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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day after finishing my New Year's Resolution list, I was given a task by my teacher in Engineering Economy who is currently our acting Dean. I was told to study any general knowledge about computer 'cause I'll represent the whole department on the upcoming school foundation. Of course I declined the task 'cause even though I've got "study harder this year" at the top of my resolution list, my idea of studying doesn't include competitions. One more thing, it'll be a hindrance for my real studies.
I was almost lucky to convince my teacher that someone other than me is better in computers. I told her, "Ma'am, I'm not good with computers that much. But I know someone who is. He can even make Javascripts!" But Reggie butt in and told our teacher that I'm better. So, the teacher wrote on her notebook my name. I could no longer object. My name's already on the final list of competitors.
Now, I've got to study computer, too, that doesn't concern my current curriculum for this semester.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!


So, a brand new year had began... while I was deep in my sleep dreaming of endless nothingness.

There were a lot of things I'd like to post but it won't be necessary anymore since I'd already forgotten a lot of important things, so trivial things were what left inside of my head.

Before the year ends:
- I translated a PDF ebook into a JAVA ebook
- All of the clan (family) celebrated a reunion party while I was left inside our store to manage T_T
- I went to my niece's birthday party on the 31st of December which made me so tired and so I missed the welcoming tradition for new year
- The house is still in renovation era
- I've confirmed that my aunt will stay until February...
- And I finally made contact with Joyce again!

Tomorrow, classes will resume. I think it was fair, 2 weeks of vacation (it's too long already), but I still want to have another week of off school. With all the banging and crushing and all sorts of noises you could think of during construction I swear I still need another week to relax my mind.

Hmm... I just realized I haven't fulfilled my inner wish... That is - to have a day off without people around me; without anything to worry except sleeping and reading or watching the TV or just lying around and pondering what I wanted to do with my life then realizing what I really should be doing to achieve what I wanted and needed all along.

~sigh That's just a waste of time to post. I knew I won't be able to that... I'm tied.

It's already too late to want what I have the freedom to do before. It's already too late to want more things when I know they can't be done. It's already too late... But I wish to defy the thought of it. I shall reject it. I will not just sit down and let the flow of life mold me. I will mold myself and the life that is flowing around me. I will bring myself into the highs again. I will triumph. I'm swearing it for the beginning of a new year. I won't dare to break it. I shall always remember it for it will bring my vision and mind, together, to remain on track of where my goals are headed.

This year shall be a challenging year for it will bring me the fulfillment of success.

Hehehe! Too much confidence on myself again...

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Monday, December 14, 2009

My christmas vacation will be on the 20th! A week ago I'm so happy that I would finally be able to have a break then problems began sprouting.
First, my aunt from New Jersey is going to spend her christmas vacation here beginning on the 19th. But the house will be under renovation on the 21st and I'm in danger of going out of my room just to lend it to her. My plans of watching animes every night will be over once she's here.
Secondly, she's, my aunt, asked my mom to teach her how to chat. Teaching her is not an issue here. The real issue is, I won't be able to use the PC once I lend it to her.
Thirdly, I'm on my 1st day of preliminary examinations before christmas break. I'm worried that I'd get low grades, it will greatly affect my next grades. But I'm doing my best but just that won't give me high grades.
Fourth, my partner and I must provide a small power supply, a brand new power supply worth $10! Yeah, $10 for just a small power supply that we'll use 3 to 5 times next year and will then probably be donated for the school! What the~? And the worst here is, my partner is not that responsible to pay what his dues are. I'm worried again that he might not pay his share of the amount with me. But I won't let it happen. I'm sure! (I hope he'll bear the responsibility...)

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm busy... (I was typing an ebook...)
Haven't gone online for a while... (I said I'm busy...)
*Looks sideways (not literally)*
Hmmm... I've got no friends online...
Guess they're busy with their lives, too.
That would mean I haven't missed a thing, likely. Well, I hope I did not missed anything.

School's been tough and rough. I can't cope with anything. I have a long, long quiz tomorrow. It should be long, like in monthly examinations.
Now I've to lie in bed and start reviewing my notes, (whoa!) I'm glad I've taken down anything! I thought, since 2nd sem's began, I won't be able to copy any notes/lectures.
Well, this subject just proves it's worth my extra effort 'cause I'm likely been stimulated during this class, not like my other classes that are pure majors. This one is something else. Even though it is my only minor subject, I quite felt challenged that I would do anything to pass or to take the highest score my prof could give anyone.

