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Monday, September 17, 2007

**I had fun at the mall, I got a lump on my right knee, I won't be around until next week**

Last Saturday I went to the mall ‘cause it’s got this 3-day sale like what I’ve said on my last post. Okay, I didn’t post the 3-day sale. Lol There were so many people in the mall but good thing the bookstore isn’t much crowded ‘cause from what I’ve seen people went to the mall just to buy clothes and not books. So, off to the bookstore to buy a new manga and a magazine… I bought a W.I.T.C.H. and K-Zone magazine. Too bad the only manga that I’ve bought is the Make 5 Wishes feat. Avril Lavigne. Vol. 2. All the other manga in the shelves were not the one I’m buying monthly, and I got this 30% off the manga that I’ve just bought so I got extra money. Since it’s a sale day I bought a new pants and flip flops for me and my little sister.
I found myself after touring around the mall that I’m smiling… well, it’s ‘cause I saw many guys on the women’s pants section buying skinny jeans. Hehehe!!! I guess every guy here wants to be on an emo-style, they even cut their hair like emos.

This morning while I was climbing down the stairs I suddenly slipped off the stair's wooden surface but then I felt nothing. When I was falling it's like I'm seeing a slow motion movie or clip. My right knee smack on the floor and when I try to stretched my leg I saw a little misalignment of the bone under my right knee, and I felt nothing. I mean, I should panic or shout or use my fast reflexes to not fall by the time I know I'm falling but nothing happened! Maybe I'm shocked by that time when my right foot failed me to get a more balance posture. Lol or maybe there's something wrong with me. I've been observing this for the past week that I haven't been on myself lately, like I'm doing something that I am not conscious of, like last night.

Last night I was changing my room's curtain while I'm thinking of something or feeling something odd. I felt or I'm thinking that I was in a slow motion warp where I could do all the things I want to do without any disturbances. It's like I'm day dreaming yet I can see what's happening around me. I know everyone day dreams and once you day dream you can't see anything but the vision your mind's setting up, you can't see what's happening around you, right? Mine’s different…

Lol Maybe I'm thinking too much or maybe this is stress to my brain or maybe I got some illness… the last, I hope it's not.

I hope sleeping early will help me.

Anyway, my knee has this little lump and a little bruise from the impact of the floor to my knee… my bone's okay now and I can't feel the pain O.o from the lump but it's still visible.

On the 19th-21st is my mid-term exam and next week's the Sports fest on my school so I won't be posting anything this week and the next. This is a notice anyway that's why there's a post for this week.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

**sorry for the pic yesterday**

now, i'm back to my routine of watching international channels... my grandfather was talking to my mom to buy or bring the tv to a shop so we won't have difficulties in watching tv... you know, sometimes we have different programs to watch in a same schedule. i bet my mom will ask me to bring the tv on the shop 'cause she's too busy managing the store.

tomorrow, i'll be going to the mall 'cause i want to take advantage of the bookstore there. the bookstore had this 1 month cut-off, up to 65%, on all thier stuffs. so, yay! hehehe!!! i'm hoping that what i am looking for will come in cheap.

*sorry guys about the picture... i didn't know that the bandwidth will exceed... sorry... i hope this will be okay.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

**my mother was about to get cut our cable TV connection...**

My grandfather's TV is not working anymore, actually sometimes it's working then it stops working. We've got 2 television sets, one was in my grandpa's room and the other in the sala [living room]. My mom talked to my grandpa about cutting the cable connection since they only watched programs from a local TV station. Good thing my grandpa said no to her proposal! Yay! I'm so worried 'cause if my grandpa agrees with my mom, I then can't watch movies on HBO, Cinemax, and Hollywood and I can't listen to new music/songs on MTV. Lol

So, how was everybody?

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

**after all, school is not a hell as I've said before **

I see that everyone agreed that I should be proud about my status being an artist in the class, but no, I can't accept it. I'm a person who's only great on adapting or copying someone's stuff. Lol

So, onto the post...

