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Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally someone from that forum contacted me! She told me that the site dissolve into nothing, now I guess the owner of that site became a victim of today's crisis, deminishing employees. So, she added that there is another Pinoy site where most of the old people from the first site are gathering now. Here is the new site:


It's too long for me so I had to bookmark it. The old site was www.pinoyden.com. Well, the new site is pretty dead somehow. It's always deserted. No people to talk to... It doesn't even offer blogs! I hate that! But I'm still thankful about it 'cause I'm afraid that my classmates would know some of my dread feelings and beliefs.


Uh! So, I've checked again the site. An old colleague ask me to add him... I won't add him! He called me in a different name!!! Stupid bastard! He called me 'kellen' but kellen's the one who invited me to that new site. Huh! I hate this.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've been out for a short time 'cause I'm busy editing PDF ebooks to Word then to Java ebooks for cell phones.
Recently the Pinoy site where I am contributing my ebooks became unavailable. I think the owner can't afford the website fees but why all so sudden? Not even a PM in my e-mail had been receive from them saying that they would close. Actually the frontpage of the site only says that the site is on "Maintainance." And what kind of "maintainance" is that if they had been a week like that?!

In my simple life, I've been becoming restless for a while about the netbook. I'm asking someone to assist me in buying one but he didn't contacted me, yet. I've planned to have a netbook by April but it's already May and classes would start on June already! I haven't able to advance study any programming codes!
I could study codes with my Desktop but I could only use it when I'm in my room and that's only at night. I hate to use the PC for lessons during nighttime. Nothing goes into my head.

Last April 15, I bought a DVD Writer. When I got home I immediately unpacked the box and found that it was SATA-built, my PC can only handle IDE. Uh! So, yeah, I called the shop instantly and asked them for a replacement. They told me to wait and call them after 2 weeks for they will order me an IDE DVD Writer. So I waited. Early this evening, I called them and asked if they already have the replacement. They told me that they don't have any and suggested that I call them again after 30 minutes. I was so pissed off that I didn't called them again. Maybe tomorrow I'll call them.
I know it's my fault for not inspecting the package first. I'm thinking of looking for some solution here, like, maybe a different port.

So, I'm gonna wait and see what tomorrow brings me.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

X Shadow X: Yeah, you could use ordinary blackening shampoo as another option on having tattoo. You'll just have to pour a small amount of water with the powder then use a pointed stick or unused pen. Actually, I could really make a really neat tattoo with it but I messed up this time.
shred: You should go and have a check up with your dentist immediately. Don't be like me. Before, I got seven cavities. Another one was fixed and my dentist found another two yesterday. That sums up to 10 cavities at all!
Littleinugirl: Hehe! Pretty random, really! Anyway, thanks!

I had a bad headache today. I've so many plan to do today but I wasn't able to do anything. I did some, actually... the easy ones. But after those I just lay down on the sofa, on the bed, anywhere and my head felt like it was being crushed. I did not take any medicine 'cause I think that it was just an aftermath on my sleeping problem. So I experimented myself into watching a comedy show and focusing my mind on it. It went out well but I'm anticipating another one tomorrow.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Today I went to my dentist for my annual check up with her. She cleaned my teeth and fixed a small cavity which according to her was deeply rooted by then. She found 2 cavities beginning to ruin my other teeth so she advised me to be back on Friday but I told her that I'm going to talk to my mom first. So she gave me her new contact number 'cause her old one got lost. (Hmmm... This remembers me of incident last year...)

Yesterday I tattoed my legs with blackening shampoo. It was supposed to look great and neat but it turned out as if a grade schooler had painted me while I'm asleep. Well, I was kind of lost that time 'cause my sleeping problem had gotten worse. I did a "DEATH NOTE", the title itself of the note, and a chibi black cat. The cat is a little neat but the Death Note isn't readable unless you stood next to me. I'm planning of doing new one with the Death Note once I'm rid of the old one.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ok... It's 3:41am and I am still wide-eyes awake. I don't know what's really happening on me.

And I'm having a problem with MyO site. You see, I'm using web proxies to get online and some work and some don't. The thing here is I can't open Elves site. But I can open other's site. I'm still gonna try some tricks I found in that Pinoy site...

Man, I should be getting to sleep right now. I'll force myself into it. Good night guys!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

X Shadowme X: I was so hook up with demanding school projects and running my boring life, I wasn't able to be here. LOL

Yesterday was raining! I was such in a good mood that I did not do anything except drinking my hot Nesquicks and relaxing. I didn't even watched the TV!

