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Thursday, November 8, 2007

**I'm Back… Again!**

Hi guys!

I'm back from being unable to connect to the 'net. [Yay!] My dial-up connection screwed up and I don't know why. I've been trying to connect to the 'net since Monday and, see, it's already Thursday that I finally got back my 'net connection.

My AVR, where I plug my computer's cord, got burned last weekend, only the tip of it's plug, though. When my mom unplugged it one of it's teeth was pulled out leaving the little metal into the burned extension. I've switch the fuse box down so I can get the metal and after that I bought 2 sockets for my monitor and CPU and plugged them into another extension 'cause I can't afford to buy a new AVR for the computer.

Today, I met up with Angelique in 7 Eleven 'cause she asked for my help to find her a job 'cause she's not going to school for this semester. She wanted to earn money for her expenses now that she's not in school anymore. Well, she applied to 2 fast food chain which are Jolibee and Chowking. 7 Eleven is on hiring too but she don't want to submit her papers there yet. I've wonder why she don't want to pass her papers in 7 Eleven and why she stopped from schooling. She didn't give me any answer or hint, she just said "It's a secret!".

*sigh* I'm really bored. School's going to start again on Monday and I am not prepared. My shoes wasn't waxed, I don't have any notebook, no ballpens… lol I am not really prepared. I've still got my weekend, I hope so 'cause if I can't do my things then I don't know what to do.

So, how was everyone when I was away..?

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Friday, November 2, 2007

I woke up early today so I could enroll to the school but our neighbor, Ms. De Luna, told my mom that today is still a holiday. So, I just cleaned up myself, watched some cartoons, then felt my chest and back aching… thankfully the pain didn't last long and I now I'm posting not like yesterday when I was on the bed. I don't know what position was better 'cause my body's aching so much. I don't want to tell my mom, though, 'cause I don't want her to worry about me and I know she'll only blame me for this instead of caring for me. It's just a waste of energy if I will tell her about it…

Anyway, I finished my drawing of Sanji. It's in a chibi form and I don't know if she/he will like it. If you're asking who this person is, I don't know too. She/he just Pmed and asked me to draw Sanji with a girl. She/he didn't say that they should be in chibi or standard form, so I think my drawing will be okay. And I can't post it in here 'cause I wasn't given the permission to post it.

Oh well, that's all. Have a wonderful weekend guys!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

**all saints day!**

Happy Halloween everyone! I don't know what to think or expect today 'cause all of my neighbors went to the cemetery to visit the graves of their love ones. I was asked by my cousins to come with them to visit their father's grave but I refuse 'cause my breastbone and backbone are aching, so much. Every time I tried to turn my head, left or right, my breastbone aches like it was being crush or stiff. My back aches 'cause yesterday I went at the mall with my cousins for the midnight sale [instead of having the mall close at 9pm, it was extended until midnight].

[Yay! I always love sales!] Of course, of what to be expected of me, I bought a manga [Reservoir Chronicles Tsubasa vol. 13], which I had 10% discount off, and 2 magazine [W.I.T.C.H. and K-Zone]. My father, who is very kind to me "now" [I think he's making amends on our last fight], gave me $10 that I used for the books and I borrowed another $20 on my cousin, Tonette, and I bought a jacket, blouse, and a hooded-blouse. I planned to buy only books but since I haven't any new clothes I spend the rest of the money on buying clothes.

So, Happy All Saints Day to all! People here celebrate All Souls Day today, I think, which is entirely wrong on my point of view, but who cares I don't have anyone to visit though.

How was everyone's Halloween?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yesterday was a blur on me. People don't update and from my friends list I can only see 2 or 3 on-lines. All the posts were about MyO being inaccessible last weekend. My browser can't open everyone's comment boxes even though I can visit their sites.

At Elves' fan manga I tried to open it many times but I can't open it. I'll try to open it now, though, I don't know, I think MyO is still inaccessible.

I will visit everyone and try to comment so, I am very much hoping that at least 5 or more people from my friends list are on-line.