I added Accion in my Facebook account. I was so uncertain before I add her. I was so afraid that she might not remember me. But I'm very glad when she called me in my nickname when we had the chance to be online at the same time.
Vergara... I thought were okay now... I was able to talk freely for the first 2 weeks of the sem. Now I'm backing away again. Thinking of all the things, except anything that could be a means of connection to her.
I wrote to Joyce, again thru e-mail. I was planning on giving her a christmas present, the reason why I contacted her. She told me that the Royal Mail was in strike so any means of package delivery and (snail)mail can't be relayed to their area. I'm a bit disappointed and half-way relieve. Disappointed 'cause I won't be able to give her a present this year. Relieve 'cause the strike was the reason she's not writing to me.


That's all what has happened to me, except the full details on my studies. Now, I'm off to study.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Darn. My throat felt rough... I can't speak for too long. I'm afraid I might catch a cold...
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They came!
I did not expected they'd stick to whatever they had said yesterday. And they were here in the house. LOL If I just knew it would happen I would've clean the salas (living room). It was untidy.

Here's what has happened:
I attended my morning classes with them. *I'm quite happy that Joy was there too.* Reggie and Aniel kept joking about finally going into the house. I kept reminding them that if Makiss don't come they're not allowed to come inside the house even if they come with me.
We finished our first class and got an assignment. *Aniel kept reminding me...* We will provied sketches of 2 scientists who we want from a list given by the teacher, Mrs. Malveda. Since I'm not good anymore with drawing, I asked our teacher if I or we could use Adobe Photoshop to just convert a picture into a sketch-type. She agreed. And that's what I'm going to do since the submission will be on the next meeting, this coming Thursday.
Next class was from a very friendly teacher, Mr. Pamilar. The class convinced him to skipped the class for the day since it's just the beginning of the semester. But even though he approved of our proposal, he insisted to at least have a brief discussion of what we'll tackle for the whole period. The class was dismissed after 45 minutes.
Since there was so much time left before lunch, Reggie and Aniel persuaded Makiss to come along. And Makiss, being so... *I don't know.* tagged along. While walking through the corridor, Reggie got a call from his brother who was in the hospital a week ago 'cause of an accident. His brother wants him to be pick up at the hospital 'cause he wanted to come home. I told him to go and just visit next time. But he insisted to come. He called his brother's wife and asked the situation. She told him to not mind his brother.
So I got home, with them hovering around that is. ~sigh

At home...
Since I was not prepared, I just let them inside the house. Introduced them to my mom and dad... Brought out my laptop, 'cause I knew Reggie's been itching all morning to experience a fast internet connection. I was a bit lost afterward. While they're fidgeting with my laptop, I sat and looked at them. It was my dad who broke my absent-mindedness. He asked me to bring foods. I asked them what would they like to have. Nobody replied. *shrug I was not heard.* I just turned on the TV. It was broadcasting Showtime! which caught their attention. *at last!* I was called by my mom then, asked me when will my classmates leave. "At one o'clock..." I said. She excused herself to cook us lunch.
We had lunch by 11:00... I was set off a little, 'cause we normally have lunch at 11:30, but my classmates didn't mind the time. I guess they were hungry. I later realized that it was a good time since Makiss have a class at 1:00.
They wasted more time with my laptop later. I took pictures of them with my cousin's cellphone, it has 2000X1500 pixels. Then they started taking pictures of my old I.D.. I brought out some albums, I forgot why I did that though. Then they uploaded it in Aniel's Facebook account.
I can see they're having fun with my gadgetry but time's running. I whispered to Makiss, "It would be better if you leave now. You got classes." It was already 12:40 then Makiss slipped off her seat and began retouching her face. When she's ready to leave, none of the guys seemed to mind her. I'm on a bit of panic. I hold onto Makiss's wrist and began nudging at her then threw a look of whaddya-supposed-I'm-gonna-do-with'em? She understood me. She talk to the guys then say thank you and goodbye to my parents.

