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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

YAY! My exam is finally finished and I've got 3 more days to attend at school before Christmas vacation! I am certain that I will have low grades in my exams… Well it's because… I didn't study. I thought I knew everything there is but *sigh* I have thought wrong. My teacher in Analytic and Solid Geometry [major subject] said that he'll be giving us remedial exams if most of us get low grades once we get back at school. *drops head*

On to the other topic, Reggie [classmate] had a Naruto Shippuuden and he gave me a copy of it. It's a 50-episode-DVD and I'm watching it, actually I paused it that's why I got a post. I don't know what episode I'm in now, the only thing I can say is "This anime makes me want to watch more!" Hmmm… I wonder how many episodes this anime has. Do you know? And I'm still making a decision whether to buy the Naruto DVD, since I got enough money from my Tita, well she owes me $40, or buy a memory card for my PC… Gah!

So, I'm off to watch Naruto Shippuuden! [I'm going to visit sites first.]

I'm reposting my drawings so that those people who haven't seen it could take a look or comment on it.


Avril Lavigne

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

*stretches* Hmmm…

Hi guys!

I'm sorry for not visiting for a while… I got a reason, I had my Preliminary Examination today and yesterday.

Well, I just updated to let you guys see my old drawings… It had been in my drawer for 2 months, I think, and I saw them yesterday and uploaded them today. If you could visit and comment on my drawings, I will really appreciate it.


Avril Lavigne

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My day was in a rush! School's been like busy [or I am being busy trying to keep up with the lectures?], Angelique got a huge problem, Dyanne [the one I'm tutoring] won't be leaving the country and, she and her sister got presents from their parents, and I'm out of money.

Okay, let's start it from the beginning…
I've been losing grip or hold into my notes\lectures and I'm very busy lately, but I'm very happy, to keep up and understand my new lessons. My grades were soaring high, well not really, but I'm feeling like I'm changing deep inside. I'm becoming me again! LOL

Next is Angelique's problem. Well, it's about her job. She was at the sales, she's in the cashier booth, that is, in the fast food chain. It happened last Saturday and I only knew about it yesterday. I remember she texted me last Saturday to meet her but I decline 'cause I'm cleaning the house and I don't feel like meeting her 'cause I don't want to add another problem over mine, guess I've got a good instinct that time. Well, the problem is, she lost P855 [$18] and she don't know how it'd happened, she told me. The manager give her an off until tomorrow to gather P855 and give It back. She asked if I have money and I told her I don't have any for the moment so I borrowed P300 [$6] to my mom.

About Dyanne, well, I told you guys that she'll be leaving the country with Dana [her sister] to renew their passports before the 28th. They won't be leaving now, I don't know why but I'm happy about that 'cause it means that I'll still be tutoring her and I'll still be having my monthly income, enough money to use for the monthly telephone bill. Heheh!
And Dyanne and Dana received presents from their parents; Dyanne got a Scooter and a Game Boy and Dana also got a Scooter and a Barbie. Dyanne's Scooter was big and Dana was just for 7- so I had the chance to ride Dyanne's. It was my first time to rode a Scooter. It was fun but there isn't any seat so my right leg has all the pressure, it's aching actually, guess I should have take a sport by now.

Gosh! I'm out of money! I've got so many 'things' I wanted to buy this coming Christmas but… but… I don't have money! *cries*

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Yay! Everything seems to be working out, so smooth that I'm so happy I can't kept smiling. Oops! My mom saw me smiling for nothing! Now I think she's thinking I'm a total jerk about the internet.

Anyway, I'm so happy that some of my friends were visiting me again, some says encouragement, early Christmas greeting, and so on... Hahah!!!

ElvesAteMyRamen won the contest! *Woot* Do visit her site and congratulate here, if you don't want to do it it's fine with me. I don't want to force anyone to do things they don't want to do.

So, onto my real post...

