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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Listening To: Patricia Kaas - Mon Mec A Moi
Well i got some Cards and Gifts a moment ago. I got the 1st Angel Sanctuary manga ^.^ I wish i knew how many there were altogether o_O I also got 20 Pounds off my Grandad and 10 Pounds off Mark. And the Card from my sis' and bro made me laugh.

Theres this guy on the front who looks kinda out of it, smacking the side of his head and it says:
"Bloody Hell! These late nights are really doing me in" Thought Julie.

And on the inside Lauren wrote "See why you should sleep, you'll turn into a man" and then my bro writes "Too late for that". Damn him! My family seem to think i'm more male then female haha. Its like an on-going joke. And Michelle also thinks that as well ~_~

Other then that, i thank all those who commented yesterday. I honestly don't know what to think about my friend going. Actually, i'm not 100% sure shes gone. Sounds weird eh? Well lets say i hate not knowing. Its exactly like it was when Val tried this. And it broke my heart not knowing what was fulling going on.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Run
Thank you to all those who said you'll be wishing me Happy B-Day etc. But it may be abit different now that someones gone.

This goes out to someone very special to me, Bonus Meus Diligo (Goodbye My Love). Or as she put it, see ya on the flip side <3

The Angel's Fallen

Tainted wings,
Beautiful sins.
The Angel's fallen,
The Heaven's will sing.

Broken grace,
Tear stained face.
The Angel's fallen,
From her own race.

You heard her fear,
Yet you don't hear.
The Angel's fallen,
Oh what a poor dear.

She's in much pain,
From playing this game.
The Angel's fallen,
And to no one's gain.

Darkness has consumed,
Her soul's cacoon.
The Angel's fallen,
Now we're all doomed.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - Fuck The System
<~~ YAY Kaibaland XD I wanna go, i wanna go! *Cough* anyway, i'm pretty sure this cold is killing me ~_~ And Phil thinks that i caught his chest infection. Fucking great. Smoking doesn't help that fact at all, but *shrugs* can't really just stop hah (well i can try, but you get me).

Its decided what i'm guna do for my B-Day on Friday. Trish and Toria are dragging me to a nightclub haha. I will try and sneak in for an 18 year old (which shouldn't be hard considering i've done it several times before) and drink shoots all day. Blah. I hate alcohol, but apperantly its a rule that if you go to a nightclub, you have to get drunk.

I'm hoping to get the YGO set, yes all episodes ^^ but only if i get enough money, if i don't, then i can't get it *sobs* i want it though! Ohh and some of you told me about some other stupid labels you found out about, so heres another few i saw on a forum i go too:

1. On a blanket from Taiwan -

2. On a helmet mounted mirror used by US cyclists -

3. On a Taiwanese shampoo -

4. On a packet of Sunmaid raisins -

(You have to have at least a slightly pervy mind to get this one)

5. On a Sears hairdryer -

6. On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom of the box) -

(Too late! You lose!)

7. On a Japanese food processor -

(Now I'm curious.)

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Monday, March 7, 2005

Listening To: MC Chris - BQ Blizzard
Hehe, i was watching Billy Connolly(sp?) yesterday, if you don't know he's a Comedian, i personally think hes great. Anyway there was this one line that really made me laugh. He was talking about when he had hired a hair dryer (obviously from a hotel thing), and he said:

Billy: I hired the hair dryer, and when i got it, i saw it had one of those label things half way down the wire. And when i read it i lost faith in the human race, guess what it said?
"Do Not Use In Shower"
Who the hell was that note for?

OMG i died laughing XD Who the fuck uses a hair dryer in a shower?! The point of a hair dryer is to dry hair (no shit) and the point of a shower is to wash ye hair. The two don't mix well XD Not to mention the health risks haha.

Other then that i just read a PM from a friend, and lets just say i'm quite scared of what she means. *Sigh* i can't say who she is, or what she said, but i am worried.

Ohh and Hiso-Chan you asked for the URL to that pic right? Unfortuantly i don't have the URL, i save everything i find to PhotoBucket and then forget about it. But you can save it from here or something o_O *Thinks* actually, i'm guna be a good girl and go and try to find the URL.

