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Monday, January 31, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Ways & Means
Well Saturday sucked -.-; my feet hurt like hell and Michelle bitched at me. And then she treats me like some freaking kid, pfft. She made me go home early cos she wanted to go to bed, and it was only about midnight (we were expecting to stay out till 4/5am). So yeah, im real pissed off with Mic atm.

Anyway, before i get too angry, i watched two different animes ^.^ Yami No Matsuei and Gravitation. Haha XD they are great. YnM is funny but then it can be really serious and sad -.-; poor Tsuzuki (from YnM) but in his puppy form he is SOOO adorable *glomps him* And i love the crazy Doctor Muraki, hes so freaking cool. And Gravitation, well thats just pure funniness =P Yuki is definatly a hot bishie lmao XD

But i've already finished watching all the episodes -.-; so i'm guna get the Manga ^^ YnM left so many questions un-answered at the end oO;; so i'm hoping the Manga helps. Well bye bye people ^^ heres a pic of Jou ^.~

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