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Friday, August 8, 2008

Hey, guys!

I've been gone for much a while than expected 'cause the town celebrated its foundation week. It started by August 1-5. Got no classes until the 6th then it resumed.

Early this afternoon, I went to my Dentist. I have 3 more cavaties to be fix for the upcoming months. 4 down, 3 more! By December my cavities will all be fixed and on January I'll have to have it clean by the Dentist. So, I'll be gone more for a while 'cause I have to save money for my teeth.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm not saying that I can't "really" take in sugars. What I'm trying to say is that I can't take huge amount of sugar at a time. For example, I have a bread with jam, of course, I can't eat that. When I'm making coffee or any drinking liquid, I can't put sugar in it. My dentist says that I must avoid taking to much sugar for my teeth and my future. [You see, my father is a diabetic which means there is a high possibility that I can become one. *shivers*]

Yesterday I was able to watch the Miss Universe pageant. LOL I remembered how the Ms. USA fall down and it bring me back memories of the last year's Ms. Universe pageant too.

Okay, that's all. I don't want to add some particular things in my life now. I'm still fixing things... Tell you about it when it's done.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I ask the my dentist if my taking no more sugar is permanent. Well, she replied that it'll be if I don't take good care of my teeth. After all my dental sessions with her, which will be on December, I will be able to take sugars. LOL That's too long and christmas... *pass out*

Oh, yeah, the blackout thing... I just hope that won't happen again 'cause it's really hard when there is no electricity. Everything's fine now. School wasn't fun, though, this time but I'm learning and that's the best thing there.

So, have a good day everyone!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yeah, the dental thing really bothers me... It's that I'm not afraid of having my teeth fix... It's that I have to reduce my sugar intake which means I can't eat desserts and chocolates. My dent told me that one of the teeth was possible to undergo a root canal. Gawd! Root Canal! It could cost twice of my average tuition in a semester.

Last Saturday, we were hit by a storm. It caused blackout in the town and our compound doesn't still have electricity. It's been 4 days since the first blackout. Good thing I got my uniforms ironed and my class is on Monday - Thursday basis only.

And I'm concerned about my friends here... They don't come by much anymore... What could the problem be?

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm back!

Sorry I wasn't able to say that I'll be gone for a long time... Jeez! So many things happened to me in my summer vacation, good, bad, exciting... I hope that'll happen to my friends here too since, I believe, is the time of summer vacation in the west.

Well, I'm starting school again... *darn! I wasn't able to sleep in the afternoon even once in my summer vacation* Everything's okay, though. I think I can handle myself again, not like the last sem. I failed most of my classes. *sigh*

And before I log out, I want to tell you guys that my PC is really broken. I ask my mom to buy me another but she said that I must first finish have to fix my teeth. I've got 7 teeth cavaties and the doctor told us that ti'll take me up to December to finish all. Pretty long, eh? It's because a tooth will going to take at least 20 days before it gets fixed permanently.

Well, I'll be going now.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Hi guys!

I didn't do great in the remedial exam but I know I will pass it.

It rained today which is very odd 'cause were in the Summer season and during April rain hardly come overhead. Well, the clouds were a bit dark and the atmosphere was hot. I hope I don't catch a virus in this state... I want to enjoy my summer vacation.

Yeah, you're right Elves. My PC always have viruses 'cause of my stupid cousins who always plug in their flash drives without scanning it. That's why I hate sharing things with them.

Anyways, today is the start of my real summer vacation and I won't be going nowhere, I'm just stuck at the house, 'cause my father's sister was in a coma recently and any inappropriate expense is forbidden.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hi guys...

I'm sorry for not being on-line... I'm so caught up with school and other obligations so I haven't the time to go on-line. My PC caught a virus, again, so I had to clean it and when it didn't worked I reformatted my PC.

*sigh* Last monday was the start of my vacation, that's what I thought for there was a bad news for me. I have to take a remedial exam in Geometry for I got a failing grade. Well, I knew I would get a failing grade but needing a remedial exam meant that I did worst than what I knew. *sigh* Tomorrow I will go to the school and take the exam. I hope I get pass. I don't want to re-take the subject, that would be troublesome for me.