Waahhh... *slump on the sofa* I'm exhausted. But I'm happy with the experience. No questions were asked about them unless who's who. I'm glad my parents don't go the trouble of asking their background or whatever question they could formulate in their minds.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Today was the start of my second semester. I'm glad to finally be one of the regular students. Yay! Before I only had the chance to take what's available for me, since I'm a transferee I got extra credits which kept me to take only what's been offered and could not advance any subject. And surely, next year or semester I'd be an irregular student again. *darn*

So, my day didn't go as expected and planned but I'm okay with that 'cause I had the chance to talk with Joy again. It felt like we've been apart for a year or so... (even though we're just not been talking most of last semester's period.) Now's a good chance which I did not let to pass.
Once we had this vacant, 2:30-3:00, well I did not expect it would happen now, Reggie and Aniel joined me in the canteen. It wasn't actually an ordinary canteen. It's just a corner in the college building and has a few seats available for its customers and bypassers. So we ate there. I had a cheeseburger, so does Aniel, and Reggie had many, I don't know what they were. We we're talking there, just talking about our vacation when I saw Joy and Ananie walking toward the canteen. I made a joke about Ananie which I believe she caught too. She led themselves to a seat beside us. Of course, Joy's following her with her nonexchangeable and loyal phone which she's been relentlessly hitting since the first time we've met. Here's our exchange:
Joy: *sat beside me*
Ananie: *dropped her bag with Joy and left*
Me, Reggie, and Aniel: *talking*
Joy: *typing something on her phone*
Me: Hey, you're still typing.
Joy: Always.
Me: You haven't changed. A bit.
Joy: *smiles but still her attention's on her phone*
Me: I hate texting. You should use call instead of that.
Joy: Nah. I'm already thru with that. And something's wrong with my network operator. When I tried to call, it's always busy.
Me: Mmm... *took a bite of my burger*
A moment has passed...
Me: *looking down at her opened bag* Where's my book?
Joy: It's in the house.
Me: ...
Joy: ...
Me: 'ey, you want books? I mean, I got books at my place. Romance novels. Still from the package given to me by my cousin.
Joy: ...
Me: *turn to Reggie and Aniel since I knew they were listening* I hate those romance novels. They make me imagine things... stupid things.
Reggie: *laughs*
Aniel *concentration's on his burger*
Joy: Sure. *I turned my head and looked at her.*
I was so not sure what to say so I just let the moment passed and... There, Joy slipped off her seat and began walking away. (Probably her next class... *shrug* Whatever.) I think it was a succes. This is my first step to friendship. I'm very hoping so...

On other updates of my day...
I met Makiss! LOL I'm happy. She's like a refuge. I felt light when I'm with her. That's probably the very reason I'm visiting her at her place most of the time. She didn't wear our new skirt though. Me, Ananie, and some of the girls I knew have worn it today. I asked her when she'd be wearing hers. "I don't know..." she answered. Well, there's no helping it. She keeps getting thinner and thinner... She's even skinnier than me! But not before her job. Anyway, her skirt's been repaired twice 'cause her waistline keeps getting, yeh, thinner. Maybe, next time, once her tailor got her right figure...
And, I got a change of schedule for the day. My last subject today will be my first on the next meeting. I hope tomorrow won't change too 'cause I think it's too perfect to only have 2 subjects during the morning. Nothing more. I'm satisfied with my schedule.

And... I asked Makiss, Aniel, and Reggie to come over at my place. The guys wanted to come tomorrow but I would not let them unless they brought Makiss, which I'm sure they won't be able to 'cause Makiss have classes tomorrow afternoon. ~laughs~ I'm pretty amazed on my talent to come up with that at the wrong time. Well, that was not my fault anyway. I did not mean they should come tomorrow but the guys insisted. Whatever. They must bring Makiss, though, or I won't let them in the house. I warned them.

There's nothing more to update so... I'm logging off! *swish*

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I went to Globelines Telecommunication today with my mom and sister, Daphne. I had cut our internet connection, luckily Tita Mimi reconsider my proposal and agreed on doing it. Now we are sharing a DSL connection with my cousin.

Now that I finally got this, certain for the first time, I'm thinking if I should invite Makiss and Aniel at my house. They wanted before to visit me, and I wanted to but won't admit it, but I always refused their demand. I told them many times that even Reggie, who visited once in a sem at the house, haven't set foot inside it. Well, he did once last summer when he had a talk with my mom about his previous job as a call center agent. But that's it.