Today was such a breeze! Yeah, breeze 'cause it's windy here yet hot and another breeze for I was doing great again at school! Yay! Last time, I didn't post about it, I was like *twitch eyes* "How did that happen? Can you Sir/Ma'am explain again what you just try to teach us?" The temperature is down and my brain is going down too. I can't answer simple questions. I got 0 in my first quiz in every subject... I felt like an outcast in the class... But now, things seems changing and I'm liking it very much. Hehehe!!!

I don't want to put here all the details since all were alike, and I'm happy. That's it.

Now, I'm off to visit sites!

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

*looks at my friends list* Wow! Seems majority of my friends are on-line during weekends. I think I should visit during weekends too... ~thinks~ Yeah. I've missed so many of my friends 'cause they're not on-line when I'm on-line and they're on-line when I'm not. Heh!

So, today i finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's great! And I can't wait for its movie! I'm excited on the CGs the makers would do in the movie. Heheh!

And, I see that many of you guys already finished your Christmas shopping... *sigh* I wanted to do the same but I don't have any money and I don't have anyone to buy a gift. I don't have many friends and I don't treasure them much aside from Joyce who I treasured most. She's somewhere in London now... She asked for my address, she wanted an old-fashioned way of communication, and I forgot to ask hers. Now I don't know how will I communicate to her. E-mail, you ask? Nah. She don't log-in very much and she told me about that before that she'll write to me through snail mail and not with an E-mail. T_T

I guess my Christmas wouldn't be 'merry'... Last Christmas was the last day I saw Joyce and some of my old-classmate. I don't see them now. I'm alone for the Christmas and on the New Year. I don't feel like to hang with my family or my relatives than with my friends. Should I start hanging out with my relatives then?

How would you, guys, celebrate your Christmas? With who and where?

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yay! Thanks LS for the Anti-Spyware/Adware. It's such a good program. The warnings and pop-ups don't appear anymore. Hahaha!!!

So, now that my PC is so-okay I can visit MyO more often than usual. But I guess majority of the members here don't log-in unless it's weekend so I'll visit even weekend.

So, how was everybody?

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

**I'm BaCk!**

Hi guys!

sorry that i wasn't here on the thanksgiving, i have worried on so many stuffs in the real world. my PC is a fine now but a warning is always popping up saying: Your computer is infected with the latest Spyware... So on... so i'm still trying to find some remedy about this matter 'cause i can't contact the one who fixed my PC. Guess, it's all on me now.

so, how was everybody?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hahaha! Yeah, LS, my last post is the shortest, or my shortest post, ever! Well, I got my Internet card at the IT room and, now, I can go on-line. My PC was still... *sigh* screwing up and I can't download updates for it to work fine. I almost deleted all my files 'cause my PC got a lot of virus!! Yeah, VIRUS!

My mom suggested on selling the PC for about $40 then she'll borrow $160 at the bank to buy a new PC but i told her that no one would buy my PC 'cause it's a junk. On second thoughts, I don't want my mom to buy a new PC/Desktop but a new Laptop which i can carry anywhere. Hehehe!!!

Oh well, that's all for today. And I'm sorry guys that i wasn't able to comment to your post last time. i read them but the browser here, IT room, can't open the comment link. I'm really sorry for that.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hi guys!
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Friday, November 9, 2007

Yay! It's raining [here] and I only got a comment from LS yesterday. *snort* where are everybody?? *sigh* well, thanks LS for the comment and my friend got my full support for her finding a job. Good news, one of the fast food, Chowking, called her yesterday for her interview today. I hope it went well.

Anyways, as I've said it's raining here. It started from droplets of water while the sun was shining as though it's summer then the clouds became dark but still luminous 'cause of the bright sun behind it. I love when it's raining but not this kind. I'll be sick with this kind of weather.

Everybody's out of site… in my friends list. *sigh* I think I should get a break too since no one visit my site, LS you're exempted.

Well, I don't have anything to post. And don't expect me to be back here to the next days or weeks. I'll be back when majority of my friends are back.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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