After a week of being busy, today was much better, even though I'm still busy, 'cause I felt that I've accomplished something today that I might be needing on the future. I just followed my instincts, then, Wam! Everything seems so very organized, so… easy! And I've been sleeping very late lately but still wakes up on time, that is, 7 in the morning. Hehehe!!!

At school, I had a test on another lesson about Psychology and I only got 3/20. lol I haven't studied it 'cause I got no copy or any hand-outs about our previous lessons. So, after the class I went straight to the library to borrow the book on Psychology then Xerox the chapter that's included in my semi-final exam. Then I look for some information that might help me with my research paper. Speaking of which, I haven't heard anything about my partner so I'll just wait for tomorrow to find out if she's attending her classes then I will talk to her about my little problem about her.

In another class, Personality Development, I am so glad that a teacher-student interaction is developing. Before, the lessons were boring 'cause we, students can't give our opinions on different personalities that can be applied to ourselves. And since this class is about us, then we should be heard, right? Now, it's like our teacher is becoming open to us and we are becoming open too, in a manner of sharing of thoughts and point of views with each other.

I'm talking too much about school… I thought school's going to be a hell for me! But no, actually, I'm enjoying it now.Heheh!!!

Anyway, how was everybody?

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

**I was scolded by my mom but I still have a good time at school**

I was scolded by my mom today 'cause they blame me for an accident that I've nothing to do. They kept telling me, "if you didn't told Dana to get a 12oz. 7-up then this will not going to happen."

Actually what happened is that I was transferring 12oz. Cokes and 7-ups in the refrigerator then I didn't noticed that Dana, she was 4 yrs. old, get a 12oz. 7-up then she accidentally dropped it on the ground. Bam! The noise makes all of us, me, my mom, dad, and little sister, and my auntie, to find where that noise came from then we saw this shattered glasses beside Dana's feet on the flowing softdrink.

Then my mom kept scolding me while she's cleaning the mess and I was silent 'cause I don't want to argue anymore with her. Then I told her that I'll be leaving for school but she doesn't seem to hear me 'cause she kept scolding me and I suddenly felt not to go to school but I still went to school.

At school, things were better. I got called for my point of view on "how can you prove that there is a God?" and I answered well. Then when the topic was changed and the debate on the students became intense, I draw an anime on a paper 'cause I don't want to join debates, someone saw and compliment my work. Then she putted a paper and a Cinderella picture on my desk then said, "can you draw this for me?" I was like *jaw-dropped* then said o-okay. Then people around noticed me and kept saying, "can you draw this *points on a picture*, this, and this for me? And I was just smiling, looking at everyone who're talking to me and I felt dizzy 'cause I don't know which question is to be answered and who's talking to me. *sigh* I don't want to be known for this copier-of-anime-talent of mine.

When the class was over, Reggie, a classmate, was talking to me about what happened to me. He's talking to me like, "you're a celebrity now in this class." Blah! I told him, "as if I wanted to…" but I liked it a little 'cause I'm in the center of attention.


My partner didn't attend our class 'cause she's her check-up today. I'm still thinking of what to say to her about our research. I'm hoping that won't offend her.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

**yay! I'm finished!**

Finally I'm done with shinobicatgirl's contest. The deadline for entries are today and I don't have Photoshop from where I want to edit my drawing so I just take a background picture in photobucket and use the paint for editing. Yeah, it's a lot of work when editing was done there but I've no choice left but to use the paint and think of a way of putting my drawing on the background.


Thankfully I managed to put my drawing on top of the background. It's already 1:00am here and I still have classes later so I'll be off after this post but I'll pay everyone a visit tomorrow.

Have a good day/night everyone!

