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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hey guys! I'm back! I got some trouble with my internet browser and I can't open my comment box and Yahoo!Mail so I just gone off for a while to fix it and now it's okay.

Sorry for not visiting anyone of you. It's just... I felt it was kind of troublesome, before, to visit and PM everyone about my comment.

How are you guys doing?

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sorry guys for not visiting sites. It seemed that my new Crawler Toolbar was the cause but it was not. I set it's Pop-Up Blocker to be 'disabled' in MyO but I still can't open any comment box. I've removed the program now and I can't still open comment boxes. I can't even open the link with a new window. I can't open my Yahoo! Mail too. I don't know what really the cause is and I really wanted to comment on updates but I can't. I must find what the cause first to be here so, I think, I will be long gone here.

Take care everyone!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi guys!

How was everybody? Sorry for being gone in a long time. I'm really busy lately at school with projects and papers and next weekis my Midterm examination. I've got to review and even I got notes I still can't understand some of it. My exams are Calculus, Physics, Analytic and Solid Geometry, Computer Basics [easy one], and Literature. The first 3 subjects were really hard.

Oh, well, I need to finish this now so I can visit sites and start reviewing.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful day!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hi guys! Thanks for those who congratulated me about the game. It was awesome! Actually I should not be in the game 'cause I voluntered as the scorer but the umpire set me in the 2nd and 3rd match. I didn't do much anthing, just hitting the ball softly so my teammates could spike the ball to the other field. LOL It's really awesome.

Anyway, how was everybody? I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Mine wasn't very wonderful 'cause my cousin ally activated a virus from her flash drive in my computer. I'm still working on it that's why I can't go online with my PC. I'm using a Desktop in the Internet Room of the school.

While cleaning my PC from those invisible viruses I got the chance to bond with my cousins. We played guitar and sang together. They requested me to play "You're Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus" and they even recorded it with Jen's MP4! Yay!

Tomorrow after my class I'll be going to the Mall to buy books! Yeah, BOOKS! I got to find a novel written by a Filipino for my book review in Philippine Literature, 2 books [as birthday presents] for Aileen and Angelique, and find some good DVDs. I've watched + recently and I became hooked at it. I finished it after 3 nights and I can't keep myself from thinking of buying at least 3 animes to watch. LOL

Well, I'm running out of time. Class' gonna start soon so I hope you have a great day!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Today is Friday, the day that most of us [students] are waiting for. I don't know if those people who have jobs think of Friday the same as I did. And I bet each of you is just starting your Friday. [Remember, I'm from the East and most of the member here came from the West.]

My day in school is finished and i'm currently in a Computer Shop/Rental to post something about me this whole week.

Well, Monday was pretty boring. I didn't came late in every subject by my teachers did! In our 1-hour class, each subject, my teacher only gave us our test papers. Then the class is dismissed.

Tuesday was great! I had my preliminary examination in Calculus and I already got my paper last Thursday. I got 52/75 and I'm very disappointed about it 'cause the exam was too easy, in a way that is. The highest score is 58/75.

Wednesday, we should be watching a local movie but the system didn't work.

Thursday is just a normal day. The only thing is my professor in Physics didn't show up.

Today, we had the film showing then we played volleyball for our P.E. My group won in the game and I bet we will have a perfect 100 for that. That's a nice grade for the start of the year, eh?

Heheh! I will visit you guys tomorrow that means it is only Friday night there and Saturday Morning here.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

There were so many stalls selling Chinese merchandises about rat. It's becoming a hit 'cause many believes that having any figures of rat [calendars, figurines, pets] will bring them luck this year. My country is very superstitious, you know.

I wonder, if buying a Yuki Souma figurine will bring me luck too? I mean, he's a rat when he transforms into an animal. Nah! He's an anime. LOL

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

-We do celebrate Christmas differently from the Western. Kids visits places and ask for a gift [candy, money, etc.] during Christmas day. Let just say it's like Halloween from Western that is done during Christmas here.
-Yesterday was a rainy day but many kids surely still visited us. We didn't had fireworks since it was raining and the day was like any ordinary day aside from those irritating kids who always bothered us.
-We're rich! Hahah!!! All our stocks were purchased! My mom is currently downtown to order stocks.

My Post
At first it was planned that the whole relatives of our side will attend the event but it seemed that majority of them has important plans to accomplish than to just attend the celebration. My Tita, grandmother of the celebrant, was irritated on how our relatives just set side this event for nonsense. Those people who backed-up or who didn't showed up didn't try to tell my Tita some believable reasons; they said that they were doing the laundry that's why they can't come! Heh! Can you believe that?! They were doing the laundry!!? My Tita shouldn't even bothered to rent a Jeep for them that costs $30, then! I know that isn't any big money compare to those country who had the currency of dollar, but that is, for us, a huge money. It's hard to earn it, I know many knew that. It's just that, well, I'm carried away too, eh? Heheh! Well, if this is to happen to me too I will feel the same… And actually I felt it, somehow, 'cause I know the feeling of something I anticipated to be with some people and, then, they will just don't go with it… And the feeling of spending money, whether it's a small or large amount, for other's and not to at least show some gratitude… *sigh*Now, my Tita swear that she won't invite anyone who didn't attended the event just for nonsense…

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Monday, December 24, 2007

-A few hours more and its Christmas! Yay! People kept coming into the store… our stocks were diminishing…. We're getting rich! Whahah!
-The Cartoon Network and ABS-CBN [local] channels were previewing some Naruto clips with the word 'Soon'. I guess they'll air It on January. This is a good thing 'cause I can watch both with different language. One will be in English and the other in Tagalog.
-Lol I don't want to spend my time, 30 minutes, everyday just to watch filler videos.
-It's almost Christmas and it seems, here, that it isn't Christmas at all. Naturally, we celebrate Christmas with a feast and load bangs of noises like fireworks, clanking of tins, karaokes… Everything seems to be not normal.
-I don't have any head aches now… But I think I'm having cold… *sigh*

My Post
Saturday was a great day! We leaved at exactly 9am, we were only 15 though 'cause the others can't come because of nonsense [I'll tell you guys about it tomorrow]. We were a couple of hours late for the ceremony but that's okay 'cause we were just there to eat and check out the place and the baby.

