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Monday, February 14, 2005

Listening To: Orange Range - Viva Rock
Hi de ho ^.^ Today is a good day *nods nods* i get too celebrate two things; first V Day, but the one i'm even more merry about is my 1st year at MyO ^.^
And it seems my next theme is the Red Rose Joey one ^^ right after this Kimimaro theme gets abit old haha ^^; (he rules in the anime, best quotes ever <3)

Anyway heres the V Day pic for you wonderful people:

Ok, this year has been great ^^ never thought i'd find a place with so many cool friends. Some of you have grown to be some of my trusted friends, and i can't thank MyO enough for letting meet you people.
First i want to thank these people: Chie, Sw33tz, Lockheartifa, Broken Blade and Dark Phoenix.
You lot have been there for me from the very beginning, i can't imagine it without ye ^.~
The next batch are people who i've grown to know over MSN, and in turn, i've grown to love em all that bit more: TAG, Dark Phoenix, Dark Mercenary, Poo62, and Master Kyo.
You people are the best ^.^
I know Milky Cat isn't here no more, but i wanna thank her for showing me the loviness of yaoi XD thank ye babe ^.~
Also i know Mai won't be able to see this, but she is still my molest bunni, and deserves a mention. I'm so glad i met her, i guess i have Master Kyo to thank partly for that hehe ^.^
And then Black Pearl and Winged Youki your both great babes ^.^ i'm so glad we met.
And all you other wonderful MyO <3

Wow, i sound like i'm making a farewell speech o_O well don't worry, i ain't going anywhere anytime soon, heres my 1st Year Anniversary pic, have a great one:

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