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Friday, September 7, 2007

**I'm becoming so busy lately**

Today I looked for a 'net shop that has Photoshop so I can submit my entry for shinobicatgirl's contest. Luckily I found one shop but the shop's scanner was not working well. When they scanned my drawing the picture came out like it was soaked in coffee. So, I just went home and now, I'm thinking of making my own background. Maybe I could take some reference, right?

The deadline is on the 10th so I better make use of my time to make a nice background. Well, I'll be off soon 'cause I still have so many things to do, namely, advance reading on Psychology, Philosophy, outline for the Research paper, and this background problem.

Well, I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

**Research problem**

I'm having a little problem with my partner in Research paper in English. First let me introduce who is this partner of mine in this important matter. My partner in research is Megan Gutierrez who is an average person as I am, got many friends, good in speaking, but is not reliable in doing a research paper.
You know, we we're given by our teacher a partner to be able to produce a 15-40 pages paper. And as a partner, she's not doing what she ought to do. Me, as her partner, do whatever I can to provide a good research while she was just staring blankly at my work, complaining why we need to do this research, and asking whether our research is doing good or not.

I talked to her so many times that she should also participate in this research 'cause she's not like those freeloaders that will just eat for free. I told her that she should work if she wanted to get paid, 'cause if she didn't help me, I will not include her name in the paper. And she's like, "okay, okay. Enough already."

Bah! This research is the worst thing that I could ever remember I am doing for the mean time.

Megan was my classmate when I am in 1st year highschool, I don't know much about her. And now that she's my classmate again I don't know what have changed in her but I couldn't help myself to think that she's a weirdo or maybe a psycho.

I asked my other classmates about her so that my mind will stop thinking about these stupid maybes. Some of my classmates said that she's acting weird 'cause Megan was a really weird and stupid person. Mimay, a batch mate, provided me a concrete answer why Megan was acting mysteriously. Mimay said that Megan suffered an accident when she was a kid. A bullet hit Megan on the cheek that was giving side effects on how she should be functioning.

Lol that explains a lot.

But for me it's still unfair! Megan was studying 'cause she can study and she should do what a student should do.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

**I'm not yet done with my entry**

I'm finished with my drawing entry for shinobicatgirl's Nemu-Gin art contest. But there is one thing that's still missing, the background. My drawing is in a whole-body pose' of the two characters and without a background the drawing just looks like lame, boring.

I'm thinking to download a Photoshop but doing that will consume much of my time. I'm in a dial-up connection. Lol

Hmmm… if that can't work… I'll try to find a computer shop that has Photoshop. Right! that's it! I'll find a shop that has Photoshop!

Oh, well, got to go now and find a shop like that.

Later guys!

Did You Know?

Children laugh about 400 times a day, while adults only laugh an average of 15 times a day.
According to research, highways in Los Angeles are so jampacked that the average commuter sits in traffic for 82 hours a year.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

**Yesterday was the worst day I ever had!**

My classmates didn't tell me yesterday it was the day for our modeling in Personality Development . When I arrived at the school I can't see any of my classmates, then I looked in the other classrooms hoping to see them. Then I bumped into Mayan, one of my classmates, then asked me "why aren't you dressed in business suit/outfit? Our classmates are at the gym." I was like, O.o what the~? She told me that that was the day we're going to present our modeling of different types of dresses.

That presentation cost me a major exam! Lol I'm so mad at my classmates that I didn't go to the gym. I'm not going to talk to them! Grrr…!!

*sigh deeply* There's still the semi-final and the final exam. I will pull up my grades, that's a promise to myself.

For those stupid classmates of mine, "you'll all going to pay for this! I will have the highest scores in our next exams!" they'll going to kneel before me! Whahahaha!!!

Sorry guys for ranting…

Anyways, I just finished my exam in Philosophy. I think I'm doing great.

I hope everyone is doing great at school/work too! Have a nice day!
Did You Know?

In 1983, Japanese artist Tadahiko Ogawa made a copy of the Mona Lisa entirely out of toast.
Male goats will pee each other in order to attract mates.

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