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Monday, December 14, 2009

My christmas vacation will be on the 20th! A week ago I'm so happy that I would finally be able to have a break then problems began sprouting.
First, my aunt from New Jersey is going to spend her christmas vacation here beginning on the 19th. But the house will be under renovation on the 21st and I'm in danger of going out of my room just to lend it to her. My plans of watching animes every night will be over once she's here.
Secondly, she's, my aunt, asked my mom to teach her how to chat. Teaching her is not an issue here. The real issue is, I won't be able to use the PC once I lend it to her.
Thirdly, I'm on my 1st day of preliminary examinations before christmas break. I'm worried that I'd get low grades, it will greatly affect my next grades. But I'm doing my best but just that won't give me high grades.
Fourth, my partner and I must provide a small power supply, a brand new power supply worth $10! Yeah, $10 for just a small power supply that we'll use 3 to 5 times next year and will then probably be donated for the school! What the~? And the worst here is, my partner is not that responsible to pay what his dues are. I'm worried again that he might not pay his share of the amount with me. But I won't let it happen. I'm sure! (I hope he'll bear the responsibility...)
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