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Friday, June 5, 2009

I forgot to include in my post yesterday that my sister, Daphne, is suffering due to a fever for 2 days now. She's secluded herself in our parents room all day that I didn't noticed she's here in the house. I thought she's attending her classes... Oh, most of the children in our compound has a fever, anyway (how could I really didn't noticed it?), including Lhannce, he's in my tutorial program yesterday.

I was about to finish Code Geass yesterday night but I didn't know that I got episodes 24 & 25 english dubbed. All my animes are english subbed, japanese dubbed and in .avi format. So I have to download another file for those. I tried to search for those but came up with nothing in .avi format. The available episodes are in .rmvb or .mkv format. I don't like .rmvb 'cause it's in low quality. I don't know about .mkv.
What is .mkv anyway?
---MKV is a container format developed by Matroska. It can hold different types of video and audio. For example, there might be an .AVI file contained within the .MKV file.---
*Oh, so that's it. Guess it's better than my .avi format.*

With nothing to watch, I don't like skipping my current anime and watch another one, I just visited the forum and chatted with some people I know there. I got bored and left them. With so much time at hand, I decided to resume my copying of an ebook. Nothing came much. I just finished typing pages 40-43 'cause my back already aches. Tomorrow I will try to finish the ebook after cleaning the house.

My cousin, Yzat, left me his mobile phone 'cause he is not allowed to bring one on his job. *whispers~ He's working for a Jueteng Lord...* I don't really know why he's not allowed to bring one and I'm not questioning him about it. At the mean time, this means that I have a phone, the unit's Nokia 3110c. Now I'd be able to use Joyce's gift for me. Oh, here are some pictures of her gifts - a snow globe and a mobile chain:

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Belinda: I don't know how they really feels... Yeah. It's really hard to keep up with those people who I want to be with than to those who I don't want to be with.

Nothing much happened today...

Man, I'm bored... I did watch animes... I did my tutorial as planned... I didn't visited the forum...

I can't wait for my laptop... Oh, I thought on my last post that my computer technician's sister-in-law would go home this coming Saturday. I was wrong. She'll be back on the 11th or 12th of June for the celebration of the Independence Day. ~sigh~

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Belinda: Hehe! I think it doesn't "suck" much if I know at least I've got someone who I can somewhat call a friend. We never talked about being friends... It just happened.
BritLaW: High school is the best! New and different things happens there... And, yeah, I hope I could finish my animes... They just keep piling up. And I'm sure I'll finish them.

Today I skipped watching any of my animes...

This morning I went downtown to deposit our, me and my computer technician, agreed amount payment for the laptop. The deal is off at noon so I decided to go early. I'd probably have the laptop on saturday when his sister-in-law come home.
With so much time at 10am, before depositing, I visited a high school classmate, Leo, and talked with him until 11am. It was so good to talk and reminisce our days with our other classmates before. Since he lives downtown I asked him about what's happening to the others. He told me that Ponci and Jojo just left for the next semester while Wilson didn't bother to go home for summer vacation. Those three are seminarians... His dear friend, Jeffrey, don't seem to hold any more interest in studying... I don't know if he's worried 'cause he just laugh at the event. Jeffrey's mother even talked to him about transferring her son with Leo. Leo and I are in the same school, anyway. I asked him about his and Argao's plans for the college. He said that they'll pursue Computer Science until fourth year, they could've graduated last March if they want. I also asked about Keith, Emil, Beverly, and Aive. Keith is working at a fast food chain and looks like a zombie. I know that. I saw him. Man, he's so skinny! I pity him. He informed me that Emil is currently working in a mall. Emil takes charge of the stocks. He's unsure about Beverly and Aive, so nothing to say about those two. I told him about that Mimay's, a dear friend of his, baby sister got hospitalized last last Sunday, diagnosed with ITP and was discharged this Monday. Good thing Mimay's sister was negative of Leukemia. (I chatted with Mimay yesterday on Y!M but I can't talk more than like any other day 'cause she seemed exhausted. I think she needs space...)