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - Ego Brain
Ok first things first. If you don't like yaoi, please don't come to my site and say "Yaoi is gross" I have said this before, and will say it again, I won't hesitate to post either yaoi or yuri -.-; So if you really deteste it, then just don't come here. Yes i know, i'm pushing people away, but i would rather push people away then get daily comments like "Yaoi sucks" or whatever ok. Deal with it.

Sorry about that, i know most of you are kind enough to keep rude comments like that to yourself, but some people just don't learn. Anyway, atm i have a stinking cold ~_~ I keep coughing and sneezing etc etc. Its completely killing my sleep *sigh* not like i get alot anyway.

Michelle now acts like that little disagreement never happened. I swear one day we're guna have a huge argument and all these silly little things are guna come back, just because we've decided to act like they never happened. I don't know weither i'm coming or going with that gal. It would be so much easier if we just sat down and talked these things through, but nope, that ain't guna happen.

Went out last night (thats why i didnt post) with Rich and Phil. Basically just drove alot o_O But it was cool, i love just driving along roads, relaxes me. We watched a bunch of boys do 'doughtnuts' in their cars. Hehe, these was this guy in a mini van that just made me laugh XD you see all these kitted up cars, then this company van o_O

Anyway, heres a yummy pic ^^ i think these two are so smexy =P

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Friday, March 4, 2005

Listening To: Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug
Well i just came back from Bexleyheath. I was looking for a job, its bit harder for me since i ain't 18 yet, go figure. But i got 2 application forms, and some info about opening a Junior Back Account.

I'm getting a little annoyed with Amy. I mean i don't have to get a job, this is my choice. But she keeps complaining that i ain't doing enough to get a job etc etc. That i ain't going into enough shops. Well i'm sorry if some shops ain't taking anyone on yet, that really ain't my fault. Gezz. And she kept bitching to me and Steve last night. Ack, she completely killed the good mood we were in about 10 times.

Don't get me wrong, i still love her, but she really needs to lay off abit. Other then that i've had Rich and Phil texting me begging me to come out tomorrow. They probably wanna find out why i cancelled my B-Day party. Plus Phil wants someone else to get stoned besides himself haha.

I had this random Chinese person take my pic today =P Me and Steve were standing at the bus stop, this woman comes over gives Steve her camera (shes luckily we werrn't thiefs) then grabbed my arm and made Steve take a pic of the two of us o_O I guess shes lucky i wasn't in a bad mood XD she would have gotten her head bitten off. But then again, i think i was abit too confused too actually react (seriously, people around here are shits, so quite weird when someone wants ye pic).

Ohh, if your the person who keesp filling up my Shotubox (goes by the name Brittany) you might wanna stop it, the link your giving me ain't working. I just get a blank page, so yeah, may wanna re-check that. Anyway i'm off, and heres Joey in a dress (YUM!)

Hey Sw33tz if ye read this, why ye turn off your site babe? I hope nothing bad has happened ~_~ Ye know i'm always here if ye need ta talk <3

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Listening To: Eminem - My 1st Single
Ok, first thing, if i ever get a GB entry like this:

"......Gay......why......Gay men? Why? If you don't wanna see gay men come to my site."

I will scream and yell at the bastard who dare put such an entry in my GB. I have deleted that piece of trash.

I find that fucking offensive, considering i'm Bi you should show abit more respect. Ohhh and the fact that at the very top of my page it says "I am a yaoi and yuri fan and won't hesitate to post either" READ IT! Don't fucking ignore it then put things like that.

*Cough* Sorry, some people are just complete fucking dumbasses that its unreal. Thank you for all the kind words about me and Mic. Seems Phil is worried about why i cancelled my party, and he asked if i could go see him. But unfortunatly i can't. I'm at my mums for a few days.

Seems Amy (my sis from Uni) is coming home for a few days so im here. Ohh and me and my bro are addicted playing Dragonball Z: Budokai 3. So thats keeping my mind off things heh, although, i honestly think between me and Mic will get worse before it gets better. I've never told her what i really thought, on certain occassions, in fear of losing her, but now that i dont care, i might just tell her. Sounds bitchy? If you know why i have these opinions, then you wouldnt think of it as bitchy i assure.

