to watching Steve play .hack. Byeee

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Listening To: Blink 182 - First Date
<-- By Me. Didn't get to bed till 7am ~_~ I wasn't tired haha. My sleeping pattern is fucked once again. And i had to wake up early to go pick up Paige from school, so i barely got any sleep.

A few people wanted to know if Sukisyo is licensed, well no. Heres the link to the downloads: http://www.animesuki.com/series.php/548.html

Shanny: You seriously don't have to get anything for my B-Day hun ^.^ i'm seriously ok with just knowing your fine <33

Shadowlight: Hehe, yes we shall steal the YGO casts underwear XD Why? Because we can! Haha!

Well today is St Patrick's day so heres a nice piccy ^.^

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Listening To: Song From My Site
Ack ~_~ *ish very tired* i tried to go to sleep about 3am (yes its late, but i was talking to Mai) and i couldn't sleep. I just laid there bored, so i got up and came back online. Now i'm finding it hard to keep my eyes open *yawns* But i don't know if i can even be bothered to go back to bed, i would have to wake up in a few hours anyway...

Well, i was playing around in PS7 again last night, i have some ultra cool brushes on it now *smiles* and whenever my bro tells me how, i'm guna add more fonts =P So expect to see lots more icons from me. I actually have a bunch done already, but Photobucket is being a complete bitch (Grr). And i can't work out any fucking HTML for LJ. That place is way more confusing then over here >.< But i didn't really sign up there for the layouts, more for the cool communities b^.^d And to share my icons XD *has absolutly no life*

Watched Sukisyo 9 last night, *sobs* it was sad! I won't ruin it if some of you plan on watching it, but i found it sad. (Although very hot at the same time o.O That episode had alot of boys hitting on boys XD). Ohh and i'm glad you all like the PuppyLove theme, cos its staying here for a while. I feel all giddy and bubbly when i look at my site o_O I loves Seto/Joey fluff <33 Anyway, i'm hungry and this post is getting boring, byeee.

Ohh and Shadowlight, you may have to give Seto back his underwear soon o.O Him and Joey want to run off and play, but he wants his underwear back first XD

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Ways & Means
Hey people ^.^ Sorry that i wasn't here yesterday. My Photoshop 7 arrived in the morning, so i was making pretty icons XD Ohh, and i made a LJ, but that ties in with the icon making haha. Anyway, nothing much other then that, i could talk about something quite painful to me, but i would rather not..I just feel wrong talking about it..

So lets leave that alone for now, and you can all see my pretty icons ^.^ (if you take any, tell me please):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Back to my PuppyLove theme ^.^ I love the paw prints *Squeals*

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Listening To: Blink 182 - Online Songs
Well i just accidently broke my chair o_O Opps. Shouldn't jump up and down on chairs me thinks. Anyway, hopefully Wolf's Rain will finish d/l sometimes today. Ever since Richard (AKA: Chocobo Gene) got obsessed with it i've wanted to see it. And because i'm d/l the whole thing in one go its taking forever ~_~

Hehe, when i went out last night i found out something that made me giggle. Me, Michelle and Paul were just chatting for hours, and some how we got on the conversation of this guy. Well he got knocked off his motorbike by a van (the biker was about 20 feet away from home), so the biker picks up his bike, calls the guy in a van a wanker, then pushes his bike the rest of the way home. And his wife heard the whole thing, so she came out and says "whats wrong". And the biker drops dead. It seems the adrenline kept him alive long enough to push his bike home XD

But i was thinking about it, and the first thing i said was "Haha, so that guys last words were 'WANKER!'" Haha XD I cracked up. I know it seems wrong to laugh at someones death, but come one, best last words ever!

Anyway, i better leave it at that, since half the conversation we had has now slipped my mind, since i was stoned o_O So heres a poem:

Angels Are Deadly

Today's the day,
Today's my day,
Where Angels appear,
And sing me to paradise.
So take the blade,
Drag it across virgin skin,
Scar the innocence,
And burn the grace.
Let it be known,
That Angels are deadly.

Masacara runs but never stains,
As i spill holy blood,
Let it turn pale wings crimson,
And turn the beauty ugly.
My sweet viagra,
Could never satisfy you.
And my sinful lust,
Could never excite you.
But my painful screams reached you.

I allowed you to become me,
And take away what i never had.
So let it be known,
That Angels are deadly.
As i rip wing from spine,
And allow my blood lust to comfort you.
Because Angels are deadly,
And my Angel loved me.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - Chic n Stu
First off: Thank you to all those who took abit of time to wish me Happy Birthday on my site (even those of you who don't normally visit) ^.^

A bigger thank you to those who sent me Birthday Graphics. (And an advance thank you to those still making em). And also those who put me on their sites ^.^ I feel very loved, and i don't often feel that way. *Gives everyone a big super hug*

Now, i had a great time last night. Me, Trish, Toria and Zoey went to club Extreme. We got to the club about 11-PM-ish. At first it seemed like nothing good was guna happen, we just sat down and talked abit. But then we got on the dance floor and well...danced.

And from there things just got fun haha. I drank 6 shots in total. Got drunk (i dont drink often so a little bit will get me drunk XD) and danced like a maniac. 2 men, one aged 31, the other 18, asked to come home with me o_O But i was pissed and just laughed at em for their srupid advances (i aint no whore!).

We talked to alot of different people hehe. No one would believe i was 17 ^^ they thought i was older haha. Most likely cos the way i dressed =P But thats ok, i don't do this often, so its fun to do this every once in a while.

Anyway, i feel out of it, so im guna go. Ohh and i wanna say a BIG sorry if i didnt make it to your site last night. Morning/Afternoon i was obsessed with watching Air and at Night, well i was out. But you can forgive me this once neh? I'll love ya and leave ya <3

[Edit]: If you need a laugh, or something strange to take your mind off whatever, go this link and play this vid ^.^ i think its adorable:

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - How To Be Dead
YAY, Happy Birthday to me ^.^ 17 today, and so far loving it XD I couldn't sleep, but i'm not tired at all. Quite bubbly and i keep singing to myself =P I had Amy ringing me just after midnight singing Happy Birthday down the phone. She wanted to make sure she was the 1st to say it hehe.

My mum has ordered me my prezzie ^.^ Its Photoshop 7 hehe. I can't wait till it gets here, i will be very happy to make graphic after graphic XD *has no life* My dad will more then likely give me money, but because its only 7am he ain't up yet. So not intirely sure on that one.

I got a lovely piccy from my friend AnimeGoth, she drew me a Sukisyo piccy hehe. FunkyDory wrote me a beautiful poem. And it seems my hunni Mai is sending a gift from Amercia. Ohh and i've been watching a new anime lately, Air. Its so adorable =P I love it hehe.

Anyway, *huggles* i'm in a great mood, so i'll end it here before i talk myself to death =P Love ya <3

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