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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Listening To: Train - Respect
Went out yesterday with Richard, Michael, Sarah, Dan and Neil to SouthEnd, which is the seaside ^.^ It was fun hehe.

I was dying to go to the toilet, so i kept nagging Richard. Eventually he gave in. Well Rich was very reluctant to walk anywhere, so when Neil pointed out this...hotel thingie on top of some hill (which was just opposite us) we decided to venture up there to find some toilets (just me and Rich). Well there was no toilet.

But there was these spazzie steps XD Like it had no pattern to em, like one would be tiny, you could barely stand on it, the next was HUGE, then it was a normal sized step. So i ended up calling them spazzie steps =P Its fun walking down spazzie steps at night. Rich fell over and i almost pissed myself laughing at him XD Sarah dubbed the steps 'anti-drunk steps' but i prefer my name haha.

Other than that, met Dan for the first time. Well i've seen him before, but i've never talked to him until yesterday. Well he is a very funny mini man XP He kept bouncing around everywhere. And because i was hyper off the sugar from the donuts i bought, i was bouncing with him lol.

And when we were driving home. Dan and Neil were infront of us in their car, and all we could see was Dan swaying his arms along to the music =P And...he looks about 17...but hes 23! He looks soo young! But he is very cute XD Anyway, here are some more banners i made, one of them is a 'Shipping' banner, which anyone who supports that pairing is free to use it:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyway, thanks for listening to my ramblings!

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Chocolate
I seem to be making loads of banners lately XD I opened up a banner shop in LF (a forum that i'm a S-Mod at) and loads of people are asking for banners! And i have discovered one thing. I HATE MAKING BANNERS OF REAL FREAKING PEOPLE! There is sooo much detail, especially if their hair is all over the place XD But, i still do em *shrugs*

Speaking of banners, two new ones i made, i like these alot actually ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ohh and no stealing the first one (The Joey one) >.> I'm using that atm, and its for me only till i finish using it haha. Ohh, speaking of Joey, YGO is back on today ^.^ i went a whole week without YGO, because NickToons was having a 'Fairy Odd Parents' week. Or whatever the show is called. So i will get my obsession back ten fold when i watch it at 6pm =P

Ok, the new comment system, tis cool and all, but why can't we comment more then once? That is really annoying. Broken Blade rarely updates, but he does come to my site often, and i usually reply to his comments, but it won't let me anymore cos i've already got a comment on his last update >.< I ain't too happy bout that! Blah, now i have to use the PM system more.

Ohh, and the PM system...do you know chain letters are going round the freaking PM system? How fucking brillant. It goes kinda like this:

"If you don't send this to 50 people in th next 24hours, someone you love will die. And if you send it back to the sender, then they will die, so don't send back."

If i find out who started this crap i'm guna break their legs. Why?
1 - Chain letters are fucking annoying.
2 - How dare you say something like 'someone i love will die' who the hell do ya think you are >.> Bastards!
(Can you tell that i don't like chain letters?)

Anyway, before i go off into a rant, i'm off ^.^ Heres a Seto/Joey piccy:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Friday, April 1, 2005

Listening To: Damien Rice - Silent Night
I did go out with Richard, went up to Crayford for an hour or so to wait for some girl who was meant to be selling Rich some AMPs. Guess what? Silly bitch never showed hah, so we basically stood there in the freezing cold, being bored, for no reason. Although i did get a McD's XD

I think i was in quite a creative mood last night, came out with 1 poem and quite a few banners. Heres the poem:

Don't You Worry

As she falls,
Deeper and deeper.
Don't you help her.

As she crumbles,
Piece by piece.
Don't you rebuild her.

As she breathes,
Slower and slower.
Don't breathe for her.

As she dies,
Little by little.
Don't you save her.

And don't you worry.

Because nothing is right.

And don't you worry.

Because everything is wrong.

Just look to your perfect little failure,
And everythings alright.

Your right.

Can ya tell the poems about me? Anyway, i kinda like it. But don't worry, your comments really did cheer me up *hugs you all* it really does help to hear once in a while that i ain't some fuck up.

Ohh and heres two banners i made, you may steal at your pleasure XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyway, i'm off, and one more big hug *big hugs* for the 11,000 hits! You guys rule!

