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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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Ye know, i've been trying really hard to find more Kimimaro pictures, but i can barely find any ~.~ its beginning to grate on me. I think hes a great character.

Ohh and its been going around that Naruto is now lisenced. Well heres what AnimeSuki said to that:

"On February 15 ShoPro Entertainment announced it was appointed the main licensor for Naruto in the USA. This has lead many to claim Naruto has been licensed. However AnimeSuki sees ShoPro only as a middle-man and not an anime company which releases anime themselves. As such we're not marking it licensed yet. Please note that this situtation may change at any time. Also the ShoPro "license" means Naruto is now much more likely to be licensed in the US, especially by VIZ."

That sounds like good news for now eh? But when they do lisence it, i will throw a hissy fit >.< seriously!

Anyway, i'm off to once again try and find some Kimimaro pics ^.^ enjoy this pic of Seto with his ass in the air (we all know hes waiting for Joey *snicker*)

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