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Monday, August 24, 2009

So, I'm back here again after a very hard struggle with my Network Operator's firewall. They've banned every possible way a hacker could access their fast internet servers. *slop* I'm no hacker so I won't be able to say how they did it. But I know that my Network Operator blocked everything! Even those wonderful Web Proxy servers I loved! *sigh* Currently I'm not enjoying my Broadband internet connection. It's so hard to stabilize and only has a maximum of 50kbps, very incomparable with my old one with 200-300kbps. So I've decided to used my old one, cost about P20 ($0.25) per hour, when downloading and the other one with just surfing, which is so time consuming, *sigh*

School life...
My school life hasn't been great, hasn't been bad either. I'm enjoying a very little of it, not like last semester. I guess this is what people're talking about "ups-and-downs". Hehehe! I'm pretty cramped at the moment, having orations, plays, formulas to remember, numbers to compute, and keeping up with my unfavorable teachers... *sigh* Oops! I got an assignment in Electromagnetics about Vectors and Electromeganetism which is to be passed on Wednesday, *uh-oh* same time for my Midterm exam on that subject. Dammit! I think I should've purchased a calendar where I could input my deadlines.

My normal life...
My normal life is very... abnormal. I got this classmate, Joy, who is very much like Joy in my first college school. Joy, the second one, is a very close classmate of mine at Sacred Heart (my old college). We'd been thought of classmates for like whole highschool for being so close together. Everyone thought that we know each others hobbies, likes, dislikes, and so on... But we really didn't know. It just came up that way. And the other Joy, first one, as I have said, is very much like Joy, in a way of their... characteristics. *Sorry I can't say their characteristics. I just can't. I know it. I just can't.* Leaving Joy, the second one, after a semester was so painful for me. We haven't made any communication after since. And now that my thoughts about her have been slightly erased, here comes another one, not exactly like her, who always nags me. I'm trying my best to keep myself away from her 'cause I know that too much closure leads to painful memories for me later on. I'm still currently trying my best to ignore her and speak ill whenever she's speaking with me but something tells me that that is the thing that keeps her from talking with me. I know what I should do, that is, clear my head. Like tell myself that she's not Joy. She's another Joy with another personality, with another... *sigh* Whenever I think of them, I always get upset. But I smiled afterwards and just kept smiling in my head.

*sigh* I hope Joyce would still write a letter for me. It has been a month or so since I felt light after reading her so simple letter.

My other life...
My life in the 'net is full of so many detours. I joined Google Adsense two months ago, was accepted, was able to render service and earn up to $20 within a month, and after that I received an e-mail telling me that they've collected information of invalid clicks for search boxes and advertisements. I was so irritated that I didn't waited for them to fixed my account and just deleted it. After a few days, I realized that I'd made a mistake of deleting my account. I've nothing to hide, why did I deleted it?
So, I'd asked a classmate of mine, Binos, to do me an account with her name on it. It passed! I guess I'm still lucky. I'll check it tomorrow then start a new web blog with sorts of very random stuffs.
I'm very glad that I could share whatever I can't share in other blogs at MyOtaku.
I'll possibly try LiveJournal, Blogger, Xanga, and Weebly to start my random blog.
So, yeah, I joined some other sites that offer commission for using their services like Chitika, AdclickMedia, and Pogads. But nothing turn out from them yet. Google is much better that them.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

I forgot that I have an appointment again with Dean and Peng early this morning. I woke up at 8:30 and was welcomed by the unbelieving looks of my relatives. They asked me whether I'm still going with Peng for Dean's check-up.
Since I just woke up like that, there's nothing left for them to do but to wait for me. I would be Dean's sitter for the whole day, anyway.

At the hospital...
Gawd... Dean's pediatrician was nowhere in the hospital. *Got there by 11:30 and waited for the doctor till 3.* ~I'm so tired that I could not elaborate anything, at all!~

Oh yeah. I saw Emil at a local bank when I withdrew some of my grandpa's money. Talked to him for a very short while 'cause we're just about to leave the town. ~Huh? Am I going backwards or spinning around? I can't seem to catch my time table...~

*And another...* Oh yeah. Enalou, Peng sister came with us. I forgot that they love shopping and would not be forced to leave the place until they get what they wanted.

