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Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's been a while...
A lot has happened within these last weeks before my final week of first semester. Students are getting cranky... Teachers reduced their topics to what're most important... Time is running out. But an eventful of deadlines are coming up for projects.
I got 2 projects, all to be hand-written. Both are research for my favorite *sarcasm* teacher, one for Electromagnetics which I already done, and one for Advance Math which is to be passed tomorrow. Luckily, I could say that again since all of my classmates got 5 projects while me only having 2, I only need 7 more examples for my research in Advance Math. ~wondering~ I don't know if the exam on that subject will be tomorrow too... *darn* I haven't reviewed anything from the beginning till this semi-finals' notes!

Yesterday I went to Makiss's house for a group study. I was supposed to be with Reggie and Aniel but Reggie couldn't make it, he has to earn something to pay his last monthly tuition. So it was only me, Aniel, and Makiss. Since it was still early, I made it to Makiss by 3pm, Aniel and I called some of our classmates to join us. We were able to contact Jon Mark, Jeffrey, and Alvin. They were having their hair cuts when we called. Unfortunately, even though they wanted to have a group study with us, they don't have any notes with them. So, no point in having them. But still they came... And afterwards left us.
Since I was expecting and depending on Reggie being there, I didn't do any studying at all. Makiss and Aniel just watched the Tv and do their Farmvilles. So, it ended up as a Sleepover at Makiss's.

Last week, I remember, I went to Globelines Telecommunication to complain why they cut-off my internet connection. I don't want to tell what happened when I talked with one of its worker. My internet connection's fine now. I'm able to do my researches.
Then I bought some sweets for Aniel then ended up giving some to Reggie, Makiss, Joy *no comment*, and April also last Monday.
I went back to the mall last Friday. I bought sweets again for Aniel, Makiss, and Reggie since I promised I'll bring back something for them tomorrow. *sigh* I bought 6 pack of Kinder chocolates and now I'm wondering to whom I'll be giving the other 3?
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