Hmmm... It's strange... I just came to realized that no one here talk about anime anymore. Guess everybody's growing up. And I'm not doing any more drawings... *sigh*

~wonders~ Should I invite them or not? But I don't want to disappoint them. I'm not good with people especially if they're "visitors". I should contemplate more about this... I don't want to fail.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

**I ended up giving April, Joy, and Ananie the last 3 Kinder bars.

Today is the start of my SemBreak. I'm happy of course... Well, if you can hear me say that you won't believe me. I guess I'm starting to miss something... Last week I went up to Makiss's house to participate in a group study, but that's not just the only aim I got. I'm trying to socialize with my closest classmates and impart myself to them. Maybe I'm trying to open up myself so that I could not only depend on the people I know thru internet... Man, it's so hard to understand my feelings these week.

Okay, change subject. Last Monday, last day to have our lessons, being too innocent at school, I didn't noticed the changed of aura between Ananie and Mrs. Malveda. My classmates we're saying, "She's mad...", "Well..."...everytime Mrs. Malveda would appear and not look to any one of them. I asked them what they're talking about. I found out that Mrs. Malveda read Ananie's evaluation for her. And the suggestion slip that comes with it has "I think she needs a psychiatrist... She's lecturing with her back at us. She explains her lessons to herself not us..." etc. I was dumbfounded. I don't know what to say at all 'cause Ananie was one of Mrs. Malveda's favorite student.
Later, now I'm "in" with the news, I found I'm trying to produce some logical reason why our teacher had act so vaguely these last two weeks. But I came out with both parties offering inappropriate deeds.

My cousin had finally got a DSL connection! I tried it out and was very, very satisfied. I'd like to transfer my wireless into DSL now but my aunt, Mimi, she's paying the bill for the 'net, don't want to. She would have to pay a disconnection fee which I think she could manage since she got a lot of money. I offered her a 50% off. I said, "I'll set up a router from them, my cousin's 'net, then goes a line here. Both house, ours and theirs, will only pay for a bill. 50-50." But she won't, really, budge. *sigh*

I'm trying to keep myself from doing nothing but I always ended up in front of my PC. Now, I'm doing a Java Ebook of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. ~ever heard or read any of that?~ I might be busy for a while.

Oh, before I forgot. Joy had one of my romance novel. Actually, Reggie borrowed that with another one. But he lent her my book without my permission. When I found out, it was too late. I could never inquire to her anymore. I'm starting to hate her, which is so unfair.
I even confusingly ask Reggie if I'm being unfair for comparing this Joy Vergara to Joy Accion of my first college school. I knew that I was unfair. I just won't admit it.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's been a while...
A lot has happened within these last weeks before my final week of first semester. Students are getting cranky... Teachers reduced their topics to what're most important... Time is running out. But an eventful of deadlines are coming up for projects.
I got 2 projects, all to be hand-written. Both are research for my favorite *sarcasm* teacher, one for Electromagnetics which I already done, and one for Advance Math which is to be passed tomorrow. Luckily, I could say that again since all of my classmates got 5 projects while me only having 2, I only need 7 more examples for my research in Advance Math. ~wondering~ I don't know if the exam on that subject will be tomorrow too... *darn* I haven't reviewed anything from the beginning till this semi-finals' notes!

Yesterday I went to Makiss's house for a group study. I was supposed to be with Reggie and Aniel but Reggie couldn't make it, he has to earn something to pay his last monthly tuition. So it was only me, Aniel, and Makiss. Since it was still early, I made it to Makiss by 3pm, Aniel and I called some of our classmates to join us. We were able to contact Jon Mark, Jeffrey, and Alvin. They were having their hair cuts when we called. Unfortunately, even though they wanted to have a group study with us, they don't have any notes with them. So, no point in having them. But still they came... And afterwards left us.
Since I was expecting and depending on Reggie being there, I didn't do any studying at all. Makiss and Aniel just watched the Tv and do their Farmvilles. So, it ended up as a Sleepover at Makiss's.

Last week, I remember, I went to Globelines Telecommunication to complain why they cut-off my internet connection. I don't want to tell what happened when I talked with one of its worker. My internet connection's fine now. I'm able to do my researches.
Then I bought some sweets for Aniel then ended up giving some to Reggie, Makiss, Joy *no comment*, and April also last Monday.
I went back to the mall last Friday. I bought sweets again for Aniel, Makiss, and Reggie since I promised I'll bring back something for them tomorrow. *sigh* I bought 6 pack of Kinder chocolates and now I'm wondering to whom I'll be giving the other 3?

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