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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They came!
I did not expected they'd stick to whatever they had said yesterday. And they were here in the house. LOL If I just knew it would happen I would've clean the salas (living room). It was untidy.

Here's what has happened:
I attended my morning classes with them. *I'm quite happy that Joy was there too.* Reggie and Aniel kept joking about finally going into the house. I kept reminding them that if Makiss don't come they're not allowed to come inside the house even if they come with me.
We finished our first class and got an assignment. *Aniel kept reminding me...* We will provied sketches of 2 scientists who we want from a list given by the teacher, Mrs. Malveda. Since I'm not good anymore with drawing, I asked our teacher if I or we could use Adobe Photoshop to just convert a picture into a sketch-type. She agreed. And that's what I'm going to do since the submission will be on the next meeting, this coming Thursday.
Next class was from a very friendly teacher, Mr. Pamilar. The class convinced him to skipped the class for the day since it's just the beginning of the semester. But even though he approved of our proposal, he insisted to at least have a brief discussion of what we'll tackle for the whole period. The class was dismissed after 45 minutes.
Since there was so much time left before lunch, Reggie and Aniel persuaded Makiss to come along. And Makiss, being so... *I don't know.* tagged along. While walking through the corridor, Reggie got a call from his brother who was in the hospital a week ago 'cause of an accident. His brother wants him to be pick up at the hospital 'cause he wanted to come home. I told him to go and just visit next time. But he insisted to come. He called his brother's wife and asked the situation. She told him to not mind his brother.
So I got home, with them hovering around that is. ~sigh

At home...
Since I was not prepared, I just let them inside the house. Introduced them to my mom and dad... Brought out my laptop, 'cause I knew Reggie's been itching all morning to experience a fast internet connection. I was a bit lost afterward. While they're fidgeting with my laptop, I sat and looked at them. It was my dad who broke my absent-mindedness. He asked me to bring foods. I asked them what would they like to have. Nobody replied. *shrug I was not heard.* I just turned on the TV. It was broadcasting Showtime! which caught their attention. *at last!* I was called by my mom then, asked me when will my classmates leave. "At one o'clock..." I said. She excused herself to cook us lunch.
We had lunch by 11:00... I was set off a little, 'cause we normally have lunch at 11:30, but my classmates didn't mind the time. I guess they were hungry. I later realized that it was a good time since Makiss have a class at 1:00.
They wasted more time with my laptop later. I took pictures of them with my cousin's cellphone, it has 2000X1500 pixels. Then they started taking pictures of my old I.D.. I brought out some albums, I forgot why I did that though. Then they uploaded it in Aniel's Facebook account.
I can see they're having fun with my gadgetry but time's running. I whispered to Makiss, "It would be better if you leave now. You got classes." It was already 12:40 then Makiss slipped off her seat and began retouching her face. When she's ready to leave, none of the guys seemed to mind her. I'm on a bit of panic. I hold onto Makiss's wrist and began nudging at her then threw a look of whaddya-supposed-I'm-gonna-do-with'em? She understood me. She talk to the guys then say thank you and goodbye to my parents.

Waahhh... *slump on the sofa* I'm exhausted. But I'm happy with the experience. No questions were asked about them unless who's who. I'm glad my parents don't go the trouble of asking their background or whatever question they could formulate in their minds.
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