*The reason why I'm tired:* It's because of those two siblings. They drag me everywhere even though I'm carrying Dean or Dean's huge and heavy bag. Good thing the food Peng ordered me was so much great that I already forgave them.

I bought something. A webcam and an optical mouse for my sister. I'd like to buy something for my laptop too but the thought always made me lazy. I'm already at a computer shop, why haven't I bought accessories for my PC? I got my money. But why...? Oh, whatever. I'm *yawn* sleepy... I'm really tired.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hmmm.... A lot of commotion has been happening around these past few days... which I accidentally thought as a month! School had been boring... Random people were buying the same necessity at the store, mostly are plain white long candles, kerosene, matches, and lighters. And a Hurricane or Typhoon is already on its way. And I didn't know.
Having sudden change of weather is not new to me. Knowing that Global Warming is getting worse each day, I didn't pay attention to the changes of climate. Last April, we've had rainy days. During May, we've had sunny days. April should be sunny and May should be rainy. I convinced myself that the season went a month late than what the calendar season supposed it to be 'cause June began with a twist of rainy and sunny days.
Today, we're having a Hurricane or Typhoon + rain. Don't know when it will last. By judging how many our customers and products sold, I shall conclude that it will last long. But being not excited about what's happening, 'cause I still got class even though we got rough weather, I'm not counting that the calamity will turn out like what people feared it would.

My aunt just told me to fill a huge bucket with water, just for emergency.
At school, I'm trying to be busy, started it last June 15. School's not that just promising to me. I don't want to go to school... but... well, there's nothing waiting. Everything's worse again. Well, maybe because some of my classmates didn't pursue their studies, including Perly... I've never see her again after last Finals. But still, I'm glad that one of my crushes, Jordan, the other is Pely, is still at school. I got some classes with him sometimes.
Oh, I have to find a speech for Speech and Dramatics. I'll have to orate it on Semi-Finals and it's post-Prelims already. I find one.

Philippines just hit another record for having the most cases of Influenza A in Asia. Having 500+ cases and another 1 with death... ... ...
We'll if scientist/pharmacist/medic/whatever here just helps on finding a cure for that virus, and not just waiting for other "great" countries to produce one first, the process of finding a cure might slightly grow a little bit higher. Waiting till July for the vaccine is way too far. What if those 500+ cases hit 1000+ after 2 days...? I'm not worried about my health... I don't care if it hits me. I just wanted to make them move. How could they just wait...? They're dependent.
And why does the vaccine should be released on July?...

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My whole day today at school isn't boring... Just too normal and tiring... I didn't felt my body ache like this during my other days at school. Maybe I'm still not yet adopting to my schedule, not only at school. Man, teaching the kids during my free time is so... much. But before even though I do that I don't feel this tired. I wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep. I hope that Friday comes after today.

Tomorrow and on Thurday I got two classes, 10:30-12noon and 4-5:30pm. It wasn't great but I hope I could steal some nap times with my free times to recharge.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Today was the start of my classes. I was eager to see my classmate, I didn't noticed and I didn't showed it. I am keeping myself from talking about my laptop but Reggie told someone and another one. I was a little irritated so I just hold myself normally, well it was more like "unusually" for me. I'm always happy to be in the center of attention but that time I don't know what's gotten into me. Maybe I just so treasure and love my lappy now. Heheh!

So, today was the start of my another sem in my boring school. I already got assignments in 2 subjects. I already finised one which is Speech and Dramatics but I'm uncertain if my answers are correct. Another one is on Advance Engineering Math which is to be passed hand-written-ly. I'm done with 2 questions out of 5. I got 4 answers but can't proceed on after question no. 2 'cause I'm missing my answer in no.3. I know I got all photocopies of the answers in the book but it turned out that I'm missing some pages. Good thing I have to pass that on tomorrow's afternoon. I still got time to finish it during lunch.
My other classes were just brief meetings. Got attendance and some pointers for the sem's discussions... Then dismiss. I'm not happy that my day today turned out so boring yet hectic. I wonder why teacher's at my school don't value our time too much.
Oh, one of my professors, Mr. De Gala, discussed a little of Engineering Mechanics. He's the only one at school that's really concerned at the growth of our knowledge. He barely get tardy. If he does, he's someone to give us a surprise quiz...

