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Thursday, October 22, 2009

**I ended up giving April, Joy, and Ananie the last 3 Kinder bars.

Today is the start of my SemBreak. I'm happy of course... Well, if you can hear me say that you won't believe me. I guess I'm starting to miss something... Last week I went up to Makiss's house to participate in a group study, but that's not just the only aim I got. I'm trying to socialize with my closest classmates and impart myself to them. Maybe I'm trying to open up myself so that I could not only depend on the people I know thru internet... Man, it's so hard to understand my feelings these week.

Okay, change subject. Last Monday, last day to have our lessons, being too innocent at school, I didn't noticed the changed of aura between Ananie and Mrs. Malveda. My classmates we're saying, "She's mad...", "Well..."...everytime Mrs. Malveda would appear and not look to any one of them. I asked them what they're talking about. I found out that Mrs. Malveda read Ananie's evaluation for her. And the suggestion slip that comes with it has "I think she needs a psychiatrist... She's lecturing with her back at us. She explains her lessons to herself not us..." etc. I was dumbfounded. I don't know what to say at all 'cause Ananie was one of Mrs. Malveda's favorite student.
Later, now I'm "in" with the news, I found I'm trying to produce some logical reason why our teacher had act so vaguely these last two weeks. But I came out with both parties offering inappropriate deeds.

My cousin had finally got a DSL connection! I tried it out and was very, very satisfied. I'd like to transfer my wireless into DSL now but my aunt, Mimi, she's paying the bill for the 'net, don't want to. She would have to pay a disconnection fee which I think she could manage since she got a lot of money. I offered her a 50% off. I said, "I'll set up a router from them, my cousin's 'net, then goes a line here. Both house, ours and theirs, will only pay for a bill. 50-50." But she won't, really, budge. *sigh*

I'm trying to keep myself from doing nothing but I always ended up in front of my PC. Now, I'm doing a Java Ebook of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. ~ever heard or read any of that?~ I might be busy for a while.

Oh, before I forgot. Joy had one of my romance novel. Actually, Reggie borrowed that with another one. But he lent her my book without my permission. When I found out, it was too late. I could never inquire to her anymore. I'm starting to hate her, which is so unfair.
I even confusingly ask Reggie if I'm being unfair for comparing this Joy Vergara to Joy Accion of my first college school. I knew that I was unfair. I just won't admit it.
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