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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I went to Globelines Telecommunication today with my mom and sister, Daphne. I had cut our internet connection, luckily Tita Mimi reconsider my proposal and agreed on doing it. Now we are sharing a DSL connection with my cousin.

Now that I finally got this, certain for the first time, I'm thinking if I should invite Makiss and Aniel at my house. They wanted before to visit me, and I wanted to but won't admit it, but I always refused their demand. I told them many times that even Reggie, who visited once in a sem at the house, haven't set foot inside it. Well, he did once last summer when he had a talk with my mom about his previous job as a call center agent. But that's it.

Hmmm... It's strange... I just came to realized that no one here talk about anime anymore. Guess everybody's growing up. And I'm not doing any more drawings... *sigh*

~wonders~ Should I invite them or not? But I don't want to disappoint them. I'm not good with people especially if they're "visitors". I should contemplate more about this... I don't want to fail.
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