I saw Mimay and Leo at school. Wasn't a good time to talk to them 'cause of the sudden change in their schedule. But at least we greeted each other.
I'd be dropping a subject 'cause my supposed-to-be-professor there don't like to admit me even though I'm qualified. Sigh~

Teacher's there don't really understand how kids/teenagers crave for knowledge... They're so old-fashioned and definite.

At home, I read Ahnjhie's text message for me. She wants us to meet today but I refused 'cause I have my tutorial program ruining my whole "availability" time. She asks me to skip it but I refused again, almost violently 'cause that meant that I would sacrifice my time to teach two kids. And I realized that I made the best decision. And I don't feel sorry for Ahnjhie even though she seemed sad... Well, I just did that.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomorrow is the start of this term's classes... I have to wake up like 6am to get myself to school. Good thing I don't eat breakfast. If I do, I'll have to wake up earlier than that. Sigh~

Oh, last Friday afternoon, Independence Day of my country, I finally got my laptop. It was a HP Compaq Presario V3500 and not V3000. I checked some reviews about the unit yesterday and came up with bad impressions... The What's Not Hot reviews include the lack of built-in camera and its slow DVD-playback when it's running on battery mode. But it's good to know that I could still play DVD/CD in good quality while it's plugged. I won't be using the laptop outside the house anyway, probably. My schedule's too hectic that I don't know how to keep up with everything. With my studies on its way now... How will I ever catch up with everyone...

I'm talking about there are my standing in the Forum, the tutorial programs, and my own studies. In the Forum, recently, many people requested ebooks. It was great, I thought at first. But when I got a copy of what they wanted me to make I felt so uneasy. The copy came up with a photocopy in a .pdf extension. I can't copy it so I had to type everything. I already finished a book. 4 more to go. Sigh~

My tutorial programs were okay but with those in hand, my vacant time doing the ebooks were little. During Monday and Tuesday, probably 4 hours each. During Wednesday and Thursday, 2 hours each. Maybe I should allocated my Friday and weekends for the Forum. But I don't want to miss anything that might happen with my ebook thread... I want to keep it updated! Everyday, if that's possible...

My studies... I can't say anything now... But I believed that it would be hard since I'm on my 3rd year now and got all major subjects. Probably torture. Yeah. It's pure torture!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today, nothing much happened... I don't know if I'm keeping myself away or it just that the flow of life's not crazy enough to ruin and excite my day. I just spend my whole day clicking my PTC link which is so boring... But I've got nothing to do so I think it was good. At least I did something...

So my tutorial program's gonna be re-planned. Lhannce's schedule had been shut to morning instead of whole day, which is great news for me 'cause I'm also be studying during mornings...

I visited the Forum this evening and got excited to see my usual forum mates. I already warned myself not to go there 'cause I won't be able to sleep early. My insomnia's getting worse every time I go there. Good thing my phone, Yzat's phone, became dead. So I've reason to not visit the forum...

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shocking NEWS!!!: I heard from Peng that his master's brother, Reggie, got into an accident. Reggie was driving a motor with 2 children and got crushed by a truck. So sad to say, the children didn't make it at the hospital. Now, Peng is waiting for his master's call to start negotiating Reggie's case.

The day before yesterday, my relatives from San Pablo visited us without notice. Actually my father talked to them last Friday but it seems that they agreed to postpone the visitation 'cause of the sudden thunderstorm. But they appeared and I was not able to do my habits... I even went downtown to buy them foods, which I hate doing. That's why very few classmates of mine had only stepped in the house. I don't want visitations!!!