Half of today's weather was warm, that's in the morning. It felt like the real first day of the Summer season. Afterwards I was a bit depressed at the thought of profuse sweating but then things started to change in the afternoon. The sky's gray and rain began pouring like April is September. Yay, coolness! I did not do anything today too. I felt like reading a book but I don't have any new or unread in my collection so I decided to just lay down and relax.

With so many time I spared with recharging, I'm still up at 1am. Man, I don't know if I'm having insomnia or not and I am really not liking the thought of me being so much a night person. I think I should force myself into sleeping.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Man! I missed this site!

I'm currently on my summer vacation. I have lots of free time to spare here.

Oh, I found this Pinoy (Filipino) forum site that gives free internet for cell phone tutorials without any cost. It's great. I'm using it now for posting. It's limited though. But I got myself a wireless internet hub and am using it for my PC's connection. I made my own trick with that and am using it to download anything without any cost. Heheh! I'm grateful that I stumbled onto that site. If I didn't I won't definitely be able to get back here. The cost of normal internet fee makes me poor.

With this free internet I was able to save my allowances. I'm planning on buying another PC, my old one is P3. I would like to have a Dual Core but I don't think my savings were enough for that. T_T

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Hi guys!

As what I've posted last time I'll tell you what happened with the program.

When I went inside the gym, the program already began. I saw my classmates and sit with them.
The program starts off with the declamation (which I was bored to death and won't tell you what happened there), solo (to where my high school batch mate, Mae, won) and duet singing contest, then the most awaited of all, the "Lakan at Lakambini 2008" (Mr. and Ms. National Language 2008).
There were the Nursing, Accountancy, Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Hotel and Restaurant Management, and Computer Science Department at all with a pair to win the title for the "Lakan at Lakambini 2008" except the Electronics department with only a guy to fight for the title.
First, all the male contestants walked up at the stage in their native costume. All the female contestants followed the same routine after. When all was finished, each pair from their department came again to introduce themselves. After that an Intermission was held. When it was finished the hosts called the participants again for their parade of national dress. Man, it was boring. And I forgot to take pictures of them. I saw my old classmates there and we talk for a while. I'm supposed to take pictures of them, too, but I also forgot to. *sigh* The winners were... I don't know. I forgot.

That was boring, and it's okay if you didn't read that.

Last Tuesday, the class had a seminar to attend to at Manila. I was forced to join 'cause if I don't I'm going to do a 30 pages report on something.
The seminar is about IT which actually don't concern our class, really. We were all forced to attend it, I believe. We had a 2-hour time to buy anything we want at the mall, which was so huge that we can't find the right place we were looking. LOL I was able to buy my monthly magazines and some DVDs ($2 per disc), copy only 'cause the store I went in sells their 'orignal' DVDs for P300/disc only, that's around $6! That's way too cheap for a DVD and I'm new to the store, I don't know its reputation. I think the store sells pirated DVDs and not originals.

At the parking lot I had the time to take pictures with my classmates. I got them in another site and it can't be viewed by guests. You have to register to the site to take a look at it. Sorry you can't see it (I don't want you guys, anyway, to see it. heheh!).

Good luck with all the stuffs you're doing right now and on the weekends! I hope we all have a wonderful weekend! Ja ne!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

--No. My mom friend is somewhat related to my dentist. That's why they had the chance to shared gossips.
--From what I've heard, my dentist didn't track her assistant for some reason. I don't know what that reason is, but I think she's just being kind.

So, after a week's exam, now I'm going to attend a program. The school will celebrate the nation's "National Language", which is Tagalog if you want to know. So, I'll be going now and tell you guys what happen when I have available time to post here.

Have a good day, guys!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hi guys!

I'm back from cave, the place where I spent my time studying for my Midterm, and now that I'd saw the light of the world have decided to explore and visit my old memorable places.

My exam went well and I think I'll have good grades at every exam. That happened this week and last week had no class 'cause the town celebrated its foundation which consists of social programs and other social... programs. LOL Of course I am not there 'cause I dont want to get socialize. I am good at my own.

Anyway, I just got some news about my dentist. Well, I didn't actually acquired the news, I accidentally heard my mom with someone talking about my dentist. My dentist's assistant stealed all of her money/revenue one day but she doesn't know that it was stealed by her assistant. She just came up with that conclusion when her assistant didn't showed up the next few days. She tried calling her assistant's family and other relatives but they all said that they don't know where her assistant have gone.
The last time I've went to my dentist a new assistant was already there. I thought the new one was just a trainee but now, from what I heard, I know that it wasn't just gossip. It was real. I can't beleive it to happen to somebody I know and like and most of all I, somewhat, know too and like the one who did the crime...
Whew! I felt a little easy now that I've said it here. I was a bit shocked and upset when I heard the news but I think I can manage myself now.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post. Have a good day!

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