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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day after finishing my New Year's Resolution list, I was given a task by my teacher in Engineering Economy who is currently our acting Dean. I was told to study any general knowledge about computer 'cause I'll represent the whole department on the upcoming school foundation. Of course I declined the task 'cause even though I've got "study harder this year" at the top of my resolution list, my idea of studying doesn't include competitions. One more thing, it'll be a hindrance for my real studies.
I was almost lucky to convince my teacher that someone other than me is better in computers. I told her, "Ma'am, I'm not good with computers that much. But I know someone who is. He can even make Javascripts!" But Reggie butt in and told our teacher that I'm better. So, the teacher wrote on her notebook my name. I could no longer object. My name's already on the final list of competitors.
Now, I've got to study computer, too, that doesn't concern my current curriculum for this semester.
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