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Listening To: Damien Rice: Blowers Daughter
Well all i done last night was be depressed and cries. Why? Well for a while now i've been feeling really pathetic, like my life is worthless. Yeah, alot of people think that. But i have some close friends saying how "They never wanna be like me". Is my life that screwed up? Seriously? And then my own sister says "I'm praying i never end up like you". Nice eh?

Thanks for all the support...bastard people. It really hurt. I think people forget that i actually do have feelings, i ain't the brain dead moron i pretend to be *sigh* so yeah, i text Amy and she said people just don't understand, that they'll all just being nasty pieces of work. That kinda cheered me up, but not completely. So, i cried alot. Even after Stephen came home just to check if i was ok (Amy asked him to check on me).

I think Richard felt sorry for me, i was on MSN when i read the GB entry my sis left (Lauren-chan), and then i just went off saying "I ain't in the mood to talk, i. fed up with people reminding me what a fuck up i am" then left. When i came back on later, he suddenly asks "You wanna go out tomorrow?" I think he wants to cheer me up, i'm grateful. He knows nothing of my depression, but even when i'm slightly down he wants me to go out heh. Hes a good friend.

Anyway, i'm off. Hope ye like the new theme, i think Ryou looks great with wings o.O don't you?

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Listening To: Placebo - Black Eyed
Sorry about yesterday's post >.> it was kinda just a huge rant haha. Well i watched Last Samurai last night. Alot better then i expected it to be honestly. The one i dubbed Smiley got killed ~_~ Which i wasn't happy about. Why they freaking kill Smiley for! And that old man! Hehe, you ever realise that old man is in the like BG for nearly ever scene?! Amy was making a joke of it saying he wanted more money so he kept sneaking onto the screen. Anyway, tis a good movie, i recommend it to those who haven't already watched it.

Well what else was i guna say? Ohh yeah, what i did on Saturday, since you people never heard about it (you probably don't wanna either, but this is my site >.>). We were meant to be going to a party thing, thrown by a big company. But, like men do, we got lost haha. Ended up just driving for hours and hours, which honestly doesn't bother me, i like just driving.

But the sucky thing, i had Paul amd Mic with me, which meant only one thing, arguments. You can grantuee that they will argue at least once, and usually over stupid things. Mic was complaining to me saying Paul has been an asshole to her lately. But i'm not sure weither to believe her or not, sometimes she seems the one being really mean. But, i ain't guna get into their lovers tiff, so i just nod my head.

Ohh ohh and this moron could have killed us o.O We were driving down the motorway at about 60mph, and this guy pulls over in front of us, obviously doing out speed, maybe more. And guess what he does? Puts his fucking car into REVERSE!! All you heard was this huge CRUNCH!! And then he nearly crashed into Richard >.< Guy was seriously dangerous.

Anyway, thats it from me, and heres another piccy ^^ Ohh and some of you ask where i get em *taps nose* hehe you ain't finding out, they're my lil secret, took alot of searching to find these beauties.

Happy Birthday To The Fizz!!!

[Edit] I just added a new WallPaper (may take a while to show though) and i realised theres no catagory for Yami No Matsuei, or even its Amercian name, Desendants(sp?) of Darkness. Ermm, why is that o.O I thought the anime was quite popular >.> Maybe i could ask someone to add it? Or am i just being blind and can't see it?

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Listening To: Nothing...
Sorry i ain't been around for the past few days. My stupid sister has been hogging the computer like its her only life line. OK, my sister just decided to be a bitch and yell at me for coming on this computer for 5 minutes. I'm guna smack her in the fucking jaw.

She's only acting like a bitch cos her friend from fucking Bradford is here. Lets see how tough she acts when i give her a broken jaw. No way does she have a right to just tell me to fuck off for no damn fucking reason. She better remember which one of us is the more violent before she gets a black eye.

Sorry...i'm ranting...but Lauren is seriously getting on my nerves. She talks back, gets lippy for no reason, and is just a complete bitch. Ohh and the fact that she has been coping me for the past year or so. Which is REALLY fucking annoying might i add. Grrr, the only reason i haven't killed her yet is cos of mum.

