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Monday, November 16, 2009

Today was the start of my second semester. I'm glad to finally be one of the regular students. Yay! Before I only had the chance to take what's available for me, since I'm a transferee I got extra credits which kept me to take only what's been offered and could not advance any subject. And surely, next year or semester I'd be an irregular student again. *darn*

So, my day didn't go as expected and planned but I'm okay with that 'cause I had the chance to talk with Joy again. It felt like we've been apart for a year or so... (even though we're just not been talking most of last semester's period.) Now's a good chance which I did not let to pass.
Once we had this vacant, 2:30-3:00, well I did not expect it would happen now, Reggie and Aniel joined me in the canteen. It wasn't actually an ordinary canteen. It's just a corner in the college building and has a few seats available for its customers and bypassers. So we ate there. I had a cheeseburger, so does Aniel, and Reggie had many, I don't know what they were. We we're talking there, just talking about our vacation when I saw Joy and Ananie walking toward the canteen. I made a joke about Ananie which I believe she caught too. She led themselves to a seat beside us. Of course, Joy's following her with her nonexchangeable and loyal phone which she's been relentlessly hitting since the first time we've met. Here's our exchange:
Joy: *sat beside me*
Ananie: *dropped her bag with Joy and left*
Me, Reggie, and Aniel: *talking*
Joy: *typing something on her phone*
Me: Hey, you're still typing.
Joy: Always.
Me: You haven't changed. A bit.
Joy: *smiles but still her attention's on her phone*
Me: I hate texting. You should use call instead of that.
Joy: Nah. I'm already thru with that. And something's wrong with my network operator. When I tried to call, it's always busy.
Me: Mmm... *took a bite of my burger*
A moment has passed...
Me: *looking down at her opened bag* Where's my book?
Joy: It's in the house.
Me: ...
Joy: ...
Me: 'ey, you want books? I mean, I got books at my place. Romance novels. Still from the package given to me by my cousin.
Joy: ...
Me: *turn to Reggie and Aniel since I knew they were listening* I hate those romance novels. They make me imagine things... stupid things.
Reggie: *laughs*
Aniel *concentration's on his burger*
Joy: Sure. *I turned my head and looked at her.*
I was so not sure what to say so I just let the moment passed and... There, Joy slipped off her seat and began walking away. (Probably her next class... *shrug* Whatever.) I think it was a succes. This is my first step to friendship. I'm very hoping so...

On other updates of my day...
I met Makiss! LOL I'm happy. She's like a refuge. I felt light when I'm with her. That's probably the very reason I'm visiting her at her place most of the time. She didn't wear our new skirt though. Me, Ananie, and some of the girls I knew have worn it today. I asked her when she'd be wearing hers. "I don't know..." she answered. Well, there's no helping it. She keeps getting thinner and thinner... She's even skinnier than me! But not before her job. Anyway, her skirt's been repaired twice 'cause her waistline keeps getting, yeh, thinner. Maybe, next time, once her tailor got her right figure...
And, I got a change of schedule for the day. My last subject today will be my first on the next meeting. I hope tomorrow won't change too 'cause I think it's too perfect to only have 2 subjects during the morning. Nothing more. I'm satisfied with my schedule.

And... I asked Makiss, Aniel, and Reggie to come over at my place. The guys wanted to come tomorrow but I would not let them unless they brought Makiss, which I'm sure they won't be able to 'cause Makiss have classes tomorrow afternoon. ~laughs~ I'm pretty amazed on my talent to come up with that at the wrong time. Well, that was not my fault anyway. I did not mean they should come tomorrow but the guys insisted. Whatever. They must bring Makiss, though, or I won't let them in the house. I warned them.

There's nothing more to update so... I'm logging off! *swish*
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