At 11pm I bade Leo farewell and went to the bank to deposit the money then bought some groceries and went home. I felt so nervous at home. I thought of having the account number of my technician wrong. What if I really got it wrong? Then I won't be having a laptop at all... My mom won't forgive me if that happens... Argh! I don't want to think anymore about it!

This afternoon I just hang out with my cyber "friends"(?), on the forum at PD. Not much happened there and I easily got bored that I left them with an excuse which was a lie... Heh!

I started a tutorial for my cousin's son this evening. The child fell asleep while I'm teaching him how to read... Guess I'm boring. LOL My cousin just said that her son's not used with a whole day schedule at school so I decided to teach him after school instead. I have to make a plan now and also fix my schedule. I hope I'd be back here tomorrow.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Belinda: Yeah, Joyce is very dear to me. She's my sempai... And she's the only person from high school that still contact me. You see, I don't have any friend/s... I only have colleagues... They come and go and never stay... Her company really helps me. And I'm embarrassed 'cause I don't know how to act when people comes to me... or vice-versa. And I don't want to look like a bad influence to her from the point of view of her relatives...

I won't be able to elaborate my "today" here 'cause I'm out of time... I have to finish my animes, really.

So, my computer technician informed me to look in TipidPC.com for a laptop of my choice. Then I will have to submit the link to him for checking. I didn't pay any attention to it 'cause I'm busy with Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion. Then, this evening, his sister-in-law came by and said that he will call me. He did called me. We talked about the laptop and the price... it was a secondhand Compaq V3000 or V300, I was so confused, I don't know what model it was. We agreed for a sum of P20,500 ($410) 'cause the laptop don't have a built-in camera so the P500($10) is for the external webcam.

This afternoon I checked my e-mail and saw that Joyce sent me one. Man, these little exchange of e-mails were becoming more of routine for us. She somewhat promised to start our snail mail exchange by the end of the week. I'd like to start it now and at the same time I don't want to do this crazy exchange 'cause sending mails are a lot of expensive than just sending e-mails. Sigh~... But I like the thought... of it... Heh!

Uhmm.. I think I don't have anything to add...
I'll be back, tomorrow.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

So, my day today was kind of hectic... Well, maybe not.

My sister woke me up, again, early this morning 'cause she had to attend her first day in high school. My mom went to school with her so I had to be present at the shop. Yesterday, I wasn't able to watch any anime so this time I tried to watch as many as I can but I was only able to finish 8 episodes. Supposedly I should be watching Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion but its 4th episode was damaged so I looked around for another download link for it. I already downloaded the file but wasn't able to watch it 'cause I resolved to watch Ouran High School Host Club instead.

Everything went fine after lunch. I forbid myself on using the PC after lunch and took naps, I'm still in the store. It's about 2pm when I cleansed myself. After I dressed up I texted Mitzi that I'll drop by at 3:30pm and she answered with an "owkey". Hahah! She's with her mom buying or strolling around, I don't know; I didn't asked.

When I arrived at Joyce's house, Miki was there. She invited me to come inside which I followed without hesitation. I left my slippers outside while Miki's looking for the gift. I was already inside the house when she came out of a room and handed me Joyce's present. Man, it was big! My bag's not good enough.
I was in awestruck. I can't even talk to Miki while she kept smiling. Then Mitzi and their mom came home. *Dammit! They found me! I was hoping that I won't see the whole family!* Goddammit! Mitzi's so cute!!! In my imagination I see her as that small cute girl in her elementary. Now she's taller than me and skinny!!! *I think...* I can't keep an eye contact to them, I am so embarrassed. Man, they're so cute!
Then I saw their mom. Ugh!!! I suddenly became stoned. Their mom is saying something to me and I can't respond. She's offering me to stay a little longer but I said that my mom has a chore for me downtown and my home is far, I don't want to come late. We were outside the house when all my senses came back. I talk for a little and said that I handed Miki my gift for Joyce. She thanked me. And I thanked her, deeply.
Once I'm out I kept talking to myself and can't help but smile. I looked inside my bag but resisted of opening the gift there. Heheh!

