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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Life Just Gets More Confusing
Seriously, past problems that were meant to stay dead and buried have risen up and bite me on the ass -.-; *Sigh* i dont know how i'm guna deal with this one.

Anyway onto other news >.> i almost completed ToS ^.^ And YAY Kratos don't die hehe. Me loves him, hes my 2nd fav guy, right after Sephy-sama. So i'm going to make Marriage Certifcates for me and Sephy, and me and Kratos hehe. Why? Cos i'm sad haha XD

And also today i start 'homework'. Basically all i do is sit at home and make display boxes. How boring, but i get good pay for it. And im not at some horrible factory, so cant be TOO bad, neh. Anyway im off to start my homework, and do my new banner ^^

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Monday, November 29, 2004

I praise the moonlight skies,
Thank Mother Earth for her lies,
And the wilted tree that died.

Your pupil glows dead grey,
In the heated month of may,
Where my worst memories replay.

I use to know fake from real,
And have a defense made of steel,
But now i'm bleeding from over-kill.

Your tainted and stained story,
Stole my heart, soul and glory,
And it wasn't even mandatory.

Black rose placed upon thy grave,
By your eternal bleeding slave,
Begging for you too be safe.

Now i try to rest myself at ease,
Never satisfied, never pleased,
And i wish for my humble release.


The title is actually 'Untitled' btw. Emm a mix of things in this poem, but all of em dark haha. What else do you expect from me ^^ i actually like this one. Wrote it while listening to Damien Rice heh.

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

I hate colds -.-; yes i have a cold and i feel like bitching and moaning about it to someone lol. Stupid weather, now i can barely breath, and its impossible to breath properly when im in bed, how annoying.

Also looks like we wont be going around Errol's house anymore. Well long story short him and Rosie had a bit of a mis-understanding, then a falling out. And yeah, no more going to see him. Which is a shame really, cos hes quite funny. Actually very funny. Especially when ou get him drunk or stoned XD

Well atm i'm freezing to death, and i just learnt that my toothbrush has been the victim of Paige. She put bloody some kinda deodorant on it -.-; how great. Gezz i swear that child is a complete bitch when shes with her cousins. Shes OK when shes alone, i just play ToS and shes happy (yes she actually likes my games haha). But when shes with her two little cousins, they all decide to make as much noise as possible, and destory everything.

Now i'm going to go yell at Paige some more, and possibly play ToS. Because i dont feel well and seeing Kratos will make me feel better haha. Ohh and hope ye like the new theme ^.~

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Emm ok story not done yet -.-; i kinda got stoned last night >.> so yeah, thats my excuse for it being late ^^;

Also i cleaned out all PMs *except a few* so if you've sent me one recently, and i never got back to you, yeah sorry. Re-send it or something, i dunno lol.

I'm going out tonight, whenever Michelle gets her lazy ass over here *which could take years may i add* so not too sure if i'll be able to make it to sites tonight, once again sorry (all i seem to be doing today is saying sorry 0.0). Well nothing else to say, other then TAG i hope ye feel better. I kinda left ye when you was upset, then i came back stoned and half not knowing what i was saying oO;

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Ohh looky at my new animations ^.^ aint they cool. The Kratos one at the bottom of each post, and the Sephy one, right at the beginning of the intro. Of course i didnt make them, someone from BL was making them so i asked for two ^.^ but i think they are cool hehe. And also whenever i find a decent enough border, i should be putting a border up around each post. It should hopefully work, if the HTML code i have is right oO; Tomorrow i might have my 1st ToS fic up. Obviously yaoi haha, and incest ^.~ so i'm telling you now not to come by tomorrow if that stuff disturbs you haha. Anyway im off to write, read and play ^.^
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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sorry about not getting to everyones pages last night. But i actually went to bed early *gasp* which is very unusual for me haha.

I aint got much to post, but i am being dubbed the #1 Sephiroth fan over at BL by everyone lol. Well it started off because of someone named Cloud Teioh. He made some really decent debate threads on JENOVA etc. And i always came up with the best arguments to his threads. So he PMed me saying i should make a Sephiroth thread, because he thinks people don't know enough about FF7 and all its finer details. So i did.

My Sephy Thread.

Thats the result of my thread. Its very long, so dont even start reading it unless you have a spare bit of time (and of course have played FF7). And now, everyone is saying i'm a true Sephy fan, and i'm his #1 fan etc haha. I told ye all i was didn't i? No one believed me haha ^^ now look. Sorry, i just think its time people realise how much i do know about him. Anyway later friends, i'm off to play ToS, after getting to a few sites that is ^^;

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Theme Change
Well didnt have my other theme up long, but i like the colours better on this one. See this is what you get when you play around too much on PSP.9 haha. Ohh and the banner at the very top (with my nickname on) was made by Mai, not me ^.^ love ye Mai <3

Once again been playing lots of ToS. I think the hunour from it is great ^.^ and the little chats all the characters have are brillant. I have nothing else to say other then i miss loads of you people, especially those on MSN. I know i'm barely on, but i'll try to get on for a couple of hours per night k ^.^

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

[Spoilers for ToS]

I've got all the characters from the game i think. Well i'm sure i've got em all anyway (except Kratos cos he leaves ye). Yeah thats one thing that pissed me off, you have to fight Kratos *cries* hes my fav, but he still doesnt seem bad bad -.-; he held back on Lloyd when they fought. Ohh and Zelos *giggles* what a perv he is ^.~ but hes bloody fantastic i must say, my 2nd fav.

So my fav is Kratos, then Zelos and then Lloyd. But i dont hate any of the characters, even Colette, and shes like the girl who wants to save the world type thing. You can probably tell i wasnt that hugest fan of Aeris from FF7. Well thats all my lifes been up to atm, playing ToS till my brain dies, so now im going back to play more lol.

[PS] A big happy birthday to Blonde Angel. Have a great one hun <3

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Theme change. Well thats pretty obviously but any who. This is Kratos YAY! Ohh and if you cant read the quote on the piccy above it reads "Scared Powers, cast your purifying light upon these corrupt souls." Its one of his quotes from the game, and i just thought it was pretty cool ^.^ Thank all those who commented yesterday, yeah i shouldnt listen to what they say haha. Well im off to play more Tales of Symphonia and drool over Kratos lmao.

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Some of this is true, some not.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

I went up to central London yesterday, and went on a million and one trains -.-; i hate trains. It was me, Michelle, Rosie, Errol, Paul, Richard, Phil and Chris. But it was fun, Errol was being funny lol. He is just...weird, and its fucking hilirous to just laugh at him.

But at one point, when we were all in Errol's house, i got really depressed over something stupid. Michelle and Rosie were talking about college etc, then Rosie asks me. So i'm like "I don't go college, and i don't work" then Michelle yells out "Shes a bum". Ok that didnt mind me, cos they are always calling me a damned bum. But the thing that got to me was when Rosie turned to me and goes "No offense Josie, but i don't like bums". And that just got me thinking about everything, how i screwed up my exams, how i use to actually enjoy studying (when i was young), how i was planning to go to college, and try become a Vet. So i just really depressed myself -.-; meh go figure.

But all in all, a fun day ^.^ and sorry about not being on MSN. And Ryu, stop worrying about me ok haha, im fine. Just been playing alot of Tales of Symponia (which may i add is sooo freaking great) and getting stoned oO; Thanx for being concerned though ^^

Well Kratos (the red head) is my fav character from Tales of Symponia. And this is my fav pairing Kratos and Lloyd. Well i ain't met all the characters yet, so this might change. But aint they cute ^.^

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