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Monday, October 29, 2007


Last Saturday I had a fight with my father. As you all know my father got a stroke and is like being so stubborn to be in the store while still in the state of recovering… I was doing all the work at the store to show him that I don't need any of his help, 'cause what he is doing might lead to another stress on him. And then I accidently bumped on this can with 5 or 6 scissors that all fell beside his foot, left foot. Then he kicked the scissors while I was about to get them and I just *boom* I lost my temper and he too lost his when I throw the scissor I got in my hand. He said $#*%! All the bad words he's throwing at me and he kept saying "I will die because of you!" and he grabbed my hair and smacked me on my head 5 times, I think. My mom and grandpa were startled at the noise so they hurried down in the store to see what's happening.

My mom led him into their room while I was left at the store, picking the scissors. Every time I try to remember what happened I can't stop smiling on the words my father had said. I have realized that my goal is to get revenge on my parents. Now I know why I have picked my course, Computer Engineering, and not Nursing, as what my parents wanted me to take. And it's all 'cause I wanted to thwart anything they wanted for me to get.

Now, I can't have my broadband connection 'cause my mother got angry at me 'cause I didn't consider my father's condition. She said that I should understand my father 'cause he's prone to short of temper, irritability, and etc… *sigh* guess I'll be around using my dial-up connection.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

*sigh* I don't know what to put here… [my mind is floating somewhere, and I don't know where]

I really needed to be productive 'cause I got a request [drawing] from someone I don't know here in MyO and I'm like…

- - - - - - -

You know it. I don't know. Nothing's coming into my mind… well, the drawing is about Sanji kissing a curly--brown-headed girl and, hell, I haven't drawn anything from One Piece! No, I have drawn Luffy… but I only copied it from a card. Lol this is a different matter… you, guys, very well know that I'm only good at copying drawings and it's just a luck if I draw something good with my own concept or imagination.

Well, I've been trying to save so may pictures of Sanji in my computer to get familiar on him…. But most of the picture consist of Zoro and Sanji hugging/kissing… anyway, I just hope my senses would be back before the start of 2nd semester so I could start, at least, sketching Sanji and the girl...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

**I aM BaCk!**

Hi guys!

It's been a long time since the last day I went here. I miss you all guys! *hugs* well, I did a lot these past weeks like finishing "my" research paper, my major paper in philosophy, a fine dining, and exams on my subjects. O.o at first I thought I would not overcome all these activities but, hey, as you can see I'm still in one piece, safe and sound. My research wasn't good and my partner is the worst. I'm hoping that I won't see next semester.

I'm on my sembreak now and the best thing is my mom agreed on me having a broadband connection, even though we'll have it on by the end or after the month. Yay! I'm so happy!! With that, I could go download anything I want and, of course, visit you guys! Well, I hope I could since I am feeling a little weak 'cause of the climate here. Yesterday we had a sunny day then when I woke up all I can see is rain. It's so cold I even put a jacket on. Well, I just hope that this weather won't get worst 'cause that means I could get a sickness and the technicians from the broadband company won't come…

Yeow! *robs temple* my head is aching again. Got to go. I'll visit everyone next time I feel better. Bye!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

**weird climate**

Today was an exciting day for me! Want to know why? Well, it's 'cause we got this hailstorm which is very weird since the Philippines is located at the equator. At first I thought that the rain will be only the same rain we were used to, but I heard this loud impact of something hard on the roof. When I looked outside to take a peek of what's happening I saw these tiny crystallized ices bouncing off the roof. Yay! It's very odd too to have that kind of climate-change 'cause we were supposed to be having a sunny day 'cause the approaching storm won't be hitting us but here it is anyway. I'm glad to see such phenomenon 'cause as to where I live I thought I would never see changes, even though the only that's constant is change. Lol
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Monday, October 8, 2007

**a brief history**

Today I'm going to post a brief history of my past weeks…

1st week (September 17-23)
I've post a notice that I won't be around for my semi-finals exam. Well, the exams wasn't easy at all 'cause most of my professors let us, students, to make a self-study of their unfinished lectures. They only gave us the modules/chapters which were to be read and reviewed for their exams. I think I did pretty well even though I don't have any of my test papers yet.