So I went to 7-Eleven and bought Pocari Sweat and a Dairy Cream for my mom. I think all the water in me evaporated that I was able to finished my Pocari Sweat within the downtown area. Usually I'd finished a bottle before arriving at home... We~...

My mom can't believe that I was home already when I popped out of the terrace. She asked me what I've done downtown. I told her that I get Joyce's gift for me. I was a little pissed there, I believed I'd told her many times that I would go get something from someone... Tsk.

Once in my room, I opened the box with mixed emotions, I could almost think that I don't feel a thing when I opened it. Inside was a toy-like sphere with a teddy bear inside and out of it. The sphere have glitters inside so when you shake it the glitters would dance like snow falling on the teddy inside. Another thing was present in the box, a cell phone chain or a key chain for cell phone. I don't know. At first I was suspicious that the chain was supposed to be 2 chains. I opened the wrapper and saw Joyce's writing saying she had taken the other one and I should put my chain in my phone. *As if I have a cell phone!* Guess I should save money for that...
Heheh! I'm so happy. I gave my gift, but I'm still quite stiff about what happened today at their home. Man, everytime I think about it I can't help but laugh at the thought that I was a joke. Where were all my prepations for meeting them went? They vanished at that instant when I stepped inside their house!
Now, I'll be waiting for her reaction on my present... I hope she'll accept it.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today I've decided to update this site everyday since not everybody is always online... *smirk (fine, very fine)* this will be my diary for the mean time, ~evil laugh~ until everything goes back to... normal.(?) And until I find a private blog site... Will I ever find one?

So, early this morning, my sister came up to my room and woke me up. My mom, accompanied by my sister,had to go to the market to buy stocks for the store. I didn't forget about that, neither my meet-up with Mitzi.

A while then, I was down at the store immediately and turned on the PC to check something.

First I thought that I have to experience how fast my "free-internet" connection would download any anime episode from Megaupload... I heard from PD that my Network provider is faster during midnight until early morning. Well, it turned out to be the same as any other time. I'm always downloading with 40-60kbps using Flyproxy.com and Concealme.com. Those proxy websites are so damn awesome! I could download from Megaupload without the 2-download limit. Within an hour I could download 2 or 3 anime episode in .avi format.

Anyway, I was supposed to at least watch 4-5 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion episodes today, usually I'd watch 10-15 episodes a day, but something came up. Lots of customers came by...! *What the..?* So, yeah, I wasn't able to watch anything.

Also, I received an e-mail from Joyce with an attachment of reminder for me to go and visit her house. She asked me a favor too, that is, to tell Mitzi to bring her poster from their other house and have it brought back to London. And so, I texted Mitzi twice this morning but it seemed that my texts didn't reached her... So, I waited to have an answer for this...


Noon came by without notice until my mom urged me to feed my grandma. My grandma's very old, about late eighties, and she started doing childish things not recently. She won't eat, ask only for water, take food and waste them on the floor, lying down then sit on her bed, and the worst of all, she always wanted to go to the bathroom to take a pee! Every 5 minutes she had to pee! After sitting down. After lying down. She's annoying! But she's still my grandma. I have to take care of her.

At 3pm, finally, I was able to go to Joyce's house. I went there with my cousin, Enalou, who happened to be going downtown to have her cell phone checked 'cause its Bluetooth won't work. It was a relief to have her, I didn't noticed at first. When we arrived I called out for Mitzi but an old woman answered "Mitzi's in Lucena," and ask my name. I told her my name followed with a reason that Joyce wanted me to come by. She recognized me instantly and exclaimed that Joyce have something for me, really! Since she didn't know what that is, she instructed me to come back tomorrow 'cause she can't say what time Mitzi'll coming back.
So I have to come back tomorrow. Damn...it.


I was a little embarassed about it and kept taking nonsense to my cousin. Good thing she didn't bring up anything or ask about it. So, we walked from Joyce's house to downtown. We settled at a little shop to have Enalou's cell phone check up. It turned out well. They fixed her Bluetooth.