The place was not far away from the highway but it's a silent nice, comfy place, without the Karaoke that is. I can see the Mt. Banahaw and it's as though I am at the foot of the mountain. It looks like a mini farm with pineapples, lemons, and mangoes. The house was little, it looks like 7 times of it is the mini farm. There were so many high leaves of grass, though, on the background but it's nice, really nice.

Inside the house, there are a computer, family pictures, and other essential things, and… books! I'm not talking about entertainment books, I mean textbooks! Agh, don't get me wrong. I'm just excited about it 'cause most of the books there are the ones I needed for my current subjects. *looks sharp* No, I'm not trying to borrow the books, 'cause I got my own reference too. [But it would be great if I will have another reference…]

It aren't the place, the books, or fruits that are great, the food that they've served too was so oishii! Gume, gume! Oops! I'm talking japanese now… I mean, the food is so delicious! I have eaten 4 times with full plates! That is, I ate at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and before we leave, 6pm. Hahah! No, I'm not fat, I'm still skinny. But I wish to fat. Those people who were serving the foods almost know me 'cause I kept going in and out of the kitchen with full plates. It's so great that I can't still taste the foods… That may be the last time that I'll be tasting that 'cause now that I'm back with my mom, foods that she'll serve will be tasteless. *sigh*

Going home, we also had merienda… Well I guess that makes my meal 5 times in a day. I didn't eat at home 'cause I don't feel hungry but I am sure I want to eat. And I'm still having my headache. Guess, it will keep on me for a while longer…

Ja, minna!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

-I guess the good thing about DBZ is that it had many sagas…. Naruto on the other hand has pointless sub-missions to cover up some time before those animators came to the point of why-not-finish-this-whole-thing? Bah! I hate it when animes are not straight…

My Post
My head is still aching… *twitch* I've already finished watching the 50 episodes of Naruto Shippuuden… *smiles weakly* After 3 days of watching it… Hahah! I'm going to look for the next episodes of it after I got my memory card… It may take me 2 months but it's okay 'cause I needed to rest for the whole Christmas vacation, I guess, and to save money of course. Maybe spending too much time in front of my PC is causing my headache… *sigh*

On Saturday, that will be tomorrow, I'll be going with the rest of my relatives, my mom and dad won't come, somewhere in Tanauan to attend a Christening for our cousin's daughter. I haven't been there so I can't describe what the place look like. I'll tell you guys about it on Monday.

I'll be off already… *twitch* my headache is really… Ah! I will try to visit sites...

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

-Elves, you're certainly right. Sorry for not commenting at your art on the first day you've posted it.
-LS, I've been fascinated on how many sites you've known that are really helpful… I'm lucky to have some resources like you.
-And thanks for those who visited my drawing. I really appreciate it.
-I like Naruto Shippuuden than Naruto 'cause the latter seems to be a little young-version, I mean, childish-type, and very predictable. It's so long which easily makes it boring, that is, for me.
-School is closed until New Year! Yay! I don't have any classes!

My Post
Oh man! My head is spinning! After watching so many Naruto Shippuuden episodes last night and waking up so early today, I think, made my head aches. It head feels like it was being crunched with two iron-bar on both side of my head.

Anyway, today is the start of my Christmas vacation which I am half-disappointed and half-happy. Want to know why? Well, it's because I won't be having any allowance this vacation and I know my mom won't allow me to go downtown or leave the place even for a while 'cause she's expecting many customers. Yeah, I know that there will be many customers 'cause it's the Yuletide season, but, give me a break! I've been doing well, I'm always at the store… Can't I have at least a day off? That's my point but my mom won't agree with that 'cause she said if I won't be taking her place in the store then who would? Bah! I hate it when I'm always the one who they can count on to. I've been so jealous of my sister 'cause she could do everything she wanted. She's already 10 years old! When I was at that age I can wash my own clothes, clean my room, wash the dishes, and answer my own assignments. But she… My, she can't even construct her own English sentence! *slaps a palm on my forehead* Grrr…!

Enough on the why-I-am-disappointed side, let's get on the opposite side shall we?

So, I've been telling you guys that I got enough money for my Christmas gift for myself, right? Well, I've decided that I won't buy the Naruto DVDs and instead I will buy a memory card for my PC! I could only find them, they are different from the memory cards now, in a Surplus shop, so I asked some shops near at my place but none of them have it. They suggested me to look for it in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. When I heard that, in my mind my double was saying "Whoa! Old man, hold it! How much do you think my fare, only, would be if I would travel from here to there?! It would take my whole savings for just that!" A while later, I walked in to this Computer Rental Shop then I went on-line. It just came out without thinking that I had asked the manager there if he has a memory card. I told him what type it was then, good gracious, he said he have in the back room. *glows face* I don't know what to say but I think this is a gift! We had this agreement then that maybe this or next week I'll buy the memory card for he will still ask someone how much he will sell each piece. Hehehe!!!

After this, I'll become money-less again...

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