So, yesterday I went to the hospital with Peng to have Lloyd's check up; Peng is babysitting Lloyd. After that we went to the mall and get a tour around. It wasn't great, wasn't bad either. I saw Dhem waiting for the elevator, she didn't saw me. *I'm quite thankful about that 'cause I don't want to have anymore connections with my ex-classmates before shifting to my current course.* I didn't bought anything, I was just asked anyway to come with her. But she treated me lunch and snacks and gave me a couple of dollars...

I visited the forum yesterday and was overwhelmed how people there were looking forward to PTC sites and other paying ads. Someone new, aileen, there gave me a referral link so I signed up at her site. It would be bad if I didn't clicked the link... I want to be fair with everyone even though I'm their senior... I'm still 19 years old and my lookout for fairness is very strong. And I think there's no harm in trying.
Today I missed going to the Forum... I'm bored and started my PTC link and started clicking. I already earned $1. I'm not looking forward to it though, 'cause PTC is PTC. Scam will always be scam. If there are few real PTC sites they're the ones who won't get easily unblock with proxies, like Neobux and Roudycash.

After a few solitary thinking, I realized that I'm beginning to become a coward again. I'm closing my connections to the outside world. In the Forum I'm getting pretty attached to 2 persons. With Joyce, I'm so depressed in her last e-mail that I came up with a simple letter in my head stating that I won't contact her anymore. And with Dhem... I'd just said that I want to be fair with everyone but I don't know what's fair at this time when it's concerning my personal life. Why does it come easy to find solutions for someone's problem when I can't even find an answer for mine..?

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Wah! I'm so glad I figured out what's wrong with my "free internet connection"! I was so depressed yesterday 'cause of what Joyce replied to my PM... And then my internet connection broke. Wah! I'm just thankful that I was able to find a solution for fixing my problem...


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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yesterday I planned on not spending any time on the 'net, except updating my Myo account and check my e-mail, 'cause I have to gather and pack my strength for today, I've to clean my room. But something happened. After I updated my site yesterday night I stumbled upon Joyce while visiting my e-mails in Yahoo!. *I constantly check them.* I can't believe it at first so I tried to send her something. She replied! Hahah! We talked for almost 5 hours, from 2:30pm there, 9:30pm here. Actually if she didn't teased me until I broke I could've skipped sleeping. She made fun of me 'cause her sister, Mitzi, told her that I looked funny when I went to there house. *Arrrgh!* But before that, she asked me to tell her my little adventure of going there for the second time. *Man, I don't want to repeat what I told her...* I'll skip that since I think I have that in my other posts. I asked her not to ask her mom about it but she replied like those maniacs in animes with, "Bwahahahah! I'm gonna ask her!!!".

I woke up today at 10am, very dark. It was raining. *Uh!* Without so much time left before lunch, I hurriedly cleanse myself then went in my room and started cleaning it. I was out of time, it was lunch already, before I knew that I was able to clean only my bookshelf and windows. So, I skipped my little own project, copying of an ebook, and resumed cleaning after lunch. *sigh of relief* At last, I finished cleaning at 3:30pm. ~thinks~ Maybe I should get rid of my sofa... I'm not using it anyway...

This afternoon, my sister seemed okay but when evening came... Uh, she's in our parents' room covered with thick blanket again. I'm feeling quite hot now too. But I think it is just my defense mechanism 'cause the rain won't go away. Yesterday night, there were rain, gust, and thunder... That would be thunderstorm, right? Hehehe!

I visited the forum and got pissed because foliedeaux won't listen to us. She's spamming everywhere! chaelen, a dear friend of hers, told us that folie was mad at the moderators of PMA, another forum aside from PD, 'cause she can't use the ChatBox, they were holding a meeting there. It was unfair for them, folie reasoned out, 'cause the moderators has their own thread for such meetings. I told them that maybe the moderators are using the CB for faster exchange of opinions. It can't be helped. But folie ignored it. Sheeesh! Wah! I'm out of the forum. I'll be back there tomorrow but not now... I don't want to talk to her for the mean time...

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