Heres my fav couple getting all snuggly, and Joey as a puppy (i adore him as a puppy ^.^)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Listening To: Obie Trice - Got Some Teeth
Well i think i may have lost my only friend, Michelle. Saturday she blew me off, so obviously i was pissed off. And i told her bro that. But i didn't say anything else.

Then me and Rich started talking about my B-Day party, and i was chatting about playing Twister. I said "I don't think Michelle would play that game" nothing harmful, it was just my opinion.

Later on Michelle texts me, starts asking why i'm chatting about her behind her back. So i say "Look, i told Rich i was pissed off at you, but i didn't bitch, what i said was i don't think you would play Twister, thats all".

Then she goes off into one! A couple of texts later, she goes "Look forget it. I can't be fucked anymore". Ok, what can't you be fucked with? Me? Our friendship? Just the conversation? TELL ME! So i cancelled my B-Day party. I was just so pissed off and angry.

And i refuse to say sorry anymore. I am always the one to say sorry, and most the time i ain't the one in the wrong. So its her choice now, she can destroy what we have, or she can save it. Because i'm sick of being her fucking bitch. I always bend for that gals rules, and i aint doing it anymore. But i doubt she'll say anything, she ain't like that.

Anyway, found a song that kinda goes with this messed up shit:
New Found Glory - Ending In Tragedy
I tried to save us
But little did I know
You are a speeding train off track
With little time to go

I tried everything
Tried so hard to let you know
But now I'm on my last thread
Pulling away to no avail

Now it's our time
Now it's our time
And I'll see you on the other side

Beneath all your skin
There's another side to you
You built up city walls
so i never get through

Now it's our time
Now it's our time
And I'll see you on the other side

Why would I take it too far
With not thinking
about the end at all
If a fortune could say
what the future will bring
Then I'm not convinced
It's ending in tragedy
And most of all
It's in my control
To end it all
Things are just going from bad to worse in my world *sigh*

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - X
Well last night i was quite tired pretty early. About 11-ish-pm (believe me, thats early for me) so i went ta bed. But about 1:40am i got a phone call from Amy. I was like "Wtf..? Why would someone call me at this hour?" After answering and talking i've found Amy is feeling really lonely and feels like she don't fit in at Uni.

She was crying as well, she said i'm the only one she can talk too about these kinda things ~_~ I was soo sad. She started saying she didn't know why she stayed there, and said she wanted to be at home when i tried another suicide attempt. It kinda went like this:

Amy: I don't want to be all the way over here when you try to go again. I really don't.

Then she started to break down in tears. OMG, i had to use all my will power not to cry with her. Here's the person i look up to most, crying over the phone saying she doesn't fit in anywhere, is lonely as hell, no one to talk to about these kinda things, and saying she wants to at least be at home if i ever try killing myself again.

She cried about mum's money problems as well. Cos they have gotten seriously bad, so i know i won't be getting alot for my B-Day. Actually i knew that a while back. So i might have to come here to get all my cheers on that day ~_~ So no forgetting my B-Day people.

Ack, that conversation was so hard to listen too, but i would do it all again if it makes Amy feel better. *Sigh* i wish i could be there at Southampton for her, i really do.

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Listening To: Blink 182 - Story Of A Lonely Guy
Hehe, look at the bunny XD why in the world does it have a pancake on its head o_O I think that icon rules =P haha. Ohh and thanks for all those comments yesterday *hugs* makes me feel cool when i can tell you people these things b^.^d

I finally have a Yaoi RP up and running XD took me forever to find someone to play Sephiroth and Cloud for me though o_O (i'm playing Zack). I have two of the best RPer's as well, so its all going well hehe. Let's hope i don't get kicked out of LF for making a RP with gay sex >.> *shrugs* they won't kick me off, they all love me *i think haha*

I really don't have alot to talk about, just looking after Paige. Bloody little brat decided to cough all over me earlier. She's guna disease me i swear. Grrr. Hope you like the new theme ^.^

Anyway, heres Seto being harased by Yami n Yugi ^^ hehe look at his hair.

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