Then it started raining. *Yeah! Rain was just what I wanted to happened after all those..!* I thought suddenly that I have to get my school shoes sewed, I brought them with me to take advantage of the time. When we arrived at my mom's recommended shop, there were lots of people waiting. Good thing they still accepted my little requests. Since the damaged was small they're able to fixed it within 15 minutes. The bad thing though, is that, the rain suddenly became enraged. We were stranded there for 1 and 1/2 hour. Good thing there's a fast food booth selling all shorts of burgers and hotdogs. The temperature had dropped that it made me very starving. I was a able to finish a Footlong and 2 bottles of Minute Maid juice. The same goes with my cousin, it's just that a bottle was enough for her. Heheh!

We came home wet and full. It wasn't a great day. Wasn't bad too at all. I don't want to look forward for tomorrow's meeting with Mitzi. *yawn* I felt so tired yet I have to finish watching my animes... *yawn* I'll be back tomorrow.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hey! Hey! Been out for a short while 'cause I'm busy watching animes. The term's gonna start on June 8 so I have to finish all my animes first. I'm also copying a short comical ebook for the PD. It was a request and I've been thinking about it thoughtfully then if I would make it. Well, I'm making it now. It'd just take time though. Anime comes first.

Recently, Joyce and I agreed to have a snail mail exchange. I'm not optimistic about the idea and I don't know if she'll take it seriously. I mean, come on. We're in a modernized world were everything was fast paced. Everything should be instant. Sigh... I guess I should wait...
In her last e-mail to me, she told me to come to her house but I told her I won't 'cause there're many thugs on the way to her house. So she just provided me her sister's, Mitzi, cell phone number so Mitzi'll hand me whatever Joyce has for me. I texted Mitzi but she didn't reply. Sigh. Guess I have to go there and meet her family.
Joyce is in London. Her mom came back here in Philippines recently and would catch her flight on the 5th of June. Joyce have something for me, that's what she said on her other e-mails. She kept reminding me but I kept refusing too.

Last Thursday I went to the mall to get my discount card at a bookstore. Instantly I thought of buying Joyce a gift since the last gift I gave her was way back 3 years ago. So, I ended up with a Snake Zodiac sign and a Mantra secluded in a cylindrical shaped pendant. I bought a plain silver necklace to go with those. Since it was so sudden, it wasn't grand like what I've been giving her before. But I'd still want her to have them. I'd probably beg my mom to let me go and hand the gift tomorrow. I hope that the rain won't come tomorrow though. Rainy season's already on its way here.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I changed my site! Well, as you can see, nothing major had changed, at all. I'd like it to look simple, my phone can't handle huge sites with so many flash files and so...

Uhmm... I'd like to use a background image for my posts too but I don't know how to do that. Is there anyone who can help me?
I'm thinking of just changing every week the small wallpaper above if having a background image for my posts is too much. Oh, that anime is Special A. I've been loving that!

Currently I'm watching D. Gray-Man. It's a great anime! And an old one, Joyce, a batch mate, says... Well, who cares! As if Naruto and Dragonball Z aren't old too!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh shoot! Now my mom's urging me to choose laptop over notebook when I made up my mind of having a nice 8.9" notebook! Sheesh! I've been dreading about telling her to let me have a notebook, she agreed but doubtful. And now she wanted me to change my mind!

Now, since I don't have any more money aside from that money which is enough for a notebook, I am forced to look for a secondhand laptop... which I hate! I hate having leftovers! I want my own! Damn it!

I hate my mom!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Belinda: Can I call you that? ... I'm sorry that you can't understand what that site holds. Most users there are Filipinos and some where half-American or other race. And we could only use 2 languages there: Tagalog and English. It was a bit disappointing 'cause I won't have any chance to talk to someone who might be good at Japanese.

So, I'm on with that site again. I hate the feeling that someone misses my company. But, of course, I won't be giving my full time at that deserted site. I'd rather look for another blog where I could get active comments! Or stay here where I could pour all my thoughts and feelings.

Oh, I might change my site's theme. I got this short anime with 24 episodes and I'm really hooked by this. I'll reveal what anime it is once I'm done watching the show.

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