I really wanted this to be a happy post as well, *shrugs* damn asshole sister ruining my mood, now i'm guna be in a shitty mood the whole day. *Sigh* Happy Be-lated Easter to all you people.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Listening To: Linkin Park - Easier To Run
Well, late last night about 8-ish Richard text me asking me to go out for a drive and go to a car thing. Well after making sure it was ok with my bro i went out. Then i found out we were also going with Rich's friend, Michael, and he was bringing his girlfriend. You would never guess who his girlfriend was? None other then Sarah, one of my best friends ^.^

I ain't seen her in a while, so we were chatting for hours, about what was happening in our lives now, if we've seen other people from our old school etc. It was soo great to speak to her before. Sarah has always been more understanding then Michelle, Sarah knew about my depression, and we are just generally on the same link constantly. And she doen't badger me to get a job XD shes very supportive of my choices, and its so relaxing to be with her.

I'm going out today as well with her, but i do wanna drag Michelle with us, for the main reason that me and Michelle need to get out more together. Shes always just sitting at home with Paul, sounds boring if you ask me. Ohh and if your wondering, yes, i do go to alot of these car show thingys. Because Paul, Richard, Phil are all into it and stuff, and i just like going out with them to have a laugh.

Hehe, talking about Phil you should have seen him yesterday. We were in the backgarden smoking and he just randomly sat on my lap, but i let that go (usually i punch anyone who comes too close to me) then he tried to grope me XD So i pushed him off and he was laying on the floor for about 15minutes. He looked like a turtle when they get pushed on their shell, haha. It was funny =P

Anyway, enough of my rambling, heres a Seto/Joey pic that i know you all enjoy ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Listening To - Damien Rice - I Remember
I got woken up at 9am today ~_~ By my dad's stupid alarm clock. He ain't even here and it went off, and his room is locked! So for about 30minutes all i could hear was 'Beep, beep, beep, beep'. I tried breaking into his room, but to no avail, eventually i called him and asked him what i should do, and he told me just to turn off the power. Yeah, 9am ain't that early, but i didn't get to sleep till at least 4am.

Blah, anyway, Shanny-sama, here ya go babes:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Hope these are ok ^.^ Ohh and if anyone else wants em, feel free to steal em XD And Sephy found more Seto/Joey pics b^.^d I honestly didn't think it was possible for me to find more XD But i found a site full of em. So i am a happy bunny.

And my dumb ass bro *points to the boy sitting on my bed* forgot to bring my damn Chobits Manga down, so i have till Sunday to read em ~_~ Anyway, my Sukisyo has finished d/l and i'm off to watch it. Enjoy Seto/Joey ^.^

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Wow
Well Trish and Dad are going away today, until Monday, and Paige is being dropped off at her aunts. So free house for me! You should have seen how much stuff my dad bought o.O He must think i'm guna starve to death or something. And the amount of drink he bought >.> 12L worth of coke, 3L of apple juice and theres still the normal squash. I swear hes guna leave and not come back XD

I submitted a wallpaper ^.^ I think its quite good for my first one, but it has to go through an 'approval queue'. Since its only Chobits i don't think they're guna find anything wrong with it XD If they do, well they're just being picky haha.

Me and Mai were talking a few nights ago, and then she suddenly got very serious o.O I thought it was bad news, "Josie, can i tell you something..." I was like o.O 'Whats wrong, whats wrong' but she just said "When i can, i'm guna come over to England and Marry you, like i promised". She scared the life out of me! I thought she had bad news! So looks like i'm offically engaged XD Ahh the wonders of youth.

Anyway, i'm going to play more in PS7. Enjoy Seto/Joey. And yes, he is clipping his nails. I think small silly things like that are cute.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Listening To: Damien Rice - Older Chests
Ok, i've been listening to Damien Rice over and over and over. I am truely addicted to his beautiful music tonight. Especially since i discovered the hidden tracks on his CD XD I never knew till now! It doesn't say it on the CD case, and you have to wait about 5 minutes after the last songs gone off to hear it (actually theres two hidden tracks) so usually by then i would have either changed the CD, or turned back to number 1.

Anyway, these were made on request of Grey Underpants:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

I couldn't find any decent pics of Odeon and Marik together o.O So i done em seperate, hope thats ok. And for the PuppyShipping one, just steal the one i have ^.^ I hope these don't suck too much ~_~

Other then that, i have nothing to say, i've been making more and more icons, and i'm very tired but can't be assed to go to bed XD (i've been up all night, tis like 6am now...) Enjoy Seto/Joey goodness {I LOVE THIS PIC!}

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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