Well, wish me luck guys!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yesterday while I was surfing the 'net my cousin, Evy, came asking if she can use the PC to burn pictures in a disc. I let her used the PC and while waiting for her to finish saving the pictures from the camera into my PC, I turned on the T.V. and watch whatever was there. I clicked the channel 02 on the remote 'cause that’s the first channel in the area and for me to scan the channels just to keep me busy. I then clicked channel 03, HBO, it was playing a movie. It was dark, dusk like that, and then there was this oriental girl trying to cross over the Chinese houses… It took me 20 minutes to realized that I am watching the famous Memoirs of Geisha movie. It is such a great movie, I tell you. Everyone should watch it.

Did You Know?

-In 1933, Mickey Mouse received 800,000 letters from his fans.
-The pupil of an octopus's eye is rectangular.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

-Some of my last post were from a source. I can't dig all those up in my mind. I've put some of my knowledge; my mind, my notes, my webster... But the games thingy, that's from the internet. I'm not a game fan.

Last Saturday I went to the mall with my cousin, Enalou, to watch a free concert of Spongecola, local band. The concert started at exactly 7pm and ended at 11:30pm. There were other local bands too, namely, Flora, FreeLance [I don't know if I spelled it right] and Kinta. I kept looking at the lead/rhythm guitarist of Spongecola and Flora, on the bass guitarist of Kinta and of the vocal of FreeLance. All the guitarist looks awesome when they play their guitar but the ones I've mentioned were really interesting. The lead/rhythm guitarist of Flora is cute; the vocal of FreeLance is cute, too. She got this shiny gorgeous hair and she's skinny but sexy; From the Kinta, this bass guitarist got my eyes lock up on him… LOL Maybe 'cause I can't see his face because of his long hair or maybe because he's so simple. *grins* Another lead/rhythm guitarist from Spongecola caught my eye. He had long shiny black hair and he kept bowing so I looked on his fingers and his guitar. They all rocks! I was not supposed to watch the concert, I only wanted to buy DVDs [I got License to Wed, Full Metal Panic and Speed Grapher], but since I am right there, "why not watch it?" I ask myself. Sometimes it's good to learn new things and see what the other fields of entertainment/life can bring us to. It's a wonderful experience and, well, it's really awesome! The concert finished with a huge fireworks display.

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Friday, February 8, 2008


Can you imagine how boring your favorite T.V. shows, movies, and video games would be without music? Dudes like these helped pave the way to today's sweet melodies and epic tunes!

Antonio Vivaldi  (1678 - 1741)

Known by the moniker "II Prete Rosso," or "The Red Priest," Vivaldi was a man of many talents. In his heyday during the late 1600s and early 1700s he was a composer of baroque music, as well as a Venetian priest.
His father Giovanni Batista was a barber, who also chose to become a composer and a violinist. Maestro Vivaldi became known for teaching at an orphanage, helping kids learn how t sing and perform with an orchestra.
Baroque is a style of music from Europe that came after the Renaissance period. Vivaldi's most famous piece is titled "The Four Seasons," which is a series of four violin concertos.

Frederic Chopin  (1810 - 1849)

A Polish pianist who lived briefly during the 1800s, Chopin was a musical prodigy of the Romantic period and is considered one of history's best composer for the piano.
Throughout his life, Chopin's health was frail and troublesome, but it didn't stop him from adding innovations to music for his era. He Crafted masterpieces such as the "Revolutionary Etude" and the "Minute Waltz".
Chopin is even famous enough to star in his very own video game! The RPG Eternal Sonata for the Xbox 360 follows his adventures in a fairy tale dream world, where his music brings hope to young orphans and adventures.

John Lennon

During his childhood, Lennon enjoyed solving crossword puzzles, playing the harmonica, and listening to Elvis Presley records. He grew up with a reputation for mischief, failing his school exams and bullying others in class.
One of the founders of the legendary English rock group The Beatles, Lennon, together with Paul McCartney, wrote many of the band's tunes. Lennon crafted classics such as "Imagine" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
Lennon made up for his troublemaking ways later on in life, not just by performing with The Beatles, but by also actively campaigning for world peace. His song "Give Peace a Chance" became an anthem against war.


Born in Tondo way back in 1910, he studied on scholarship at the Academy of Music in Manila, and became the youngest prodigy of the Manila Symphony Orchestra.
Levi Celerio composed and wrote more than 4,000 songs and earned himself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Many of his songs were also included in numerous Filipino movies. What got Celerio into the Guinness Book, however, was his ability to play music with a leaf. That's right, all he needed was humble leaf to perform beautiful melodies.

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