My dad got his first-time attack of stroke that Saturday night. I was about to get onto bed when my I heard loud-fast footsteps. I suddenly pretended to be sleeping then my mom entered my room and tensely said that their something happening on my father. She tried to wake my sister, Daphne, too but my stupid sister just ignore her then gets back to her sleep.

So I pony-tailed my hair then climbed downstairs. When the time I instantly saw my father wailing his head both sideways I thought of "what's happening with him?" then our neighbor came with a blood-pressure checker 'cause our digital blood-pressure checker can't read my father's blood-pressure. He got 340/180, I guess. Then we brought him into the nearest hospital with my cousins, Caloy and Enso.

He was there for 10 days. At first he can't move his right half-body and now the only part of his body which he can't move is his arm. The doctor told us to keep him busy stretching his right arm… well, I don't want to do it so my mom does all the work while I'm at the store.

2nd week (September 24-30)
I just attended my two-day classes [Monday and Tuesday] and the parade for the SportsFest. I'm so excited about this event before and I think I anticipated it too much that's why I didn't make it to the SportsFest. Lol I'm so disappointed that time that I evade anyone who asks me whether I'm going to the Fest or not.

3rd week (October 1-7)
My parents arrived that Monday then 2 days after that my cousin, Toto, with his family came and spent the whole week with us. He treat us, cousins, at the mall last Saturday at a restaurant and gave us $10 each. Yay! My mom gave me $10 too to spend for my clothing but I didn't bought any 'cause I can't find the clothes I want.

Then Dyanne's fever which I had post last week here.

And the research paper is to be submitted on the 18th and I haven't had any information from my incredible partner, Megan. *gosh* I'm still giving her another chance to give me data/articles until tomorrow. So we'll see whether she deserves to be put her name in our research paper's front page.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

**the longer the time, the more reason there is**

Sorry for not being able to be here for the past days… *sigh* there are reasons why I didn't visit or even bother to post any updates. Well, to start it, a lot has happened, [the exam, the SportsFest, my father being hospitalized, my partner in research, my cousin from Italy brought his whole family at the house] which I will tell you guys on the next week 'cause I don't want to make a 10 page history of my past 2 weeks. I know that most of the people wanted to read only the short or lame posts.

So, today was an ordinary day, at first I guess. Then my Tita [aunt] Paz received a call from Dyanne's school saying that Dyanne vomited at class then have this high fever. My aunt and his daughter, Enalou, immediately went to the hospital, the school was about 20 footsteps away from the hospital, and check whether Dyanne has a Dengue fever or only an ordinary fever. We we're so relief when the doctor says it was only an ordinary fever 'cause there were so many people here, no age limit, who died in Dengue fever 'cause of the rainy season.

When I first heard that Dyanne was being hospitalized I can't stop thinking of her for the possibility of having a Dengue. I don't know, the first time I heard that, I think of all the negative things on what might happen to her, I still can remember it. Lol

After that I went to school to attend for my only class, P. E.. We only had a practice of doubles for our semi-final exam in table tennis. Most of my classmates, boys, were really good at the game and some were not. As a girl, no one picked me as their partner. Well, who cares! It's only a game, and the ranking of the game don't qualify on how our grades will be given on us. Hahaha! Why I know that? 'cause our teacher only gets the attendance and on how we play, whether we were brutal, disciplined, or I-don't-care-about-this-stupid-game attitude.

The practice ended and I went directly at the library to do some research before leaving the school to withdraw cash at the town rural bank. When I was about to present my card at the counter, I looked at my pocket and found coins and no card. The card is important so we will be given the chance to borrow the book or journal but I forgot to bring it so… yeah, I went out of the library then proceeded at the bank.

So, I was back at the house at an unbelievable time of 2:30pm. Lol that was too early, you know. The past days I always came home at 7 or 8:30pm. Lol now I can relate to the wisdom of "Time is GOLD".

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