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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm busy... (I was typing an ebook...)
Haven't gone online for a while... (I said I'm busy...)
*Looks sideways (not literally)*
Hmmm... I've got no friends online...
Guess they're busy with their lives, too.
That would mean I haven't missed a thing, likely. Well, I hope I did not missed anything.

School's been tough and rough. I can't cope with anything. I have a long, long quiz tomorrow. It should be long, like in monthly examinations.
Now I've to lie in bed and start reviewing my notes, (whoa!) I'm glad I've taken down anything! I thought, since 2nd sem's began, I won't be able to copy any notes/lectures.
Well, this subject just proves it's worth my extra effort 'cause I'm likely been stimulated during this class, not like my other classes that are pure majors. This one is something else. Even though it is my only minor subject, I quite felt challenged that I would do anything to pass or to take the highest score my prof could give anyone.

I added Accion in my Facebook account. I was so uncertain before I add her. I was so afraid that she might not remember me. But I'm very glad when she called me in my nickname when we had the chance to be online at the same time.
Vergara... I thought were okay now... I was able to talk freely for the first 2 weeks of the sem. Now I'm backing away again. Thinking of all the things, except anything that could be a means of connection to her.
I wrote to Joyce, again thru e-mail. I was planning on giving her a christmas present, the reason why I contacted her. She told me that the Royal Mail was in strike so any means of package delivery and (snail)mail can't be relayed to their area. I'm a bit disappointed and half-way relieve. Disappointed 'cause I won't be able to give her a present this year. Relieve 'cause the strike was the reason she's not writing to me.


That's all what has happened to me, except the full details on my studies. Now, I'm off to study.
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